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uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.08 Release

uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.08 Release

Version 1.08 is the first major release since 1.061, I will release it after a 50-day beta test

Version 1.08 includes all additions or improvements from 1.07 to 1.07, 1.071, 1.073, 1.075 since 1.061, Version 1.08 has minor fixes in 1.075 (Beta)

1.CEC Firmware Versions
Please click on the link below for Version 1.061

Since Version 1.061, there have been about 40 more features and improvements and more than 30 Minor fixes.

In this posting, I will list only the main contents
If you have time, please see the link below to see the details of the changes since Version 1.061.

Version 1.07 Beta
Version 1.073 Beta

Version 1.075 Beta

How to update CEC firmware (Version 1.08 or higher) on ubitx

2. Major Changes in Version 1.08 (from Version 1.061)
2.1 Receive performance is improved compared to the original firmware or version 1.061
  Added 45Mhz IF Calibration function

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2.2 ATT function has been added to reduce RF gain (Shift 45Mhz IF)

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2.3 Added the ability to connect SDR. (Low cost RTL-SDR available)

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2.4 Added a protocol to ADC Monitoring in CAT communications.
-uBITX Manager program to measure the value of ADC of uBITX connected

2.5 Various LCD support
  Since uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.073 Beta, it supports 4 + 1 kinds of LCD

  16x02 Parallel LCD - It is the LCD equipped with uBITX
  16x02 I2C LCD
  20x04 Parallel LCD
  20x04 I2C LCD
  16x02 I2C Dual LCD

Of course all basic firmware tests are based on the factory default uBITX, which has not been modified

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2.6 Added Extended Switch Support

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2.7 Support S Meter
  and Added S-Meter protocol to CAT

Ham Radio Deluxe (CAT Protocol with Signal Meter) Example

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2.8 Added S-Meter setting assistant to uBITX Manager

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2.9 Add recovery mode (such as Factory Reset)
Backs up the settings used when shipped from the factory when installing CEC Firmware. Once backed up, it is no longer backed up.  Even if you update the firmware afterwards, the information such as the once-backed calibration is retained.
If you have not done calibration before buying uBITX, you can proceed with factory reset at any time.


3. Minor Changes in Version 1.08
- Fixed mode does not change in Band Select Menu
- Fixed mode does not change in Memory to VFO Menu

- There were many other minor fixes
  For a list of minor fixes, see Beta Version Release Information since 1.061
  Version 1.07 Beta
  Version 1.073 Beta

  Version 1.075 Beta

4. Version 1.08 Related Downloads
Release Notes for Version 1.08

uBITX firmware file

uBITX Manager Version 1.081

Version 1.08 firmware source code and source.tar.gz are automatically generated by github. (I can not edit the name) If you feel uncomfortable about version control of code, please download below

5. Other useful links
Please refer to the link below for how to install the firmware.

Please refer to the links below for explanations before 1.061

Please refer to the links below for explanations before 1.01

Please refer to the links below for explanations before 1.04

Thank you for using CEC firmware. I have gone through a long beta period for more stable uBITX Firmware implementation.
A lot more features have been added and improved than those listed above, 
I like Recovery mode more than all the added features. 
Users who do not use the uBITX Manager and those who do not use the Backup function can now test the calibration with confidence.



  1. Thanks for all your hard work!
    I may have found a small bug in the uBitx Manager 1.08, or I may not be using it correctly.

    After successfully uploading firmware 1.08 via the arduino IDE, I did the following:
    -Opened uBitx Manager 1.08
    -Clicked Read from uBitx
    -Clicked Decode
    -Changed a few settings
    -Clicked Encode...

    When I pressed the "Encode" button, I received a pop up error message that the ADC value must be above 80. However I do not use the extra buttons feature so all the fields contained zero. I had to set all the fields to increasing values ranging from 80 to 240. (i.e. 80-81, 82-83, etc...) I would suggest that for users who have not installed the extra buttons, maybe there could be a check box to disable this feature instead of being forced to populate fields with random values.

    Either way I appreciate all the work that you and Farhan and many others are doing to improve the firmware.

    One other small suggestion would be the ability to toggle between the fixed tuning steps and Farhan's original tuning method (where spinning the encoder slow takes small steps and spinning the encoder faster takes larger steps). I would like the ability to switch back and forth. Anyways, just a suggestion.

