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Released EU1KY Antenna Analyzer Version 0.34 (Stabilized version from V0.30)

Released EU1KY Antenna Analyzer Version 0.34 (Stabilized version from V0.30)

Stabilized version V0.35 has been released, and stabilized version is posted separately.
Please download the latest stable version from the link below.

The stable version will continue to be updated on the Link above.

Version 0.34 is a stabilized version that resolves the issue of memory interference.
If you are using Version 0.30 or Version 0.33, be sure to upgrade to Version 0.34.

1.About Version 0.34
I launched Versoin 0.30 a few days ago and it was a memory interference issue.
There was a problem with inter-memory interference, and we released version 0.33 with an urgent fix.

It was determined that the compiler was in the process of linking. I have some suspicions and applied suspicious parts to the source code, and all of the memory interferences are gone.

Version 0.34 has the same function as Version 0.30, so please refer to the link below for the function.

2.Full Test and Stored Calibration file test for Version 0.34
Before I deploy, we have taken the following video in order to do full testing.
(You do not have to watch this video. There is nothing new. It was just taken to make sure it was stable again)

Video for Calibration and save
(You do not have to watch this video. There is nothing new. It was just taken to make sure it was stable again)

3.Download Firmware File
If you are using Version 0.30 or Version 0.33, please upgrade to 0.34.

Convert RXP (Application for Windows, I have not tested on linux, but if you install mono it is expected to be available in apple or linux too)



  1. Hi, Ian!
    Now it works fine! S21 now stable to about 80 MHz
    A slight flicker at the bottom of the screen when moving the cursor in sweep mode is present but not annoying
    When working with an external program, there is no screen flickering.
    Thanks for your work!

    73! RT6M

    1. RT6M

      Wow, Great!
      I used the keil compiler mainly, and this time I used the embitz compiler. I am glad to have a little more understanding of the embitz compiler.

      And you have a perfect test.
      All right, In Sweep mode, the blinking of the text when I moved the cursor was what I did. Refresh the overlapping part because the button text is hidden by the cursor text.

      Thank you for your testing

      Ian KD8CEC

    2. Hi, Ian!
      It would be interesting to try to add switching the output of the signal generator mode to the S21 port.

    3. Using the S2 port, we could increase the output a bit more.
      If so, this device would be a little more useful than the Antenna Analyzer.

      Ian KD8CEC

  2. Hi Ian,

    The main menu I like and would like to use in another program. I would like to ask the source.
    73, Janos HA8NJ

    1. Janos

      Thank you for your attention.
      Version 0.34 is currently working, so download version 0.21 below.
      If you need a menu in version 0.34, I'll put it up for you.

      Ian KD8CEC

  3. hello ian

    im tested your sw 0.34 and make completly calibration ,the files wich are write AA on sd card is no more readble on pc it will format it if im want see wats on sd card also my logo start pickture is owerwriten .

    1. S53E

      The SD card is frequently damaged in the STM32F746. In particular, if the power supply to the STM32F746 is unstable, it is often the case that the sector is lost.

      If I get a chance later, I will post an article about this.

      I recommend using the SD-Card Wipe tool. If you wipe your SD card, you will be able to reformat it.

      I have not yet modified the Read Write Library for the SD-Card, but I will try to find out if there is a better library.

      Ian KD8CEC

    2. S53E
      Can you tell me what devices are connected to the STM32F746 board?
      I think it will be a lot of help if you let me know what the power source is.

      Ian KD8CEC

    3. S53E

      I'm doing various tests now, testing the firmware from all versions of the eu1ky firmware, and looking at the fat related libraries.
      I'm also experimenting with the latest fat libraries, probably in version 0.36, which is stable with respect to the SD-Card.
      Can you test again when the 0.36 is released?

      Ian KD8CEC

  4. hello ian

    it also fail the hw calibratin if im save in menu after power on
    regards vojko

    1. S52E
      It's probably because your SD-Card is damaged.
      Because of you now, I think I have found the best way to use SD-Cards safely. Please wait a day or two. I will add SD-Card protection more stable than any other version.
      I'm adding a SD-card stress program to the firmware and I'm still simulating it, and I think I found a good way to write 100,000 OSL data.
      I will proceed with the test a bit more carefully and apply the best method.

      Thank you for giving me the results of various tests.
      I have studied a lot of FAT libraries and STM's HAL libraries thanks to you.
      And I had a very good study.

      Wait a few days.

      Ian KD8CEC

    2. Hi, Ian!
      I'm also waiting for the software update because encountered calibration save errors again.
      I noticed that the calibration is lost if the screen blinks at the moment of saving the calibration. It is necessary to catch the moment when it does not blink and then save :D

    3. I experimented with several SD-cards and peripherals. I found a conflict between the STM32F746 board and the fat Library.
      Maybe we can find a fairly secure way.
      I am experimenting with my STM32F746 board in the worst condition. (Many additional devices, equipped with devices that can interfere with communication)

      Please wait some days.
      Ian KD8CEC

  5. Hello from Greece - SV1BTA. Please let me ask you this: I have been in the MINI 1300 version 0.35 for 2 months now and as I saw on the RF frontend board there are no bridges in the H / W and Work positions. There is a short circuit in the Work contacts and I am really worried about whether this is right or not. As I've read in your instructions for proper calibration we have to switch to H / W and Work every time. Is that right or not in the end? Do I have to reset the bridges as shown in the instructions or not? Isn't it necessary for bridges in version 0.35? Please let me know what is wrong with me to make sure that the MINI 1300 is working properly.

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