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CAT Support uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.07 (Beta Version) Release

CAT Support uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.07 (Beta Version) Release

The beta version 1.07x was officially released as version 1.08

Version 1.07x is a test version for new attempts.
Version 1.061 is a stable version with most features implemented. 
There are also various versions based on Version 1.04 or Version 1.06 by other developers.

Please click on the link below for Version 1.061.

if you want to challenge new features, upload Version 1.07 (Beta Version)
Please click the link below for the file of Version 1.070.

Release Notes for Version 1.07

uBITX firmware file

uBITX Manager Version 1.02

Version 1.07 firmware source code

Added or improved in version 1.07
A description of the added features will be posted in a separate post soon.
See the Version 1.06 description section for information added or implemented so far.

Major Changes
1.Receive performance is improved compared to the original firmware or version 1.061.
  Added 45Mhz IF Calibration function.

3.ATT function has been added to reduce RF gain.
(Shift 45Mhz IF)

4.Added the ability to connect SDR. (Low cost RTL-SDR available)

6.TinyLCD Library was used to reduce the program size.
7. separated the source to support various LCDs.
  It is still in preparation.

8.Removed the ADC monitoring function.
  It still exists, but it will be removed at any time as the program Size increases.

  Added a protocol to ADC Monitoring in CAT communications.
-uBITX Manager program to measure the value of ADC of uBITX connected.
  Allows factory settings to be removed by compiler options.

  It still exists, but it will be removed at any time as the program Size increases.

10.I added IF-Shift to the Cat protocol.

Minor Changes
1.At the top of ubitx_20.ino, display the version name and version number
(the request of the user)

2.Some standardized menu behavior. (reduce program size)
3.I adjusted the sensitivity to most menus where the dial is used.
4.Fixed a bug where the frequency was not displayed at first when setting CW side tone.
5.Changed the way we choose CW keys.

6.There were other tasks to reduce the size of the program.


  1. Ian first of all thank you for your wonderful work. I am using your CEC code v1.07 with my home-brew uBITX, now in my case 45MHz IF calibration positive values are not helping, is it possible to go below ZERO ie have negative values where it might help me to improve my 45MHz IF calibration. Something like values from -100 to +100 for 45MHz IF calibration.

    Thanks Once again.
    VU2IIA - Max

    1. I only thought about uBITX purchased from HFSignal. did not think until diy ubitx.
      I will add the code to the 1.071 weekends for DIY uBITX. Please wait a moment.
      And I saw your FT8 video on YouTube. It was really nice.

      Thanks for feedback

      Ian KD8CEC

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Daniele
      There was considerable source code cleanup from this source. please test this firmware
      Ian KD8CEC

    2. Hi Ian
      great job as always
      from the tests done the firmwar works very well
      a personal consideration about the attenuator would perhaps be better with two three presets to avoid having to turn the encoder many times for maximum attenuation
      I await your next step to change the display with the 4x20 and maybe the upgrade smeter etc. etc.

      hello and thank you for your excellent work
      de in3fci

  3. The only thing it doesn't do is talk via my emic 2 .

    1. I'll study emic2 first, and let's discuss it together
      Thank you for your good feedback.

    2. I have a couple scripts where its doing fairly cool dynamic things. One task looks at output from a local sensor and says something. In this case telling you a color. Repetitious , so just watch the beginning Script is here

      I just need a little help . I'd like to know , with some sort of comments, what some of the lines are doing. Then I would apply it to my application. My app takes input from an I2C sensor and the emic2 says it. I believe I can take it from there. Or any type of sensor for that matter. I think the line that flushes the serial data is important, because one guy said he had trouble in that it spelled the word rather than saying it. I know you are busy though.

  4. Great,just uploaded to my ubitX and working fine,
    will test further and let you know if any bug
    thanks for your wonderful work
    vu2kyz / Ashok

    1. Thank you for try testing.
      To reduce program memory, as many pieces of code have been modified, i required various tests. Thank you.

      Ian KD8CEC

  5. Great work from a great person that tries very hard.
    Thanks Ian. Very nice approach, I will test right now.
    Keep it like that.

    Konstantinos SV1ONW

  6. Hi Ian
    I confirm 75 80 is the best setting, the difference is heard and the signals come out more present, it is normal that in the SDR option the audio disappears.
    Do you think that taking the IF at 45 MHZ before the filter could affect the filter curve?
    for the rest it works well
    Excellent job as always, I await new interesting news
    thank you
    de in3fci


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