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Release EU1KY AA Firmware CEC Version 0.71 ( V1.0 Candidate)

Release EU1KY AA Firmware CEC Version 0.71 ( V1.0 Candidate)

Changed from Version 0.70 to Version 0.71
At the request of the testers, the tuneSWR source code was restored to Version 0.53 code. All functions are the same as V0.70. Only tuneSWR has changed.

This version is a development version and may be unstable, and some of the features included in this version may be removed from V1.0, Stabilized version V0.53 has been released, and stabilized version is posted separately.

1. About V0.70
 1.1 Plan EU1KY AA Firmware CEC Version
 If this version is confirmed to be stabilized by testers, it will be changed to Version 1.0.
The firmware that was created by EU1KY and improved by DH1AKF was already great.
I just added a little extra to the already great firmware.

Some of the features I had planned are not yet implemented. To implement these functions, we must remove the existing functionality because of STM32F746's small memory.

1.2 About New project - HamToolKit Based STM32F746G-Disco
So I decided to convert Version 0.7 to Version 1.0 and create a separate Ham Tool Kit based STM32F746G-Disco. It's probably a Swiss Army knife for Ham. Since the antenna analyzer function is not included, Audio In can be used, so various functions can be implemented and the price will be lower.

STM32F746G-Disco : $56.25 / Ships free
SI5351 Board         : $  3.5  / Ships free
RTC DS1307          : $  0.5  / Ships free

You will not need to solder the parts directly because only use bought modules.

I will not be able to predict when this project will start because I will be conducting experiments with the FT8 and FT4 protocols for the time being.

2. Added or improved in V0.70
  Please see the link below for revisions and improvements until Version 0.53
  (Do not download the firmware from the above page. old version)

  Please see the link below for revisions and improvements until Version 0.40
  (Do not download the firmware from the above page. old version)

  Please see the link below for revisions and improvements until Version 0.34
  (Do not download the firmware from the above page. old version)

  Please see the link below for revisions and improvements until Version 0.21
  (Do not download the firmware from the above page. old version)

2.1 WSPR beacon transmission via transceiver
The STM32F746G-Disco board has an excellent sound chip built in. I used this to send the WSPR beacon signal to the sound.

if you have a good antenna, you can use WSPR with 'AA' without any tools. 'AA' transmits its own output 10dBm.

But if you want to send a little bit more signal, you can use this function. This may be used to test the transmit function of your radio.

TX Start

TX WSPR Protocol via Phone output

Decoded by Wsjt-x

Test Video

2.2 Added FT4 protocol test function
The FT4 Protocol is a nice new protocol. There is no official release yet.
To officially release the FT4 protocol, the Wsjt-X team is in testing.
You can try FT4 in advance using Wsjt-x 2.1.0 RC5.

In V0.7, I added the ability to transmit the FT4 protocol.

Because there is not enough screen, JT65 and JT9 can be selected with one button.

Touch JT65 -> Selected JT65

Touch again JT65 -> Select JT9

FT4 frequency based on Wsjt-x 2.1.0 RC5.

FT4 can be used from 3Mhz to 144Mhz without any hardware modification. 

Test on 14Mhz
TX : FT4 Protocol

RX : Wsjtx2.10 RC5, Decoded

Test on 144Mhz
TX : FT4 Protocol

RX : Wsjtx2.10 RC5, Decoded

Test Video

A separate post will be posted soon for FT4. 

2.3 Added Voice Keyer & Voice Recorder
Voice Keyer (or Voice Recorder) function was added in Version 0.7.
If you only want to use it as a voice recorder, you do not need any modifications, Just need update the firmware. If you want to use it as a Voice Keyer, you need a very simple modification.

Added 'Voice Keyer' button

Voice Keyer Screen (Slot1 ~ Slot 14)

Record (Slot 2)

Play Slot1 with PTT Control

For more information, please visit the link below.

Test Video

2.4 Modify Tune SWR (Version 0.71)

At the request of the testers, the tuneSWR source code was restored to Version 0.53 code.

All functions are the same as V0.70. Only tuneSWR has changed.

2.4 Modify Tune SWR (Version 0.70)
Several bugs were found from the beta tester for Tune SWR.
 - If SWR is not changed when moving to 'Tune SWR' screen after measuring SWR on other screen, it does not work

 - If you do not change the SWR when you press the SWR2, SWR3 button, the operation will not start.
I modified the code to always switch the measured 'SWR' to Beep sound.

2.5 Removed oscillator support other than si5351 and other minors
Although it did exist on the menu, it was not actually implemented in the source code in most cases. To save the memory, I keep 'SI5351' and remove the rest.

