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Using memory channels in uBITX (Storing / recalling frequencies / naming channels)

Using memory channels in uBITX
Storing / recalling frequencies / naming channels in uBITX

This function is supported in uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.0 or later.

At the bottom of this document is a video shot while creating the manual.

1.Storing Frequency and mode
  - Turn the dial to set the desired frequency.

 - Press the Function Key

- Turn the dial until 'VFO To Channel' Appears

- Press the function key
The channel will be visible.
If you are using this function for the first time, you will see an empty frequency like 'CH01:'.

- Rotate the DIAL until the desired channel appears.

- Press the Function key
'Saved Frequency' message appears and hide

- The current frequency has been saved with the mode you chose.

2.Naming Channel
  This feature is to give the channel a name.
  You can only use the Name tag from channel 1 to channel 10.

- Execute uBITX Manager , Set Comport, baud, stopbit, data bit, parity and Press the Connect button

- Press the Read Button

- Press the Decode Button

- Scroll Down, You will see the User Channel Configuration section.

- You can check the frequency stored in # 1 above.

-Enter a name for each channel. (the channel you want)

- Check 'Name' Check Box.
  Only checked channels are displayed by name.

- Press the Encode Button

- Press the Write to uBITX Button

- The addresses that need to be saved are shown below.
  Press the Write Button


-Press the Close button

the channel was given the name you defined.

3.Load Frequency with mode
- Press the Function Key

- Turn the dial until 'Channel to VFO?' Appears

-Press the Function Key
You will see the name, not the channel number.

-Channels without a name tag are channel number appears.

- Select the channel to load with VFO.

- Press the Function Key
The channel frequency will be loaded into the VFO.

Click on the link below to watch videos related to channel control.


  1. How many channels can you add? Even a few will be fine though.

  2. Replies
    1. Todop

      and 10 without names.
      Increasing the channel is not a problem.
      You only need to change the number to increase the channel. n order to use the eeprom efficiently, I decided to set it to about 20.

      Ian KD8CEC

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