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Release DVPI Version 1.03 (scirpt update)

 Release DVPI Version 1.03

There have been some changes to the DMR node recently.

This version changes only those related to the recently changed DMR node. If you normally use Version 1.0 or Version 0.95, no upgrade is required.

DVPi uses the USRP Client protocol. When you install and use DVSwitch, you must read and comply with the license that appears. The user is responsible for the license for the use of DVPi.

1.Download Link

2.What was added in Version 1.03 (from Version 1.0)

 -To reduce user confusion, the MMDVM password change function has been removed.

  If the DMR's BM password has been changed, it can be changed on the DVSwitch Settings Change screen.

- It is not a function you use. Changed the TX/RX frequency of MMDVM to the same frequency. This is because the new DMR rule may not work if the frequency is different.

3.How to Install

  There is a detailed explanation about more detailed installation method and H/W configuration on my blog. 

  The following explains how to download and configure to use DVPi. Please refer to another post for more details.

3.1 Download

  Download the and files from the download link.

   Unzip the downloaded files (,

3.2 Write the dvpi_103.img file to the SD card.

  Formatting the SD card is not mandatory. When I apply the image file to the SD card, sometimes an error occurs, so I format it first.

Apply the dvpi_103.img file to the SD card with Win32Disk Imager.

After completion, remove the SD card and insert it into the Raspberry Pi of the DVPi.

Connect power to the DVPi. (power on DVPi)

Sometimes, depending on the LCD, the screen is turned upside down, You can reverse the top and bottom of the screen in DVPi Manager.

At the time of the first boot, because there is no setting, it is not possible to log in.

3.3 Find DVPi IP Address
The Raspberry Pi image used in DVPi is automatically assigned an IP (using DHCP Server).
You can use the DVPi Manager to find out the IP of the DVPi.

Run DVPi Manager -> Click the 'Find DVPi' Button

Click the 'Find' Button
(If multiple LAN cards are installed in your computer, you must select the IP address of your computer before clicking the 'Find' button)

I have 3 DVPi and they are all found. Once you have found the IP of the DVPi you can use ssh.
DVPi can be accessed with ssh id: pi, password: dvpi

3.4 Installing DVSwitch and Setting up DVSwitch
(DVSwitch installation is only necessary to embed DVSwitch into DVPi)

Execute DVPi Manager -> Input DVPi IP Address -> Click the 'Connect' Button

Click the 'Easy setup of installed DV Switch'

To embed DVSwitch into DVPi, you only need to execute 4 commands. The four commands are explained in the center of the screen.

Rutn the SSH Client as putty
Login ID : pi, Passwor d: dvpi

Execute the commands described in DVPi Manager one by one.
It is convenient to use copy and paste.

In the case of putty, you can copy and paste multiple lines at once.

Execute 'sudo apt-get install -y dvswitch'

If all 4 commands were executed, your DVPi would have DVSwitch installed.
Setting up DVSwitch is easy with just a few entries.

Enter your callsign and DMR ID,
Unique ID is your Hotspot number that is unique. Any number you don't use is fine.

Choose Brand Meister Host, It is recommended to choose a server in your country.
(The US1 server that was set as the default until DVPi Version 1.0 is no longer operated)

If you have changed your password in Brand Meister, you must change the password field to your password.

The BM password can be changed here.

Enter the changed password.

Enter the Location field, the rest is not required, but it is strongly recommended to enter latitude and longitude.
Click the 'Apply All Setting' button.

The screen below is displayed and the operation takes about 1 minute.

When all settings are completed, the following message is displayed.

After rebooting DVPi, you should be connected to the DVSwitch server as shown below.

You can also check your Hotspot list if you log in to Brand Meister. I set the unique number 37 and it was displayed as follows.

3.5 flip the screen upside down

(This is only necessary if the screen is upside down like me. If your screen appears normally, this step is not necessary.)

Click the 'DVPi Basic Setup'

Click the '3.5 LCD 180 (upside down)' Button click

After rebooting, it will display normally as shown below.

3.6 Using DVPi
(For detailed usage and hardware configuration, please refer to other posts)

I will configure the DVPi to Dual Mode.  Since it's in Single Mode now, only VFOA works.
Since VFOB copies the settings of VFOA as it is, it is necessary to test whether VFOA works well.

Change TG

Reception is good. You have to test the transmission. If you are using D-Star, I recommend testing up to D-Star.