3. Download Firmware
Version 0.71

Version 0.71

4. Conclusion
I would appreciate it if you test and give feedback.
If there is no problem after 1 week ~ 2 weeks test, version name will be changed to stable version. (maybe version 1.0)

If you want a stable version, please use the link below. 
stabilized version :

The current stable version is V0.53

Thank you for your test.


  1. Hi, Ian!
    All works fine. SWR Tune is ok.

    1. Thnak you for testing...
      I will have to test it for a few more days and change it to V1.0.

  2. Replies
    1. Jnagy
      Thank you for testing
      It took me a few days to resolve the flicking phenomenon.

  3. By the way, since there is a UTP on board, is it possible to make an UTP network tester ? :D


    1. RT6M
      Yes, of course.
      I have published some network-related papers using a board similar to this (Cortex M4). If based on RTOS, we can expect very good performance.
      However, 'AA' has many features added, so there is not a lot of extra resources left.
      So I'm planning another project.

      Ian KD8CEC

  4. I've not tried VNA yet, but so far no problems found otherwise with V.0.70 Ian. Several more seconds on the splash screen would be useful to me though. Thanks for all your work.

    Steve G4VRR

  5. This looks great! I will test it out shortly.

    Question: If I upgrade from v0.53 to v0.70 do I need to perform a full calibration again?

    Also, do I need to format the SD card first, and then configure all of the parameters in the hidden menu again?


    1. VK3XPT
      1.If you have not changed the measurement frequency range, you do not need to make a new calibration.
      2.Not at all. You do not need to format the SD card, However, if you frequently use the SD card, such as calibrating frequently or playing a voice recording, you can use it more safely if you format it.

      Thank you for test

      Ian KD8CEC

  6. Your argument that a normal antenna analyzer stands around unused most of the time is convincing! Therefore a small suggestion for the extension: Generation of two-tone signals (for the adjustment / test of SSB transmitters).
    What do you think, Ian?

    1. to generate 2 independent tones in one chip is quite problematic. we will have intermodulation already at the generate 2 independent tones in one chip is quite problematic. we will have intermodulation already at the output.


    2. It is wonderful.
      Tone Generator is already implemented in WSPR (Via Transceiver).
      It is a function to change the tone periodically according to the data and transmit it to the transceiver.
      Perhaps it will be implemented not so hard by applying it.

      Ian KD8CEC

  7. I used earlier "tune SWR" to manually tune the tuner. It worked very well and quickly. Now it's useless for a long response. I had to go back to v.053.

    1. Yes. Previously, it worked with better response.


    2. Mirek
      Would you like to revert "tune SWR" to the previous code?
      I like this opinion very much.
      We can revert back to 'tune SWR' before changing to Version 1.0

      Ian KD8CEC

    3. Hello Ian,

      Yes, I have also noticed the slower update (sampling rate) in the Tune SWR mode. This makes it harder to hear small and fast changes in SWR that the previous version was able to "hear".

  8. Hi all, there is a new group, dedicated to the EU1KY- Analyzer. I have already joined this group.

    1. DH1AKF
      thank you for the information. I will join today.

  9. Yes, Ian please return the previous SWR tune code. This allows for quick tuning by hearing. It's a problem with the new code.

    1. OK.
      I will restore the 'tune SWR' code to the code I used in 0.53. Please wait a day or two. I'll change it to V0.71 and let you know.

  10. В модуляции FT8 не передаёт весь текст .

  11. Hi Ian...
    Great work!
    I thought I might point out there is a group recentky created to discuss the EU1KY AA. If you want to join:

  12. Maybe you can mod the selection for FT8/F|T4 modes just like JT65/JT9. Thus, the selection procedure will be more consistent and there will be some free space to put something elese in the future in that place. 73 de YO3HJV

  13. Thanks for sharing your newest source code at GitHub, Ian!!

  14. I am still waiting for my AA PCB to show up but does this firmware allow going up to 1300MHz? what modification to the original hardware do I need to do? Is the S21 measurement implemented?

  15. Hello Ian.

    I have question about battery voltage measurements. How it works? How to setup this? I connected lion voltage with 10k resistor to gnd. I have always full reading 4.1V. Need little manual. Or maybe is ready and I missed it? Maybe little video ?

  16. Please read:
    There is also the circuit for measurement of battery voltage.

  17. Hi All, I just joined . To get the facility of the latest 0.73 version firmware which PCB Gerber file - i should follow - COULD ANY ONE HELP ME to provide me the github repository link

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  19. Hello Ian, I've just purchased two complete sets of boards, the CPU and the rf board, should be here in a week or so. I'm really looking forward to the antenna analyzer, but your Ham Toolkit projects sounds intriguing.


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