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Raspberry Pi GqrxSDR with uBITX (Examples of using RTL-SDR in uBITX #4)

Raspberry Pi GqrxSDR with uBITX (Examples of using RTL-SDR in uBITX #4)

CAT Support uBITX Firmware CEC Version supports SDR connections from Version 1.07.

1.Install RTL-SDR Driver
sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install rtl-sdr

sudo reboot

test rtl-sdr driver

rtl_test -t

2.Install Gqrx SDR
Download Gqrx SDR


ls -al gqrx*

tar xf gqrx-sdr-2.11.4-linux-rpi3.tar.xz
cd gqrx*rpi3

cat readme.txt

sudo apt install gnuradio libvolk1-bin libusb-1.0-0 gr-iqbal

sudo apt install qt5-default libqt5svg5 libportaudio2

sudo cp udev/*.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/

3.Configuration Gqrx
the setting method is different according to the user's want.
In uBITX, various frequency control methods can be selected for SDR support.
Even if SDR Software does not support IF-Out or CAT communication, SDR can be used conveniently if uBITX's SDR frequency control setting is set.

Execute gqrx

Select SDR Deivce (RTL2832U)

4.Enjoy SDR with uBITX

Execute Gqrx

SDR Mode On

When switching to SDR mode, a signal is received at Gqrx.

You can use most SDR Software if you set the SDR frequency offset in uBITX Manager.

For more information on frequency control for SDR connections in uBITX, see other posts.


  1. I have this working, however, I have an up converter. I would prefer to just share the antenna on the receive side. Do you have any suggestions for connection points to do this?
    Greg. KG4GEK

    1. If you simply want to share an antenna, you can connect to pin 14 of K3.
      However, I recommend connecting after the signal is amplified.
      I wrote in the text, but if I have one relay, I can connect it only at the time of receive and disconnect at the time of transmission.

      Ian KD8CEC


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