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Raspberry Pi Mod for Wsjtx-Portable

RPI Modification for Wsjtx-Portable

-Built-in sound card (usb type)
-Built-in GPS (usb type)
-Added power connector on the side

Note: Wstjx-Portable can be used without any modification. You do not have to do it my way. However, it is recommended to add Power connecter.

I have a few Raspberry Pi (2) to spare.

I used Raspberry Pi  when teaching embedded Linux to graduate students.
(If student had a problem with kernel while pratice, I could easily change the sdcard at any time.)

Anyway, I had several RPI2s that I do not use now and I wanted to make it a bit more Portable.
I want to move all the connectors to the left to make a case for Wsjtx-Portable

Disassemble the sound card.

I removed the USB connector to make space on the left.

Disassemble the USB type GPS. This is also simple.

GPS Rear

I have to put two on the empty space.

Connect the line to USB.
I used a shielded line, but I do not recommend it. It is too thick to be flexible.

Connected sound card

if you want to follow, please make GPS line longer. If you lengthen the wire, you can change the GPS position according to the situation.

RPI has built in sound card and GPS.

GPS should be able to do this.

If you cover the LCD, GPS is not visible.

You must be able to do this in order to receive satellite signals.

If all the cables are on the left side and only the power is on the top side, It seems to be difficult to make a case.

On the back of the RPI there is a point where you can connect the power line.

The wires I used were a bit thick so I had to widen the holes so I could pull it out.
The hole can be easily widened by turning it back several times with the screwdriver.

As with GPS, the wires are a bit short.

For Wsjtx-Portable we have made two ways of power supply.
First to USB to RPI Power connector for external battery connection

Use this. On the left side of the RPI is a flashlight external battery.
It can be used with devices such as the FT-817 with built-in battery.

Below is for general radio use. 3A DC to DC converter.

I made it up to here and found that I made a mistake.
You could combine the two jacks on the sound card into one.  Anyway, communication does not need stereo. I had already attached, so it was annoying to re-open.
In the next version, I want to try out Sound In, Sound Out, and Power as one jack.

The completed version of the test.

I easy can make a case because I collect all the connector in one side

Below is a test video of RPI modified for Wsjtx-Portable.

Thanks for reading

Ph.D Ian Lee


  1. Love it!! Great for outside qrp work.

    1. Yes. It is easy to make the case because all the external lines are located in one direction.

  2. How do you setup/enable the GPS (or is it in your downloadable 8GB image)?

  3. Hello Ian,
    How difficult would it be to have a StandAlone Si5351 Controller with inbuilt Si5351 + 5.5" Touch display and Raspberry Pi 0, I guess, we could replace the uBITX Raduino totally, with lots of features.

  4. What is the purpose of the 3A DC to DC converter? And how do you connect the modified RPI to the uBITX

    1. I'm guessing it is to buck the 12v used in the rest of the radio down to 5v to power the pi. I'm using two for my uBITX shack in a box. One to boost my 2s4p 18650 pack up to 13.8v and the other for a 5v rail.

      The rpi is connected through the soundcard to the mic and headphone jack as well as usb from the nano on the raduino.


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