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CAT Support uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.01 Release(Changed from v1.0)

CAT Support uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.01  Release (Changed from v1.0)

uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.06 has been released.
Please click the link below.

This version of the concept is an upgrade without hardware modifications. No hardware modifications are required to use this firmware.
Continuous release and testing has been done in the uBITX group. I tried to put only the basic functions that an HF transceiver should have. The features have been upgraded with the advice of people who have great ideas in the uBITX group.

It was a project that started to contribute to the original source in github. The project was intended to fix some simple bugs and request merge to the original source. And I was planning to delete the project. At the beginning of the project there was a bit of discussion about this in the uBITX group.
Since then, I've keeping the original source type to allow code share with any user forking github's original source anytime. Now, however, there is very little of the original source available to make the source merge. So I was planning to change the version number to 1.0 after version 0.27 and close then project. However, after 0.27, various experiments with beta testers have been done and good results have been obtained. And there was help from people with excellent ideas in uBITX group.

Most of the comments and improvements i have received are reflected. I did not show it on my blog, but there was a continous version upgrade on github.

I thought there was no more functionality to add without modifying the hardware after version 0.30. But it was my great mistake.  IF Shift to reduce ambient noise, BFO optimized for CW, memory channel, and improved CW Logic...
The idea has continued to come out and is now mostly applied.
Now there is very little program memory left.

Bug fixes and improvements will continue.

Important Notice!
When setting CW Key to IAMBIC A or IAMBIC B, there was a bug that CAT communication did not switch to RX in Version V1.0,  Version V1.01 is the modified version.The firmware file has changed. 
If you set the CW Key to Straight, CAT communication will be performed normally in version 1.0,  however It is recommended to upgrade to 1.01.


Below is a brief functional description of this firmware.

Please click the link below for details of before 0.27 version
(history of all revision and source)

Feature summary (before 0.27 version)
  • CAT communication support, Interfaces with most ham programs, we tested Ham radio deluxe, wsjt-x, jt65hf, fldigi, etc...
  • Most known bug fixes
  • Dual VFO Dial lock
  • Change band movement method -> select type Ham band mode, general mode
  • Advanced ham band options (Tx control) for use in all countries
  • Dial Movement Improvements
  • uBITX Manager application support.
  • and more...
Enhancements since version 0.27
1.Display more information on Top line
Other VFO Frequency, tune Step, selected CW Key type)
can scroll VFO Frequeuency by uBITX Manager configuration.

Scroll another VFO frequency and display top line Example

2.IF Shift
You can move the BFO as you like.
If you set the IF shift to 0 and press the key or press and hold the key at any time in the IF Shift setup menu, the IF shift function is disabled.

3.Split communication
Very simple, It changes to another VFO before transmission and returns to original VFO when transmission is finished. 

4.Frequency Memory (VFO -> Channel)
Up to 20 channels are supported.
Channels 1 ~ 10 can be named up to 5 characters through uBITX Manager.

5.Channel to VFO

6.CWL, CWU Mode added
CWL and CWU are the same as LSB and USB. Just use the BFO separately.
This can be helpful for CW operation. Of course, LSB and USB can operate CW operating as before. Only CWL and CWU modes are added.

7.Separate BFO settings for CWL, CWU

You do not need to adjust the BFO every time you operate CW.
If CWL or CWU is selected, it switches to the BFO set in this menu.

8.CW Keying logic change to Ron (in uBITX group), and select key type

9.ADC Line Monitor

You can use this function to check the status of the PTT or CW key connected to your uBITX.
If you insert the ADC value corresponding to CW Key in uBITX Manager, the CW Key error will be greatly reduced.

10.Change Tune Logic
One of the most requested requests was a change in frequency tune.
The frequency adjustment of uBITX is quite sensitive, so setting the correct frequency is quite difficult. We also needed to move the step more precisely when doing CW or Digital operation.

At first i developed a new Tune method. Threshold was used to determine the intent of a person. There is a lot of error reduction.
and set the tune step. The tune step can be changed in uBITX Manager according to the user's environment.

description of functions that are used in conjunction with uBITX Manager such as AutoKey are omitted. I'll post it separately with usage.

