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Release CEC Firmware v1.200 for uBITX All version(include V2, V3, V4, V5)

Release CEC Firmware v1.200 for uBITX All Version (include v2, v3, v4, v5)

I did the firmware work for v5 when uBITX V5 was released, but I release it now.
I received the feedback from a thankful beta tester and tested it myself by converting my uBITX v3 to v5 but I was not sure.

I ordered the uBITX V5 and delivered the correct uBITX V5, so I made a little more fine-tuning.
If you use V2, V3, V4, you do not need to update this firmware.

1.About V1.200
Supports uBITX v5. The source code is the same for both V2, V3, V4, and V5.

You only need to enter the uBITX version in the ubitx.h file and it will be compiled for your version of uBITX.

#define UBITX_BOARD_VERSION 2 or 5
2 include v2, v3, v4

For versions 2, 3, and 4

For versions 2, 3, and 4

Use of other source code is the same as before.

2.Download the file
Firwmare and source code


uBITX Manager

Nextion LCD GUI File and Version 1.1 Files


3.Test for Version 1.20 with uBITX V5

The receiving performance of uBITX is specified as 2uV, but the minimum output of my instrument is 7uV. I have confirmed that it is clearly received when tested at 7uV.

Below you can see the test video using uBITX V5.

-90dBm (7uV)

It is normal to receive a 1 kHz sound at 14.049 MHz with LSB

It is normal to receive a 1 kHz sound at 14.049 MHz with USB

Test Video

Thank you for using the CEC firmware.



  1. Great.....btw is there any update for wsjtx portable?

    1. Sorry for the delay in updating wsjtx portable.
      I have not even started analyzing the Wsjt-x 2.0 source code yet. lol
      Please wait a little longer. I will post related articles when the work starts.
      Ian KD8CEC

    2. Thx, Dr Ian. glad to hear it

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hello KD8CEC Pleased to meet you. I just ordered a Ubitx V5. I am sorry but I am a bit confused as to the best firmware to install. I am going to use the Nextion 3.2" inhanced. Would like cat support.
      Any help is much appriciated! Darrell

    5. Wonderful work you do Ian...many thanks.
      The uBITX (mine V5) is a nice radio and with ur Software more useful.
      Just built in the AGC from Kit-Projects, and next the CW-Filter from SOTABEAMS.
      Today applied the CEC Software and after testing, the Nextion 2.8"
      All works perfectly so far I could see.
      One Question remains (at this time)
      From AGC (Sotabeams) there is an output for S-Meter of Nextion.
      Where it has to be connected ? (Raduino, yes - which pin)
      I did not find the answer for this.

      Just will go to a OM friend here (SV8) and will also apply ur Software.

      73 Erich HB9FIH

  2. I have installed V1.200, but the display still shows V2.110.
    Philip G7JUR

    1. I haven't seen you for a while.
      Thanks for important information.
      After a long time, I forgot to enter two versions of the firmware.
      I modified it now and uploaded it again.

      Ian KD8CEC

    2. Thanks Ian.
      Now showing the correct version number.
      Regards Philip G7JUR.

      PS Any chance of a WSJTX portable update

    3. Philip
      Of course. Maybe a month later I will be quite busy because of my main job (start new project)
      My plan is to modify Wsjtx Portable before that.

      Ian KD8CEC

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Just updated my first version ubitx and everything went ok. Added a 3.5 nextion display as well.

    Question: I am not seeing any bargraph S/PO meter movement on receive. Just shows a red bar graph about half way to the S5 mark. No movement.

    1. I am seeing the same on bargraph S/PO meter movement.
      I was understanding that it worked but slow. That you didn’t need to add the lm235. The firmware would make the bargraph functional.
      Any body give me any answer about this.
      Chuck KA3DFK

  5. Ian I installed v5 1.2 sw and I use a 2.8" nextion display, I have the same problen on the bar graph but more important to listen well the voice the IF shift must have on 1420 value.
    What I did wrongly? Regards Roberto IK4JSF

  6. Happy, Ian, to use V1.22 . After installing the 1.22 on my ubitx v5 , I am unable to factory reset. I wonder whether any update is available ?

    1. Hi Ion Lee,
      Any support possible , please !


  7. Hallo Ian, I just want to say to you, that you are a really fine guy.
    Thanks for your efforts and your willingness to share it with others! You do a great job.
    Kind regards from Jößnitz, Saxony

  8. Hi Ian...
    Many thanks for your work.
    One small comment, and one question, if I may...
    1. In the text, the heading for each of the bits of source, highlighting the version is "For versions 2, 3, and 4". I suspect the second image should have "For versions 5" as a heading.
    2. I am using v1.2 f/w on my uBitx v3. I am also using Nik VK4PP's i2c Raduino Board. All seems to work well, but when I try to calibrate, there is a strong birdie right at 10MHz. WWV is pretty weak where I am (Ireland). Any suggestions?

    73 de Gerry / EI8DRB

  9. Very Nice FW Ian. This reminds me of a few development boards SW & FW we used for product development at work.
    I am new to the ubitx (V5 is my first), but have flashed the new FW and found on 80 meters it always goes back to 3.5 MHz with a band change, even with 3.86 MHz in the ubitx manager "saved band frequency" for Band 2. The other saved band frequencies seem to work fine.
    73 Brad N8YG

    1. So I was able to get band 2 default to change to 3.8 MHz by writing multiple times with the ubitx Manager. it returns 3.8 MHz when I change back to that band even if I had been at 3.7 MHz but at least I can control it away from 3.5 MHz default. perhaps my hadware or memory write timing issue?
      73 Brad N8YG

  10. Hi
    I would like to know if I have to unplug raduino to load new software .... Thank you

  11. Hi Ian

    Many thanks for all your work with firmware for the uBitx. I am currently trying to 'fine tune' a self build version and will add a Nextion once I have sorted out some other issues.
    All of the calibration and set up stuff that I have read talks about adjusting Clock 0, so that the frequency read out is correct; and setting the BFO. There is no mention of adjusting the second IF oscillator, so that the 2nd IF is matched to the 12MHz filter. As these filters will all be slightly different and the pass band is only about 2KHz, it will make a difference to performance if there is an error. Is there any way in uBitx manager to do it?

