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CAT Support uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.06 Release (Added WSPR)

uBITX Firmware CEC Version v1.06 (changed v1.061)

I deployed 1.06 and received feedback from WSPR's beta tester, Philip (G7JUR).
It was a problem that the LPF was not automatically selected according to band selection during WSPR transmission.

I modified it soon and changed uBITX Firmware CEC Version to 1.061.
uBITX Manager also changed Version to 1.01.


I released version 1.06 which added WSPR function to uBITX.
Beta testers have been very helpful when embedding WSPR functionality. WSPR will continue to improve in the future.

By using WSPR before and after QSO, you can check where your uBITX is spreading all over the world.  If uBITX Manager is used to put WSPR information into uBITX, uBITX no longer needs any external device to transmit WSPR.

The uBITX group's excellent tester also shared a way to use CW Beacon using the Autokey feature (Autokey is a memory keyer built into CEC Firmware.) I will…

Test and explain for IF-Shift function of uBITX CEC Firmware

Test and explain for IF-Shift function (or called BFO Shift) of uBITX CEC Firmware
The following tests are due to be released soon uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.06. 
Since uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.0, IF-Shift function is supported.

There were various opinions.
 - it works normally in LSB, but it does not work well in USB.
 - IF-Shift is always used. Please keep configuration when uBITX power Reset.

All of the above issues have been resolved in the upcoming 1.06 release.
It was my wrong idea that USB did not work properly.
Fixed a bug where shifted carriers are sent at SSB TX.

If you choose to keep the IF-Shift setting in the uBITX Manger, IF-Shift will still be maintained even if uBITX is turned on and off.

In addition, there was good opinion of good senior OM from BITX20 Group.
I thought of some fun ideas in the comments. CEC Firmware In the next version, we will add functions applying them.

1. About IF-Shift function
It is a feature on most HF Transceiver. It is called by several nam…

WSPR function test in 6M, 2M band built in uBITX - update 20/3

WSPR function test in 6M, 2M band built in uBITX

The picture below is example for the results of transmitting WSPR by uBITX stand alone. Thanks beta testers.

Various WSPR tests are underway in preparation for the release of 'uBITX Firmware KD8CEC Version 1.06'.
The uBITX KD8CEC firmware is based on the concept that it can be used without modification or additional devices.

However, this version can be used without modification, but modifying the filter section will improve performance.

All tests were carried out with dummy loads and laboratory equipment in the laboratory.
Filter modifications are required at 6M (50Mhz) and above. In addition, the higher the frequency, the more accurate the calibration is required.
(I was able to adjust the calibration more precisely as a result of viewing the WSPR transmission results)
I did the test without modification the filter. (6m, 2m)

This post does not explain the basic usage of WSPR built into uBITX.
Click the link below for basic instructions…

Old Photo#1 - Breadboard circuit

Old Photo#1 - Breadboard circuit

As I started my blog, began to run out of Google space.

When I have free time, I am deleting the photos from Google Photos little by little.
Some of the photos that were automatically uploaded unintentionally have memories.

It was a project to analyze two-channel waveform difference.
we had to make some of the whole circuit on the breadboard.

I did not know then, but it looks so beautiful now.

Beta testing of the stand-alone WSPR feature built into uBITX - Beta2 Version

Beta testing of the stand-alone WSPR feature built into uBITX -> Beta2
Changed to the second Beta version. Version Name : V1.051W
Version 1.06 will be released soon. Version 1.05xx should not be used anymore. Just a moment.

uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.06 has been released.
Please click the link below.

This article is about the WSPR beta test to be included in the next version of uBITX Firmware CEC Version.

I am looking for a beta tester.
Anyone who has uBITX with watch and knows how to use WSPR.
If you have experience using uBITX Manager, it is better.

WSPR will be transmitted for about 2 minutes. Test with the antenna connected.
I am not responsible for any problems that occur during testing.
If the SWR value is high, you will need an appropriate heat sink.

The preparations are as follows.
 - uBITX
 - wristwatch or cell phone(It is recommended if the electronic clock is displayed second), You can adjust it to …