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Introducing UV-K5 Version 0.3C (Added WSPR , APRS TX with PC )

 Introducing UV-K5 Version 0.3C (Added WSPR , APRS TX with PC ) Version 0.3C includes tasks associated with computers. You can use the same cable you used to update the firmware. If you just want to receive APRS you will need some modifications. This modification can also be used for FT8 communication that will be supported in the future.

Introduction to UV-K5 HF Fullband receive version 0.41 (Changed from 0.40)

  Introduction to UV-K5 HF Fullband receive Version 0.41 (Changed from 0.40) This is an introduction to UV-K5 HF full-band reception firmware 0.4HF using SI4732-A10. This version is released separately from the existing UV-K5 CEC firmware version. because space is needed to store a large PATCH file to use SI4732-A10's SSB. 0.4HF added several functions to use SSB for shortwave radio and amateur radio.

Introducing UV-K5 Version 0.2V (Spectrum & Waterfall added, FMRadio UI Changed)

 Introducing UV-K5 Version 0.2V (Spectrum & Waterfall added) The goal of this version was to secure memory to create Version 0.3 Deleted the existing FM radio program and created a lighter, more independent FM radio program. And added a simple spectrum function.