  12. Hi Ian,
    I have discovered 2 problems that may or may not be firmware issues:

    1) When CW DELAY (TX-RX) is set to 0 in the manager program there is almost a second delay before the relay releases back to RX. When I set it to a value of 1 (10ms) it is almost instantaneous. This gave me great problems because during the delay tone was transmitted. Not sure why tone would transmit during the delay either.

    2) I keep selecting TX Off from the menu and expect not to transmit. But it does not turn off the transmitter. I want to be able to use the rig for cw practice, which I believe is the intended use for this feature

    I am using a v5 ubitx with 1.2 firmware. I have screen shots of the signal spectrum from my sdr software if you need them to show the transmit hang time when the delay is set to 0.

  13. Sorry submitted too fast. Thank you for the wonderful work you have done on this firmware!

  14. Hello Ian, first thank you for your great work!! I've some trouble with the Chinese NEXTION Brand and 3.5 ". The TFT-File ( works (standard 3.5 Version). But the scale is to small and i found only the Chinese HMI Editor for it. Could you eventually help? 73' Peter, db1ofh

  15. Dr. Ian...Where in your routines would I be able to change what is displayed in the top line of a 1602 LCD display?...I'm not not a programmer by any strech of the imagination but I have successfully modified code that others have written in this manner...Any help would be greatly appreciated...Many thanks in advance...Jim WB2LHP

  16. Hello Ian,
    first of all I'm gratefull to you of this featurefull firmware you provide us.
    I'm using uBitx V3, and it seems there's some mismatch regarding the value to use for the #define UBITX_BOARD_VERSION 2 or 5: the text indicates to use 2, but the code screenshot indicates 4 (I used this last value in my V3 and it works).
    Is there any difference to use 2 or 4 for a V2/3/4 uBitx ?
    Best regards.

    1. I reply to myself: I checked the code, any value different from 5 is OK if your board is a V2/3/4.

  17. Hello Ian, just install firmware 1.097 and a 2.8 Nextion display. Everything seems to work fine except the "s" meter. It is flat line at 0 on both s meter and time line until I touch the cw key box at the bottom left of the display and the the s meter and time line go to max. Don't know if I poked the display or what. Do you have any ideas?

  18. Hi IAN, I am Sergio IK3ERY, congratulations on your software for uBITX, I have loaded your 1.200 Nx-S version on my uBITX v5 with Nextion 3.5 "display. It is very out of calibration. I have read its parameters a few times with your File Manager v1 .1, it only worked on 4 occasions, to the point that I managed to set up my correct IK3ERY call. After several uBITX ON / OFF, now I am no longer able to read the data, after some time it gives me
    "error length 0/1027", can you help me?
    I attach the photos from the first reading.
    Greetings and thanks for reading me
    ik3ery Sergio (71 years old).

  19. Thanks for the wonderful work !

    Just assembled my uBitx and looking to upgrade to a Nextion display from the native 2.8" TFT LCD one.

    Do you have an updated firmware for ubitx v6 or will the v5 firmware work for v6 board as well ?

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. I compiled and loaded the code on my stock v6 hardware. I tried every possible display define. My display is a 2.8" TFT. There wasn't any define for that particular display even though it is the display currently shipped with the v6 kit. I also set the version variable to 5. My rig is currently receiving white noise and has a blank white display.

    Please tell me what defines to use to get my display working again. Is this code even compatible with the latest shipping v6 displays?

    Thanks for any help. I'm doing this on Linux using the arduino 1.8.12 IDE and the code pulled directly from the phdlee git repository cited above.

  22. Never mind. I think I've determined that this code is not for version v6. I am now using with success.

  23. hi this is nick, IZ5UXP, will you be able to publish a V6 version that will work with stock LCD display other then NEXTIONs?
    thank you very much

  24. Will this work with the uBitx v6 ? what would I set #define UBITX_BOARD_VERSION to? and I assume it requires the Nextion 2.8" LCD?


  25. Hi jan i have installed the software V1.20 in my uBITX V5. With uBITX I would like to use the digital Pactor operating mode. Songs do not work with this protocol pactor. The delay TXRX is too long, about 90ms and so that Pactor works with the uBITX, this dealy must be less than 40ms. Is it possible to shorten this delay in the software? Can someone do it for me or, in other words, in which module can this change be made? Thanks for the help and for developing this software. The software is a lot of fun. Arturo

  26. Running 1.2 on a uBITx V6 and Nextion 2.8 TFT - I've installed the uBITx manager software and configured the WSPR paramaters with my callsign etc. I can select it via the rotary encoder, how do I get it to transmit? Many thanks - Gethin - VA7GTE

  27. Values not match between uBITX V5 and MM

    I have some troubles to adjust the BFO for clean listening:
    On the RIG its vy hard to change a greater amout value for BFO.
    So I changed them in MM.
    First read from uBITX - all OK
    - Settings like callsign etc and SSB BFO
    - write to uBITX - ok
    - close and disconnect, power on uBTIX on..
    Checking values ---
    and the BFO is in the config panel - this what I have set in MM.
    But If I go and would adjust - the old value is shown.
    Courios...I do not understand.

    Link to my pictures (2 on bottom)

    Any solution or suggestion - 73 Erich

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