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Changed extension switch setting in CEC Firmware Version1.073

Changed extension key setting in CEC Firmware Version1.073

uBITX Firmware CEC Version supported extended key support from Version 1.072.
Version 1.072 was for internal testing and released version 1.073 beta for users

I posted an article that sets the extension key as shown below.

Before publishing Version 1.073, I received an offer from the beta testers to make the extended key a bit more flexible.

So I changed the function corresponding to the extended key to be able to select by user. The setting method is the same as the above link.

Change :
  1. Extended key has been increased from 4 to 6.
  2. User must set the feature for Extended Key.

Please see the video below.

Description of changes
In uBITX Manager V1.04, up to 6 expansion keys can be set as follows.

You need to set the role for the 'Function' item.

1:Mode Select
2:Band Up
3:Band Down
4:Tune Step
5:VFO A/B Toggle
6:Split On/Off
7:TX On/Off
8:SDR Mode On/Off
9:RIT On/Off

In the above example, Button 1 is Mode Select, Button 2 is Band Up, Button 3 is Band Down, and Button 4 is Tune Step.

If you are a frequent CW practitioner, you can use the TX On / Off button as shown below.

Perhaps User will disable the transmit function by pressing the 4 key during CW practice.
At the end of the exercise, press the 4 key again to activate the transmit function.

If you are a frequent user of SDR, you can probably set it up like this:

Since Mode is not very important in SDR, VFOA / VfoB toggle switch and SDR On / Off switch are mapped.

All of the above examples are scenarios I made to write this article.
Depending on your taste, you can assign your favorite function to Key.

As mentioned in the previous article, resistors can be anything at home.
However, I recommend that you use resistors over 100K.


  1. Dr. Ian, You are making great progress, and I can't keep up with you. I will stick with 1.071 for a while because everything is working great. How can I change the menu orders around? TNX! 73, Dan W2DLC

    1. If you do not have any problems, you do not need to upgrade to 1.08 or 1.10.
      Until 1.08, it will change little by little.
      If the menu you are talking about is a menu displayed in the uBITX LCD window, look at the bottom of the menu.ino file.
      There will be a code written in
      case 10 :
      case 20 :
      Try replacing the numbers at the end of 'Case'.

      Ian KD8CEC

  2. Thank you! Great work! I'm having a lot of fun following your blog.
    Dan, W2DLC


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