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uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.073 (Beta) Release

uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.073 (Beta) Release

The beta version 1.07x was officially released as version 1.08

Version 1.07x is a test version for new attempts.
Version 1.061 is a stable version with most features implemented. 
There are also various versions based on Version 1.04 or Version 1.06 by other developers.

Please click on the link below for Version 1.061.

Features added in uBITX Firmware CE Version 1.07 Beta are listed below.

Since version 1.073, there are five .HEX files distributed.
Upload the version for your LCD mounted on your uBITX.

It does not matter if you make a mistake. But the screen just does not come out.
If you make a mistake, just upload another hex file.

To upgrade to a .HEX file, see the link below.

The following video was taken to help understand the firmware installation.
I installed several LCDs in my uBITX and uploaded all the .Hex files in sequence.

1.More information on various LCD support is available at the link below.

The biggest change in this version is Extended Key (or called shortchut switch)
2.More information about Extended Key can be found at the link below.

Version 1.073 Beta A little bit changed in the above post just before the release.
The above post supports only 4 function buttons.
Change Mode, Band Up, Band Down, Change Tuen Step

However, you downloaded Version 1.073 and uBITX Manager 1.04, you can select the function for the button.

I will post relevant videos or usage within a short time.

3.Version 1.073 Beta Related Downloads
Release Notes for Version 1.073

uBITX firmware file

uBITX Manager Version 1.04

Version 1.073 firmware source code and source.tar.gz are automatically generated by github. (I can not edit the name)
If you feel uncomfortable about version control of code, please download below

4.Changes in uBITX Manager V1.04
 - Added section for setting Extended Key.

- Added Reset button.
  After all settings are completed, press 'Reset' button and uBITX will reboot and apply the settings.

5.Options when compiling source code
Beginning with Version 1.073, you must select the compile option.

5.1 - Required selection, LCD Type
You can modify the compilation options to suit your LCD type.
You can find compile options in the ubitx.h file.

in ubitx.h

If you are using the LCD at the time of uBITX purchase, please correct it as follows.
#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD1602P      //LCD mounted on unmodified uBITX
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD1602I      //I2C type 16 x 02 LCD
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD2004P      //24 x 04 LCD (Parallel)
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD2004I        //I2C type 24 x 04 LCD

If you are using an LCD other than the default LCD, you can erase the comment mark on the front of the LCD. Below is an example of using a 20x04 I2C LCD.
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD1602P      //LCD mounted on unmodified uBITX
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD1602I      //I2C type 16 x 02 LCD
//#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD2004P      //24 x 04 LCD (Parallel)
#define UBITX_DISPLAY_LCD2004I        //I2C type 24 x 04 LCD

5.1 - Only if necessary, Enable ADC Monitor
CEC Firmware has added ADC monitoring functionality to the CAT protocol since Version 1.070.
If ADC monitoring is needed to reduce CW-Key error, uBITX Manager can read ADC values connected to uBITX.
So I removed the ADC monitoring function in uBITX since version 1.073.

However, if you need ADC monitoring for other reasons, you can enable the ADC monitoring menu as shown below.


5.1 - Only if necessary, Disable Extended Key (switch)
Maybe you need more free space than you need to add your firmware.
If so, disable both Factory Align and ADC Monitor as shown below.

If you need more space and do not need the Extended Key function added in Version 1.073, disable it as follows.

Perhaps you will be ensuring a space close to 10%.


  1. I am looking for instructions on using Memory Manager. Also, Please change in ubitx_20.ino: delay(5000) (was 500) 500 msec is too short to read version display.

    Al, N1AW


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