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EU1KY AA Firmware stabilization version update (V0.53) and Test about Extended WSPR Band (4m, 2m, 630m, 2190m)

EU1KY AA Firmware stabilization version update (V0.53) and Test about Extended WSPR Band (4m, 2m, 630m, 2390m)

Since Version 0.53 did not cause major problems, I moved 0.53 to the stable version.
My next task is to free memory to add other features. Maybe it will be version 0.6 and it will not be released.
I will release the source to github after a few days of preparation after Version 0.7 is released.

1.Download stabilization version
Click below for more information on the stabilization version.

Version 0.53

How to create AA
(Information is constantly being updated)

2.Test about Extended WSPR Band
Four WSPR bands have been added in V0.5.
2190m (136Khz), 630m(474Khz), 4m(70Mhz), 2m (145Mhz)

Maybe your Si5351 chip will use a 27Mhz crystal. In such a case, the WSPR transmission may be unstable in the 2m band.
The larger the frequency, the greater the error in the crystal.
If a more stable oscillator such as TCXO is used, it is expected to be used stably in 2M band.

Please use WSPR only for the four bands added at this version.
All protocols are available on the other bands (160m ~ 6m)

2.1 Test WSPR on 2m band
In my case, I had to reduce 300Hz in 2m band to transmit at 1500Hz.
If you want to use WSPR in 2m band, please check if it is transmitted at 1500Hz before using it.
WSPR should be transmitted in the vicinity of 1500Hz.

Receiving used FT-817.

Test Video

2.2 WSPR Test on 2190m

2.3 WSPR Test on 630m

Test Video for 2190m, 630m

Thank you for reading



  1. WSPR is an excellent antenna analyzer supplement. I climb up on the roof, set up the antenna and use WSPR to test the directional features. Nothing else I need, just an internet smartphone.
    TCXO is a must for higher bands. Not every TCXO is good, some are jumping. I have excellent results with TCXO Abracon ASTX-H11-27 (purchased at Mouser).

    1. Thank you for important information for TCXO

      I would like to order one more STM32F746 board from the mouser for the next project (Ham tool kit). I will order the ASTX-H11-27 together.

      I like WSPR very much. Because I am in a fairly bad QTH, I have to adjust the condition of the antenna to the best.

      Ian KD8CEC

    2. I would see problems with the very small footprint (3.2 * 2.5 mm) of the ASTX.
      Better for me would be 5.0 * 3.2 mm, like FOX924B (also at Mouser).
      What about this TCXO?
      Wolfgang DH1AKF

  2. Hello Ian, first thank you for your work. In 0.53 i have found one error:
    If i enter frequency sweep an change between menue1 and 2 severall times ,
    the most right button show the text frequency or the letter d . After i changed between menue 1 and 2 a couple of times,
    the button text shows frequency , as it should be.

  3. P.S: above post --> ...after Startup ....

    1. I confirm, I have the same thing.


    2. DL5SFC
      Thank you for feedback.
      I will fix this in the next version. I am preparing to release version 0.7.

      Ian KD8CEC

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hello Ian,

    Another error I have found is the Generator AM and FM buttons do not work correctly. The device generates a clean carrier until the AM or FM button is pressed. The frequency then becomes very unstable and the device "locks up" for a few seconds.

    Feature request - is it possible to have the device generate RF in AM and FM with a modulated 1 KHz tone? I'm not sure this is possible with this hardware, but I thought I would ask :)

    1. VK3XPT

      Thank you for comment.
      I have not yet begun working on the 'RF Generator' feature.
      It is not a complete FM / AM modulation. Especially for AM, we will need one mixer circuit.

      A few months ago I made a library that controlled the Si5351 at high speed and I did some experiments with it.
      It was an experiment to make FM modulation with Si5351 only (without any additional circuit). It generates and transmits an FM signal with a simple melody, which is accompanied by quite a lot of noise.
      If I have tried several times and it is worth using, I will apply it to 'AA'.

      Ian KD8CEC

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