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Introducing SDR Dongle with uBITX

Introduction to SDR dongle connected to uBITX

The question I hear frequently now is, "What SDR do uBITX connect to?" is.
This is my obvious mistake. I'm missing an introduction to My SDR.

The SDR I recommend is the cheapest.

There is also the question "My SDR can not be received below 25Mhz."
It does not matter. uBITX converts the SDR to a frequency that your SDR can hear.
You do not need to modify the SDR.

I have HackRF One and RTL-SDR ($ 7).
I can not find two differences when connecting to uBITX.

You do not need any modifications. Just connect SDR's antenna cable to uBITX.

Please note that all of the videos I have uploaded in recent days use the following products.

Perhaps searching for "RTL-SDR" on Ebay or Aliexpress is one of the cheapest.
I receive the FT-8 with the above product and pass it to Wsjt-x through Virtual Audio Cable.

When SDR-Console SDR is used, multiple simultaneous frequency reception is possible.

Again, the SDR I recommend is the cheapest.

Happy Ham life with uBITX, SDR


  1. Thanks!. In have an old dongle lying around. Will try with that πŸ˜€

    1. great ham life with RTL-SDR!
      Now it's time to wake up the RTL-SDR that was sleeping in the desk drawer.


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