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About UV-K5 CEC Firmware Version 0.1X (from v0.1p)

 About UV-K5 CEC Firmware Version 0.1X (from v0.1p) 1.About Version 0.1X This version is the stable version of UV-K5 Version 0.1P In Version 0.1P, many things were changed, including the internal variable structure, and we received feedback for about 8 days to check if there were any problems. The original plan was to just change the name from Version 0.1P to Version 0.1X, but several features were added as follows. Please read Version 0.1P for main features 2.SSB Filter (bandwidth)   The filter can select one of these : VFO, 3K, 2K, 1.7K, 3K+, 2K+,1.7K+     This filter operates only in SSB mode and is disabled in existing FM mode.  If you select a filter with +, the + mode is also applied to CW mode   VFO : Previous firmware state. It is selected among WIDE/NARROW selected in VFO  3K ~ 1.7K : When actually measured, it is a little wider than stated. 3K+ ~ 1.7K+ : It improves the functionality of the existing filter. Based on SINAD, there is an improvement effect of about 1dB. 3.SSTV 

Modification of SI4732-A10 for full HF band reception on UV-K5

 Modification of SI4732-A10 for full HF band reception on UV-K5 I will guide you on applying SI4732-A10, which is mainly used in shortwave radios that support SSB, to UV-K5.   Firmware Version CEC_0.1HF

Introducing UV-K5 Version 0.1P (CW)

  Introducing UV-K5 Version 0.1P (CW Mode) CW-related functions have been added to version 0.1P. The spectrum function has been removed but is maintained in the source code. Later, when the source code is distributed, you can activate it and use it if necessary. This version is for testing purposes only. It will be redistributed as the stable version 0.2 in approximately 1-2 weeks. If you don't want to beta test, you can wait a week or two and download 0.2

Introducing UV-K5 Version 0.1M (SSTV, Text Configuration)

 Introducing UV-K5 Version 0.1M (SSTV, Text Configuration) In version 0.1M, items related to text settings and SSTV transmission function were added. As previously announced, only compiled binaries will be released from 0.1M until 1.0 is released.When the version is upgraded to 1.0, we will organize the source code and release it together. It probably won't take long.

Introducing UV-K5 Version 0.1C

Two features were added in V0.1c From the next version, versions with experimental elements will be published. The source code for this version has been released together. Versions 0.3 to 0.9 are in the development stage, and I will release the source code together with version 1.0

UV-K5 firmware development begins And Release 0.1b

UV-K5 firmware development begins And Release 0.1b  I had a vacation last week. I was allowed about three months. The past few weeks have been a variety of experiments to develop the firmware. I start my work based on egzummer's firmware, which is the one most people use.