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Using HDSDR with HF Transceiver (Modified - Add Videos) (Examples of using RTL-SDR in uBITX #2) - CEC Firmware working Information

Using HDSDR with HF Transceiver 
(Examples of using RTL-SDR in uBITX #2)
Modified - Add Videos

CAT Support uBITX Firmware CEC Version supports SDR connections from Version 1.07.

uBITX CEC Firmware is working to release beta 1.073 soon.
1.Supports 16x02 LCD, I2C 16x02 LCD, 20x04 LCD and I2C 20x04 LCD.

2.Extended Button support. 
With only 4 resistors and 4 buttons, you can directly control the frequently used 'Select Mode', 'Band up', 'Band down' and 'Select Tune Step'.

3.I decided to support Signal Meter. 
To support all forms of S.Meter, curve values (Level value)can be entered directly from uBITX Manager.  

The video below is the video I shot at the time of this writing.

Tested video that was run after all the settings for uBITX and HDSDR are complete

  HDSDR is a representative SDR software supporting IF-output.

  Download & Install

Download ExtIO-RTL2832.dll and copy to HDSDR Installed folder
(if you use RTL-SDR)
If you search for 'ExtIO_RTL2832.dll' on Google, you can find a site that can be downloaded.

2.Configuration HDSDR
Execute HDSDR

Set Transceiver (Omni-Rig)
To download and install the Omni-rig, see the link below.

Click the 'CAT to Radio (Omni-Rig) -> Omni-Rig Setup'

If you have already set up Omni-Rig, it will run automatically.

Option -> RF Front-End Configuration

Select SDR on IF output, which is controlled 'by Omni-Rig1'

Enter IF-Frequency, Enter the SDR Offset Frequency you entered in uBITX Manager.
Below is an example of the settings of my uBITX Manager.

Click the 'Apply'

3.QSO with HDSDR
  Turn SDR Mode
  (Depending on your radio, you can skip this part. This example is an example from uBITX. )
The example below is an example of a 20x04 LCD. In the case of 16x02 LCD, it appears slightly different.

Example of uBITX with 20x04 LCD

Example of uBITX with 20x04 LCD


  1. What is 14.017 ? I wondered from before.

    1. other The VFO frequency.
      uBITX shows the frequency of VfoB up to Khz when VfoA is main.
      If vfoB, it shows the frequency of vfoA.
      If you check the Scroll option in uBITX Manager, it scrolls the whole frequency periodically to the left.
      Ian KD8CEC


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