3.7 Dual Mode Settings

Connect to DVPi via SSH Client

Execute the command.
  (./ new unique number, The unique number is the new Hotspot number.
  ex ./ 38)

You can ignore the following error messages during script execution. (This is because it is a command to delete if it is already installed)

When all execution is completed, it asks if you want to reboot as follows.
No reboot required. This is because DVPi Manager will cause the DVPi to reboot.

Run DVPI manager

Click the 'DVPi Basic Setup'

After selecting Dual VFO as shown below, click the 'Apply All Setting' button.
(You may select 'Use Voice' if you wish to use the voice guidance function of DVPi)

When all settings are completed, DVPi automatically reboots.

After rebooting, DVPi operates in Dual Mode.

How to use DVPi's Dual Mode is described in detail in another post.

I tried changing the TG of VFO B.

3.8 DVPi's Hardware Settings
DVPi does not require any hardware other than the Raspberry Pi, sound card and LCD.
But for convenience, you can add things like buttons that you need.
How to add hardware to the DVPi is detailed in another post.

Run DVPi Manager

Click the 'Settings to use rotary encoder, PTT, and VOX functions' Button

In my case, I chose all of the below because I had a rotary encoder and buttons.
(If the direction of the rotary encoder is opposite, the numbers in the red square box below are interchanged)

When the activation selection for hardware is finished, click the 'Apply All Setting' button.

If the DVPi is equipped with a rotary encoder, it is possible to check who is in the TG as shown below.

4. conclusion

DVPi has quite a few features. In this post, I only set the settings for some of the features that are absolutely necessary for me.

You can find various features in different posts.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Long time no see!
    I will post this new version information to Korean DV cafes!

    1. Long time no see too.
      Thank you for your support.
      I'm trying to use the unused MMDVM Module (Jumbospot).

  3. Looking forward to new challenges with MMDVM.

    1. Thank you. I think i will be able to introduce some interesting features within a few days.

  4. Hi Lan, I have a problem with dvpi, as soon as I install double vfo dvswitch, turning the vfo encoder I no longer see the callsign but only the id number, what can be the cause?

    thank you

    1. If everything is normal and only the call sign is not visible (display only id number), click the 'Update UserDB' button on the menu screen.

    2. thanks Lan for the answer, I tried several times to update the database but no luck, I'll explain what I did, I reinstalled dvpi 1.03, I configured the external server dvswitch on vfo A everything works, then I installed dvswitch on board on vfo B and the problem arose

  5. Buenos días
    Estoy encantado con funcionamiento es excelente,la pregunta es si se puede configurar APRS. Muchas gracias y saludos cordiales

  6. hi, everything works fine, sorry just not being able to have YSF mode, with a screen button like D-star, Lan doesn't reply to messages and I can't contact him in any way.

  7. True, YSF on the desktop instead of DSTAR would be a good thing.
    It is possible to "rigidly" run YSF and M17, but this does not provide full functionality in these mods.

  8. Hello everybody. First of all I want to congratulate KD8CEC for the excellent work for DVPI and for the blog and then I would like to ask a few things: should I take a voltage from the GPIO when receiving a signal from a tg where DVPI is connected, precisely which PIN (+ and -) and what configuration to do and with DVPI MANAGER; moreover, when I receive a QSO the audio, this is not so clear, too "robotic" and sometimes it is difficult to understand, where am I wrong? Thank you in advance.

  9. The signals at RX and TX are described in the diagram :

    In the DVPi manager, in the section "Settings to use rotary encoder, PTT, VOX functions" , check the item: "Use RX signal OUT" GPIO = 26 / or "Use TX signal OUT" GPIO = 22.

    As for the quality of the audio, the speaker, amplifier (RX) and USB card (RX & TX) has a significant impact .
    I personally use the CM-108.

    1. Perfect .... I was wrong with one of the two PINs. Now I was able to find the 3.3V voltage when I get a signal. I also just bought a new USB sound card, unfortunately the CM108 can only be found on Aliexpress and not on Amazon which guarantees me a shipment within 24 hours.

      Thank you from the heart.

    2. The project is dead, no development, no updates, a real shame

  10. Access to the Project is free and its use is voluntary. Read what you wrote , and think if that is not a shame ?

    1. the project is not free, it is free to use, there are no sources to develop other functions

  11. ..."Access to the Project is free"...

    Read with understanding or use another translator

    What else did you want to implement?
    YSF? - you can
    M17? - you can

    VFO-A DMR - access to the HBLink DMR server

    VFO-A Dstar - access to the Dstar reflector's

    VFO-B DMR - access to the YSF reflector

    VFO-B Dstar - access to the M17 reflector

  12. VFO-B DMR - access to the YSF reflector


  13. In my case, it was not difficult. I used a well-known and proven method.

    and other available helpful information:,,,20,1,0,0

    On my own HBLink server I created a master "YSF".
    Then I created a separate DVSwitch - "YSF Bridge" for this master / with cross-connection of RX / TX ports between DMR and YSF modes .
    This DVSwitch is the bridge between DMR -> YSF - on any selected Reflector.
    And from the YSF -> DMR to any selected TG (TG Export).

