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Ham radio deluxe configuration for uBITX

Use CEC version firmware 2.5 or later of uBITX.
The following examples are based on version 0.27.
We will post the 0.27 version as the test ends.
All of the examples below only describe connections to uBITX.
Please refer to the manual or other documents for how to use the program.

Ham Radio Deluxe
 Download :

 After installing the program, connect the uBITX USB to the computer.

If you installed Ham radio deluxe for the first time, the following screen will appear automatically.

Make the following settings.
Company : Yaesu
Radio : FT-817
COM Port : COM13
Speed : 38400
Others : Uncheck

The following screen will appear and uBITX will be connected computer.

The frequency of uBITX will be displayed in HDR (Ham radio deluxe) as shown below.

Below is a picture of uBITX and HDR connected.

Try changing the band in uBITX.

Change VFO-A -> VFO-B in HDR

Did it change normally? uBITX will also change VFOA to VFOB.

Press the TX Button, then uBITX will change to TX Mode.

Press the TX Button agian, then uBITX will change to RX Mode.

UBITX with CEC Firmwre 0.25 or higher can be defaulted in HDR.
Let's change the setting of uBITX.

Change CW Delay
In HDR, change the CW Delay from 600 to 950.

uBITX will briefly disappear after a message that CW Delay has been changed for a while. checked with uBITX.

Change the CW tone
Change the CW Pitch to 650 in HDR.

checked with uBITX.
In HDR, however, the CW pitch is 50 units.
If you want to make fine adjustments, use the CW Sidetone beside it.

Adjust CW speed
Change the CW speed to 20.

Check the CW Speed.

Other functions such as mode change are supported.
I wanted to display 10W, but the maximum output display on the protocol is 5W, so it is displayed as 5W. Your uBITX output is fixed 10W.

Press the PTT or CW key to see what information is coming in.

Send and receive information related to the transmission reception status as shown below. However, uBITX, which has no modifications, just shows up as blank because the signal is unknown. Instead, you can know the TX and RX status.


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How to upgrade uBITX Firmware

uBITX is based on Arduino Nano. So uBITX's firmware upgrade method is the same as Arduino.
There are two ways to upgrade the firmware of uBITX.

The first is to compile the source from the Arduino IDE, and the second is to upload the compiled hex file using the Firmware Upgrade Tool.

I'll show you how to upload a compiled hex file as a second method.

1.Connect the uBITX's USB cable to the computer.

2.Run Device Manager on your computer.
  The way to open the Device Manager for each OS Version differs slightly.
  In most Windows, you can easily launch the Device Manager by running.

  On your computer, press the Windows key + R.

 Type devmgmt.msc and press OK Button.

On most operating systems, there will be a serial port named Ports with CH340. If so, the next step is skipped.

If the serial port is not installed as below, you need to install the driver.

Included in uBITX is the Adonano, which uses the CH340 USB To UART part.

Download the latest CH340 driver from the Internet.

uBITX (HF Transceiver for HAM) arrives and Assemble - (Assemble uBITX)

UBITX ordered a week ago arrived via DHL.
UBITX is simple HF Transceiver for Amatuer radio, but it have all mode and all band functions.

The uBITX main board and parts have been safely contained in plastic box.

Parts List

All parts were shipped correctly.

uBITX is pre-assembled with most parts as SMD.

Make the power Connect.

Connect the encoder to the cable.

Connect the CW Key Connector (Straight) to the cable. If you use CW Paddle, use a different resistor value.

pull-up by connecting the resistance value to the + line as shown below.

I finally connected most of the small parts.

Connect LCD and supply power.

It works perfectly with parts connection for about 30 minutes ~ 1 hour.

How to use uBITX Manager for original source code

This is a guide for uBITX's original firmware (or source code) users to use uBITX memory manager.
Unfortunately, the original source can not be used as it is.

If you use my firmware (CEC Version) that I distribute today, do not read this article. This is because CAT communication as well as memory control is fully implemented.

Again, this article is for those who are using the original source code.

You can use uBITX Manager by adding a few lines to the original source code.

You can choose one of 3 ways.
1. Adding Protocols to the Original Firmware
1.1 It's the easiest way.
  Click the link below to download the firmware. And you can update.

  How to update the firmware can be seen by clicking the link below.

  The compiled firmware is only a protocol that allows memory access to the original source.
You can recover to the original at any time as instr…