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How to use Voice Keyer in EU1KY with CEC Firmware V0.7

How to use Voice Keyer in EU1KY with CEC Firmware V0.7

Version 0.7 is being prepared for deployment.
Voice Keyer (or Voice Recorder) function was added in Version 0.7.

If you only want to use it as a voice recorder, you do not need any modifications, Just need update the firmware.

If you want to use it as a Voice Keyer, you need a very simple modification.

1.Modifications for use as a voice keyer
1.1 PTT Control

Below is just one example.
Only the part with PC817 is shown below.

1.2 MIC Input
It uses a push switch to switch between microphone and AA.
It is recommended to pass a small transformer between the transceiver and the AA.

 Please use only one (Left or Right) because the speaker jack of AA is stereo.
Recording and playback will operate in stereo. You can use either the left or the right one for you.

2.How to use Voice Keyer

2.1 Use Voice recorder
Touch the 'Voice Keyer'
The 'USB Host' menu has been moved to the Configuration section.

The screen below is the Voice Keyer screen.

A: Display Window
B: Slot buttons
C: Volume adjust
D: Repeat enable and Repeat (rx time) adjust
E: Menu buttons

Select one of the Slot buttons on the right to select the Slot you will use.
Up to 14 slots can be used.

Touch the 'Record' button on the bottom right to record to the selected Slot.

When recording is completed, touch 'Stop' button.
The number of text in the Slot button changes as shown below. this is Play Time of the recorded file.
The display window shows the play time of the selected Slot.

To record to slot2, select the Slot2 button and touch the Record button. When recording is completed, touch 'Stop' button.

To play the recorded file, touch the 'Play' button.

To play the recorded file of another Slot, select Slot and press 'Play' button.

2.1 Use Voice Keyer
If you have recorded a 'CQ' Message, you can transfer it to your transceiver.
At this time, it must be modified for PTT control.

Select the Slot where your 'CQ' message is recorded.
Touch the 'PTT control' button to activate the 'PTT' function.

Touch the "Play" button. The 'CQ' message you recorded will be sent over the transceiver.

If you want to continue sending 'CQ' until the other station answers, touch the 'Repeat' button to activate the 'Repeat' function.

After 'Play', wait for 'Repeat Delay' time and resend.
The progress bar will move in gray color.

You can set the Repeat Delay Time (RX Time) to check the response of the other station.

Thanks for reading.



  1. No need Mic to record ?
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  2. May 17, Voice Keyer or Voice Recorder function was added in Version

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