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Release EU1KY AA Firmware CEC Version 0.53

Release EU1KY AA Firmware CEC Version 0.53 

This version is a development version and may be unstable, and some of the features included in this version may be removed from V1.0, Stabilized version V0.40 has been released, and stabilized version is posted separately.

1. Added or improved in V0.53

  Please see the link below for revisions and improvements until Version 0.40
  (Do not download the firmware from the above page. old version)

  Please see the link below for revisions and improvements until Version 0.34
  (Do not download the firmware from the above page. old version)

  Please see the link below for revisions and improvements until Version 0.21
  (Do not download the firmware from the above page. old version)

1.1 Audio DSP function added

This is an Audio DSP that uses a microphone attached to the STM32F746 board.

It is a function to filter the sound frequency range coming from the radio.

Band Pass Filter (50Hz, 100Hz, 150Hz)

User Filter (Variable Bandwidth)

Please refer to LInk below for how to use 'Audio DSP'

1.2 The frequency of WSPR has been expanded.
At the request of the tester, 630M, 2190M, 4m, 2m have been added.
Please use WSPR only for added band. (630, 2190, 4, 2)
In the added band, only WSPR works normally.

In the 2m band, the Si5351 clock must be stable. I recommend using 27Mhz TCXO for wspr on 2m.
You can use any oscillator in any band except 2m.

Videos related to WSPR will be posted soon.

1.3 I have changed the GUI of 'Single Frequency' and 'Tune SWR'

Single Frequency

Tune SWR

1.4 I changed the GUI of S21-Gain to increase the size of the Auto button.

1.5 Other minor updates
  - Apply default settings to users who are new to WSPR
  - Fixed an issue where fonts would go out of range in the LCR meter.

video of brief introduction to Version 5.0.

My development board configuration values and calibration test

2. Download Firmware

3. Conclusion
I would appreciate it if you test and give feedback.
If there is no problem after 1 week ~ 2 weeks test, version name will be changed to stable version.

If you want a stable version, please use the link below. 
stabilized version :

The current stable version is V0.40.

Thank you for your test.


  1. Hi Ian.
    another "green tail" artifact that I noticed. most likely it does not depend on the firmware version. most likely this is one of the "childhood illness" of the device that has not yet been corrected.

  2. Where is the "green tail"? In the Smith chart? That's normal. It's not a single frequency but a sweep + -500 kHz.

    1. But this is a single freq. mode... or is the frequency scanned in this mode?
      Can I set a constant frequency?

    2. Single Freq mode also scans nearby frequencies (+, - 500Khz).
      It is fixed in the program.
      This is shown in the Smith chart as well as in the small graph at the bottom left.

      Ian KD8CEC

    3. and there is no way to make a fixed frequency in this case?

      Vit. RT6M

    4. Vit
      Your opinion is a worthy consideration.

      Ian KD8CEC

  3. But I have new bad news. I found a failure of the Tune SWR indication. Need to restart to restore work.

    73! RT6M (Vit)

    1. Thank you for your work.
      it is not bad news, but good news for me.
      Thank you for finding a bug I can not find.

      I will fixed it on the next version.

      Ian KD8CEC

  4. I confirm this problem. No need to restart, just disconnect and connect the antenna. It is strange.

    1. Mirek

      Yes, Tune SWR to take action only when Changed SWR.
      I will change it , using time interval.

      Ian KD8CEC

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