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Install WSJT-X and fldigi on Raspberry pi

Nowadays, digital communication is popular in amateur radio. JT65 and FT8 are capable of DX communication with weak signals. In the era of urbanization, the space for installing antennas is gradually diminishing. So we seem to prefer communications that can be transmitted away with weak signals. Install wsjtx, the most representative software for weak signal digital communication, in Raspberry Pi. The basic setting for Raspberry Pie is 'Raspberry pi 3 Setup (basic)' on this blog. If the installation order changes, it may not work normally or you see the many erros because wsjtx uses other libraries. 0.Turn on Raspberry PI 1.apt-get update   Click Terminal Icon on taskbar   type 'sudo apt-get update' [enter] 2.Click Raspberry pi Icon on taskbar -> Preferences -> Click Add/Remove Software 3.type 'fldigi' enter on left top edit box 4. Check all items 5.Press

Raspberry pi 3 Setup (basic)

1.Items   Raspberry pi 3 or 2   SD Card   SD-Card Read Writer   and Computer... 2.Down load Raspberry pi OS Image    Click Raspbian desktop  you choice option, direct download (Download Zip) button, and download via torrent (Download Torrent) button 3.Extract the downloaded file. 4.Download & Install Win32diskimager   download from   5.Insert the SD card into the SD card reader. 6.Connect the SD card reader to the computer. 7.Run Win32diskimager    Select to extracted Raspberry pi os image. Select Device (SD-Card Drive) 8.Click to [Write] Button Confirm the disk name and press Yes. (Warning) If you do not select SD-CARD and chose the hard disk, you lose data. 9.When all the processing is completed, remove the SD-Card from the reader. 10.Insert the SD-Card into the raspberry pi. 11.Connect a keyboard mouse monitor, network cable

First Receive using uBITX (HF All band Transceiver kit)

A plastic plate was used so that the pattern of the substrate did not touch the metal. I was able to connect to the car whip antenna and received only digital signals such as JT-65 and FT-8 (7.074Mhz, 14.074Mhz USB) To compare with FT-857, I connected the same antenna to the FT-857. I did not feel a big difference because the area and antenna was not good. Because digital communication is possible using FT-857 in the this condition,  uBITX is also expected to be enough for digital communication.

Adding a Bluetooth module to the MINI VNA Tiny

The VNA module was ordered by AliExpress and arrived about two weeks later. VNA Set includes a special case (well designed small plastic case), VNA, Calibration Set (0ohm, open, 50ohm), and 2 cables. VNA as 2 RF Connector and 1 mini USB Connector. I tried simple test about function of VNA with computer, It worked perfectly. And...then.. of course, I opened the cover! (I easily found the hidden screw below sticker) (Main controller is ATMEGA32A4U) The FTDI (TTL To USB - FT230XS) Chip show in upper pictuers. The FTDI chip makes the effort to transfer the UART signal from the main controller(AT Mega) to the computer (USB Port). The Bluetooth module can be connected to the UART. Solder the RX and TX wires as shown below. And after mounting the PCB, I tested it with a logic anal