    Michael - KM6MRF

    1. Michael

      Thanks for important information
      I have not thought of it until now. Thank you again
      I modified uBITX Manager and uploaded it again

      My firmware also increases the step by turning the dial quickly. However, to prevent malfunction, I put a limit on the increase value.

      But I agree with you. It is necessary to increase the limit value.
      In the next version, I will reflect your opinion.
      Please let me know if you have any feedback

      Ian KD8CEC

  2. It would be very useful if there was more discussion of how things work instead of just a high level description of a function. For instance:
    a. Is there any modification to the hardware to pickup a signal for the S-meter? If so, what? If not, where is this signal being acquired?
    b. What is ADC? There is a lot of mention of ADC in the uBITX Manager and various posts but so far I have not determined what it is or why it is.

    Anyway, I am using your 1.06 and will certainly be trying out the 1.08. I just wish there was more explanation behind the various features.

    Bob, N4HCI

    1. Bob.
      It certainly seems to lack explanation :)

      ADC stands for Analog Digital Converter, which is a feature included in the Arduino used by uBITX.
      Perhaps your uBITX will have only one A6 wire (Purple) left.
      This is because the name of the wire is A6 because it is connected to the ADC (may be A of A6 is Analog)

      Arduino can read the voltage value connected to A6, So we do not make any modifications to uBITX and just input the voltage corresponding to Signal Strength to the remaining A6 wires

      There are several ways to make signal strength voltage (wee need put voltage to A6)
      You can use any method.
      I've implemented it simple and posted a related article. If you want to see my S-Meter module, please click below.

      Thank you for your feedback
      I will try to explain a bit more
      And please upgrade to 1.08 :)

      Ian KD8CEC

    2. Hello Ian, is available the version for Nextion display on this v1.08??? I only use your software and i can't found the file for nextion display...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Is the source code for uBITX manager available? I'd like to work on porting it to OSX.

  5. after upgrade to CEC 1.08 version I can not use paddle key. Do you have any solution? de S21SM

  6. Good day Ian!!!
    I have an OLED LCD which required a different init compared to standard. I have this now working. (The display was reversed before changing the 2004 Parallel init).
    This is very nice work you have done.

    I have 2 questions for you.
    1. I know you can have 2 displays if working with I2c. My display will do I2c as well. What I am interested in, is can I run the OLED that is currently in my radio, AND a Nextion screen. I was thinking about putting the Nextion in a small external case as it will not fit in my radio.
    2. I have been looking at your code and it is extensive. I was hoping that I might be able to add a scan feature to the extra button set. But I realized that all extra buttons are effectively called through the Manager which sets the extra buttons via eeprom.
    Would it be possible to do the following... Adding one more option to the ADC extra buttons called "Scan". This is a feature I love on my ft-450. I press the scan and it is if I am spinning the dial but it is automated. Then when I hear another station, I can press the scan button again and it stops. If while scanning, I spin the encoder the opposite direction, the frequency scans the downwards. Being that some bands are very sparse, this might be able to save our fingers some extra spinning of the dial.

    Again... thank you for all that you have done. This is a really huge upgrade to the original menu.

  7. dear sir,
    please suggest a version that suits arduino mega2560 and 3.5" TFT display (MCUfriend)

    I could not understand "TJC display" Does it meant normal TFT parallel display.

  8. hello i am using 1.08 on my ubitx the s-meter works great on rx but on tx the bargraph is not working because i want to use a swr-meter to command the same bargraph. when i push the ptt key the bars stay still.
    please help me thanks in advance.

  9. I have the Nextion 3,5" and I have loaded the ubtix_35.tft file. The problem is that it doesn't use the entire screen, but there is an orizontal and vertical black part. Where is the problem?
    Thank you


  10. very good instruction on how to upload the upgrades to the radio. i have had trouble with using the Memory Manager V1.08 I have tried several times and none of the downloads that I have, is the baud rate of 38400 an option. i have tried all of the other baud rates but have not been able to communicate with the radio. I have a Ver5 radio and messed the calabration up. The BFO was set to a 11.055 and it seamed to work but was a bit off. The upgrade put it to 11.997 and is way off. Any help or suggestions. Thanks


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