    If necessary, you can create several such "bridges" and connect to different YSF Reflector's operated on separate TG's from the DMR side.
    The advantage of this solution is the possibility of using any equipment - DMR (RF) radio, DVPi, or network radio devices with the DVSwitch Mobile App.

    Important !
    DVSwitch configured in this way is only a bridge between DMR <--> YSF modes and we do not connect to it directly via USRP ports!
    We set the access on the HBLink server (

    For testing purposes, it's best to create your own YSF reflector

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  29. Good Day, I was wondering if there is any way to make this work without a LCD display , I want to setup this to work with our Amateur Radio Club's Repeater / Echolink and do not need the LCD. I can always use a HDMI Screen to make changes if needed. At this moment it does not load into application as I see the pi desktop with DVPi Icon. Please help if possible.

  30. Of course, Dvpi works without a display, you can view it using the VNC implemented in the software.
    If you plug the sound card into the USB port in Rpi before booting it, Dvpi will start up automatically in the autostart mode.
    Configuration and settings are made using the "Dvpi Manager" and in the terminal.

    Write what exactly do you want to connect, cross with each other?

    1. OK, that is what mine does not do, I have plugged in the usb sound card (SC) before boot, It loads into pi desktop and that is that all I see is the icon for DVPI, I have checked lsusb the SC is picked up. I shell try with other RPi's too. What I want to do is , I have a locally hosted web page that shows the svxlink log file, I can also upload our weekly recorded news and with a click on a play button the news file plays on our local club repeater, I want to add another button on the web page to activate / deactivate the use of DMR crossband for the club members having DMR radios to listen on.

    2. UPDATE: Tested on different RPi and nou it started as it should, I wonder why it does not run on the first pi I tested. thank you.

  31. There is a suitable tool for Crossing DMR with SVX that allows you to cross over USRP ports.

    Note the last position in this link / USRP ...
    and at the bottom you have an automatic installation script.

    In this link there is a sample Config.

    In order to monitor logs etc. you can use this:

  32. OK Great thanks will have a look, you see my locally hosted webpage does a bit more as I have also an upload for the local recorded news that we can select an audio file to upload to the Raspberry pi and then we can activate the playback via a play button on the webpage.

    My setup then plays the audio over local repeater as too the SVXLink / Echolink , thus I want to add the DMR to this.

    It will only be used every Sunday.

    another problem I have found is that I can not set the TX Time / timeout , doesn't matter what value I enter it stays at 180 seconds , I have set the timer in both /opt/MMDVM_BRIDGE/MMDVM_Bridge.ini and on the DVPImanager.
    News duration +-9 to 15 min.

  33. Is it work in Raspberry Pi 4 and Zero W?

    1. I tested Pi Zero W and does not work for me, however I'm testing now on Pi 3B and it's very good thus far.

    2. What about Pi4? It's too hard to get 3, so I got 4, but I can't install it.

    3. start4.elf not compitable. 이후 부팅 진행이 안됩니다.

    4. Its due to a RPi HW change copy updated fixup* and start* files from a newer version of Raspbian into the boot directory. Simple, works for me.

  34. TX Time / timeout settings

    pi@dvpi:~ $ sudo su
    root@dvpi:/home/pi# sudo nano /boot/dvpi.ini


  35. Thank you, I have not seen the [OTHERS] I've changed the one below [DSP] didn't even think of checking below, Thank you for the help and this great software makes the hobby more fun.

  36. To which network / server will these messages be sent, BM or HBL?
    If for HBL, then HBmon itself also has its "TOT" set to 180 sec.
    For the issuing of newsletters, there is a separate "tool" that handles the entire range of services from the TG INFO group.
    The author and creator, as in the case of HBmonitor, is SP2ONG.

  37. It will make use of BM, I will most definitely first make sure that I am allow to do this , not that I think it will be a problem as many of the radio clubs have done this and or still are, the last thing I want to do is to interfere with other users, I do know we have a locally linked TG for our area and this will only be used on that TG.

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  45. Hi Lee, I've been using DVPI for 2 years and it's always been working great. It was the most interesting digital radio project in recent years. Thanks again for allowing the hams to use it. When will you give us more projects? 73 from CT2GFP

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