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Release EU1KY AA Firmware CEC Version 1.01 and 1.0a

Release EU1KY AA Firmware CEC Version 1.01 and 1.0a

It is the stabilized final version of EU1KY AA. Updates starting with Version 0.1 continue to add features. Please refer to the link below for added features.

I have separated the Version to 1.01 and 1.0A for users who want to use AA only for instrumentation purposes.

*  If you want to use all the features added up to Version 0.71, please use Version 1.0A.
*  If you want to use it only for instrument use, please use Version 1.01

Version V1.0A

Version V1.01

1.Download Firmware Version 1.01 and 1.0a

Version 1.01 (Version with only antenna analyzer function)

Version 1.0A (Version with all features added up to Version 0.71)

ConvertRXP (Converters for using AA measurement data in other tools such as Matlab)

2.Introduction and Basic Usage
2.1 FAA-450 Antenna Analyzer (EU1KY) Introduction

2.2 Assembling the FAA-450 Antenna Analyzer(EU1KY)

2.3 Antenna Analyzer(EU1KY) - How to update the firmware

2.4 Antenna Analyzer(EU1KY) - How to Setup and Calibration

3. Firmware history and list of added features
3.1 CEC Version 0.1

3.2 CEC Version 0.21

3.3 CEC Version 0.33

3.4  CEC Version 0.34 (Stabilized version from V0.30)

3.5 CEC Version 0.40

3.6 CEC Version 0.53

3.7 CEC Version 0.71

4. Other Usage
  I have described the basic usage of the firmware release. If I need additional explanation, I posted a separate post as below.

4.1 Use the filter and Attenuator to test the VNA(Track scope) function in Antenna Analyzer

4.2 How to Frequency Calibration on EU1KY Antenna Analyzer

4.3 EU1KY AA Firmware stabilization version update (V0.4) and mores about v0.4

4.4 How to use Audio DSP on Antenna Analyzer (Features included after CEC V0.5)

4.5 How to use Voice Keyer in EU1KY with CEC Firmware V0.7

Video for Firmware Version 1.0A and 1.01

5. Conclusion
I am always thankful for EU1KY and DH1AKF. I have only added a few features to the great equipment they have created. AA was a great device before I improved the firmware.

I had plans to add a little more functionality. But with so many features, the antenna analyzer is getting more and more complicated. So I decided to stop adding features at this point.
I have divided the version into V1.01 and V1.0A for users who want to use this AA only as an instrument.

Started develomemt project for my main work. In addition, a seasonal semester in which daily lectures are required has begun. Because of these things, I will not be able to actively work on Open source projects for a while.

If the busy day is over, I am going to work on a small MCU with FT8 and FT4. FT8 probably seems to have progressed by about 90%. If this succeeds, we will be able to mount the FT8 protocol on quite a few transceiver. This is my little dream.

Thank you for using the firmware.



  1. Thank you Ian!

    A question, I was using v0.53. If I update the firmware to v1.0A, do I need to perform another hardware calibration? And should I format the SD Card first?

    Or, is it OK to upgrade from 0.53 to 1.0A without doing any re-calibration or SD card formatting?


  2. Hello Ian,
    just a small anomaly noticed, not sure if this is found on earlier versions.
    When in the single frequency menu with smith chart, the green dot does not update with minor changes of impedance. Although the R and X values show Z changes instantly. Unless the screen is exited and re-entered does the green dot update its position.
    It requires a large change in R and X values to see the dot display update otherwise.


  3. The firmware support 1300Mhz AA?

  4. Hello lan,
    thanks for the great software. I have only a question : where are the difference to compile the source between V1.01 and V1.0A ?
    I have see that the VNA boards have now a connector for bluetooth, but i didn´t found something in the source to configure it. So i will add this part in the source.

  5. Hi Ian,
    Been experimenting with your version (now 1.01A) for a few days and it looks very nice. On thing though, the VNA S21 Gain functionality seems very inaccurate. I did a TX(S2) Strenght calibration first, then an S21 measurement with a cable between output and input, this gave a nice 0-dB ish line. However when I do actual measurements with filters or just some good quality attenuaters the graphs are just way off. See for instante , this is a measurement with just a mini-circuits 20 dB attenuator. Should gave a solid -20dB line?

  6. Hi, Ian.
    Why during measurement of quartz, resonance of R (acive resistence) corresponds serial resonance frequency but not parallel?
    What's wrong with my QuartzData?

  7. Fantastic work Ian. I've got my hardware together and have several case designs in progress. Would it be possible for you to add display rotation to the configuration screen. I have some case ideas that would work best if I could rotate the display by 180 degrees. Just single button to enable/disable display rotation of 180 deg.

  8. Excellent firmware for the device. One question is how can I connect it to AntScope2? Does not see the device in any way :-( On a simple version, AntScope works.

  9. Hi where can i find mini600 v.1.0R firmware ?

  10. Hello Ian, I own the FAA-450 analyzer (single port). Updating my firmware to 1.01 or 1.01A will work or my analyzer must have the two ports available in order to work ok.
    Do you have any tutorial video showing how to operate the extra functions on V1.01A?
    Also how we synchronize the clock on the FAA-450 for WSPR? my unit always return to 00:00 when i power on.


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  12. Hi all!
    More information about
    - connection to AntScope 2.0
    - further development of the firmware
    - user questions and hints
    - some documentations in several languages
    you can find at

    73, Wolfgang Kiefer DH1AKF

  13. Hi OM,
    I've a spare STM32F429 discovery kit. Can this antenna analyzer code ported to a STM32F429 discovery kit?

  14. Hi Recep Aydin,
    it would make no sense to use this small touchscreen (2.4 inch)!
    Better idea: rework this program for a STM32H7 Discovery Kit. A test version is already at GitHub.
    73, Wolfgang

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  17. Hello,

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    73 Savo

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