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EU1KY Antenna Analyzer CEC stabilized version - (Latest V0.53)

EU1KY Antenna Analyzer CEC stabilized version

First of all, Thank you for using the AA CEC Version firmware. I was going to develop it at a little bit faster until it was Version 1.0. But there were quite a few users out there. Thank you so much. In addition, several excellent testers have done various tests to help stabilize the firmware.

So I decided to divide the version into two. It is a stabilized version and a tester version.

1.About the stabilized version
The stabilization version will be upgraded if the safety is verified by testers. Therefore, the improvement of the function will be a little late.

The tester version will add new features and various tests will be done by great beta testers. Again, thank you for doing various tests.
The stabilized version aims to use stable firmware rather than adding features.
This page will continue to update the release information of the stabilized version.

2.Download the latest stabilization version

Version 0.53  (04/may/2019)
AA Firmware

RXP (Utility for AA)

* Previous version
Version 0.40  (apr/22/2019)
AA Firmware

Version 0.35  (apr/14/2019)

Testing on various SD-Cards, RTC, Battery Voltage Sensor Tests on interference from various other peripherals.

In some special conditions (SD-Card status-Capacity, bran, expansion of peripheral devices), the FAT information of the SD-Card has sometimes been erased. Most of the time, there was no big problem, but the computer did not recognize it. I looked at the latest version of the Fat Library, STM's HAL, and so on.

Although not accurate, I thought there was a problem with S-Ram and Fat Library compatibility on the STM32F746 board. They occurred mainly when peripheral devices such as RTC, External Sensors were attached.
This problem has been solved by manually managing memory.

More than 100,000 tests continued in various environments and all were Passed.
I would appreciate your participation in testing so far.
(The firmware must be used after formatting the memory card)

Test video
The SD-Card stress program I used will be ported to Version 0.35 and tested. I will test the stability of the firmware by using a significant amount of data on the obsolete SD-Card.

Version 0.34 (mar/27/2019)
Removed memory interference due to increased firmware size. In addition, the screen flicker has been solved.

Version 0.30
Base version. The V0.3x version retains the features of this version.
The stabilized version has not improved greatly in V0.30, so please refer to the link below for a description of the function.

Thank you for using the firmware.

If you have extra time, I would appreciate it if you run the test version and feed back the results. There are no new test versions yet.



  1. I tried version 0.35. I tried all the measurements, everything works fine. But that's what you think I already wrote to you:
    Request: It is necessary in the screen "ManagŠµ Snapshots", the list of paintings should be sorted by date. Now everything is mixed up there.
    1. When temporarily recording graphs in M1, M2, and M3, it is not visible in what memory is recorded. In the beginning it was good. In what memory you write, then the outline of the square (M) changes color. Maybe I do not understand something ...It is not clear how to write on temporary memory.
    2. When measuring quartz, the graph shows the short time. So conceived?

    All for now. Thank you.

    1. Justas.

      I am always grateful for the various tests and feedback.
      I have not seen the source code for the Manage Snapshot feature yet. But if I reflect your opinion, it will be a better program. I'll put this in the Todo List.

      1.I'll post a more detailed description of the M1, M2, M3 feature soon. If you use this feature, you can compare the state of the previous antenna with that of the current antenna.
      2.I will do a little more research on this part and fix it after consulting DH1AKF.

      Thanks again

      Ian KD8CEC

    2. Hi Ian,
      If you happen to touch the View/Manage Snapshot code segment, and if your time and Board's memory permit, please enable opening the snapshot/Image by clicking on the Image Name in the list instead of first highlighting the image name and then select "View" ... In many demos I have tried to directly click the image list to view it , as with a Touch UI, thats the intuitive thing,.

    3. Ujjwal
      I'll take your comments into consideration when I look at the View / Manager source code.
      I have not yet seen the screenshot manager source code,
      Thank you for your suggestion

      Ian KD8CEC

  2. Hi Ian,
    I tested s21-gain, but it is not accurate.
    I can go down to 80 dB, but 60dB says 50 dB. The more attenuation, the more difference.

    I have 10nF between S2, maybe need rc combination?

    I also have many times that OK button does not work, only after a few times it is activated.
    Any ideas?

    73 Kees PA5CW

    1. Kees

      Unfortunately, can not guarantee precision below -40dB. I tested it by adding -50dB Calibration earlier on for Improve accurate.
      I tried to apply the interpolation method according to the log scale and the calibration after conversion to dB, but it did not have much effect.
      (Now we only perform 0dB calibration)

      I do not have a DC Blocker (your 10nF Capacitor), but I can not measure below -50dB too.

      I'll expand the touch range of OK Button.
      thank for your feedback,

      Ian KD8CEC

  3. Ujjwal
    I think it will be difficult to press, small lines. We must bear this in mind

    1. LY2BOK.
      My fingers are thick, so I need more mind. lol

      Ian KD8CEC

  4. >> Ujjwal
    What do you think of the proposal to add three input fields to a saved snapshot once it has been displayed:
    "next", "previous" and (already exists) "Exit"? So you non't need to go back.

    For more convenient entry of filenames (for snapshots) one could e.g. keep the first five characters of the last saved file name, and the last three, if there are numbers, will automatically increment. What do you all mean?

  5. Hi Ian, I have a small bug report: In single frequency measurement, when I set the frequency to 125 kHz (="0000.125 MHz"), it is incorrectly displayed as "F: 125 MHz", instead of "F: 125 kHz".

    Do you have an issue tracker somewhere?

    1. Thank you for feedback.
      i added this issue to todo list

      Ian KD8CEC

  6. Hi Ian,
    I think, by mistake, the link you put for ver. 0.4 is connected to ver. 0.35 on Apr 1, 2019
    Mirek SP5UAM

    1. Mirek.
      Yes. Corrected invalid link. Thank you.
      (copy from Version 0.4 page)

      Ian KD8CEC

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