How to upgrade and brief menu introduction

Firmware download link : (v1.0)

When setting CW Key to IAMBIC A or IAMBIC B, there was a bug that CAT communication did not switch to RX. Version V1.01 is the modified version.
Firmware download link : (v1.01)

uBITX Manager download Link : (v0.96)

uBITX Manager download link : (v0.97) - Linux compatible

Please refer to the link below for how to install the firmware.

source code :
I will create a new repository that is separate from the original source code and register the source.

If you need an immediate source, please refer to the link below. (The source location will change.)

Thank you Farhan for making good hardware and software, Ron fo Improved CW Key logic, And friends who met uBITX who developed it together (Maybe still looking for bugs or thinking about ideas).

PhD Ian Lee


  1. Very nice features in V1.0 !
    One problem: when coming back from transmitting to receiving via CAT (with Fldigi or WSJTX) the uBitx will not switch back to RX mode.
    I did not have this problem in V 0.27.
    When I then shortly touch the CW key it is switching correct back to RX mode.

    Vy 73
    Juergen, DK5KC

    1. Thanks for very important information.
      There seems to be a conflict with the new keyer logic.
      When CAT communication, if the key is set to Straight, it will be done normally.
      Can I ask for a test?

      I will notify at the top of this posting after revision.

    2. Juergen
      Thanks to you, I was able to fix the bug quickly.
      If you download the firmware again, it will be executed normally.

      Thanks again.

      Ian KD8CEC

    3. Yes, success ! When setting the keyer mode to Straight, switching back the PTT to RX is working correct with CAT.

      Thank you

  2. Ok, I will test it tomorrow, today we have carneval here near Cologne, hi...


  3. Ian,

    version 1.01 works fine also with Iambic mode now.

    Juergen, DK5KC

    1. Excellent!
      Thanks Juergen.
      If you have any found bugs or improvements, please let me know.

      Ian KD8CEC

    2. Is there an S-Meter option in your pipeline?

    3. of course, I ordered an additional uBITX for the hardware revision version arrived just now.

  4. When I try to set " CW Autokey Mode? " I get the message " Empty CW data"

    1. CW Autokey Mode is just builtin Memory Keyers.
      uBITX Manager will save the text and use it. Be sure to set Key type to IAMBC before executing Auto Key.
      I'm sorry I can not post the explanation on it yet. I will be posting usage soon.

      The following image is a test image of uBITX Manager running on Linux. Auto Key Mode was also used.

      Thanks for your interresting

  5. CWL and CWU modes don't seem to do what they are intended for I think. Frequency is not correct when operating CWU on 10MHz or higher, same with CWL for frequencies lower then 10MHZ.
    Or, am I doing something wrong ? Where can I modify this not correct freq ?

    1. CWL and CWU are the same as LSB and USB on Version 1.03
      CWL and LSB are the same, CWU and USB are the same.

      Only CWL and CWU modes can have separate BFOs.
      Some operators adjust the BFO every time they run CW in uBITX. If use CWL and CWU, do not need to set it because it is set to a preset BFO for CW Mode.

      However, in Version 1.03, the frequency display method was different in CWL and CWU by JE4SMQ proposal. Maybe Version 1.03 is the CWL and CWU you were thinking of.
      I will release Version 1.03 soon.Can you test it?

      Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

    2. Hi, yes I can test it, no problem.

      you can send it to

      thanks !


  6. I upgraded to ver 1.0 and now on 1.01, in both version, I am experiencing a problem, that is each time I switch on, the radio sounds like as if it is in cwl/cwu even when it is showing LSb or USB. Then I have to go to Caliberation and zero beat. This I have to do on each restart. Have I gone wrong somewhere? btw cw is fine both on straight key and paddle. Thanks.

    1. CWL and LSB are the same, CWU and USB are the same.
      Only CWL and CWU modes can have separate BFOs.

      I recommend you set up a BFO.
      My firmware kept the original source in Calibration and BFO setting part.
      When setting BFO and Calibration, press PTT to save.

      And if you can use the uBITX Manager, please capture the screen and send it to me.
      Then I will be able to check the calibration value and give you more accurate advice.

      Ian KD8CEC

    2. Yes it worked. After setting up the bfo the problem is solved. Thank you Ian 73

  7. Hi all,

    Has someone already made a manual to operate the software ?
    Where can it be found ?

    Frank ON6UU

  8. Ian, thank you for this firmware. It has made my positive uBitx experience much more so.
    I have loaded V1.01 into my Raduino here and it is 100% FB.
    Bob N1ETS


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