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1.FAA-450 Antenna Analyzer (EU1KY) Introduction

1.FAA-450 Antenna Analyzer (EU1KY) Introduction

I recently received a RF board. It is in the form of a docking board on the STM32F746 Discovery board.
When you connect the RF board and the STM32F746 Discovery board, they operate as a very good antenna analyzer.

5.Principle of Antenna Analyzer
6.Antenna Analyzer Firmware Improvement

As well as a general antenna analyzer, it is possible to measure the phase so that the characteristics of the antenna can be easily grasped.

 I accidentally used this antenna analyzer, but it was incredible. So I decided to analyze this antenna analyzer a little bit more and improve its functions.

0.It will be posted in the following order.
Antenna Analyzer (EU1KY) Introduction -> Upload firmware to Antenna Analyzer -> Firmware improvements ... more and more -> Exit when all desired functions have been added

1.About EU1KY's Antenna Analyzer
Below is the main homepage of EU1KY which made this antenna analyzer.

You can see the introduction and source code of Antenna Analyzer on the homepage.

2.Where to buy the FAA-450 Antenna Analyzer (full version)

You can purchase items with various options.

3.Another purchase site #1 (full version)
Aliexpress or E-Bay (Search Keyword :  antenna analyzer mini-600)

I have not used the Mini-600 yet. However, the internal structure is considered to be the same as the antenna analyzer of EU1KY.

4.Create your own antenna analyzer

STM32F746 : or
Search Keyword : STM32F746G-DISCO

RF Board for Antenna Analyzer : or ebay

Search Keyword on E-Bay : eu1ky

5.Firmware for Antenna Analyzer (EU1KY)

5.1 DH1AKF's source code (modified eu1ky code)

The following post will show how to update the FAA-450's firmware and how to use it.


  1. Dr. Ian - just what I was thinking about. Searching for a SI5153 based swr device. Have ordered the 2 boards and will follow your developments closely.

    BTW followed all your enhancements to ubix with Nextion screen. Now an amazing little transceiver and aim to get it on the digital modes.

    Congratulations and thankyou this amazing development.

  2. Larry
    Thank you for your interest.
    The EU1KY Antenna Analyzer already works well with eu1ky's firmware and dh1afk's firmware.
    I'm going to add a little more functionality there.

    Ian, KD8CEC

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. In my opinion, it is very risky to lead an output of the SI5351 directly to the outside. Destruction or damage to the circuit is very easily possible. It would be safe to first use a voltage divider (2 resistors), and then go to 50 ohms coax. For vector measurements there I dont't see a possibility to get the phase information of Output 2.
    73's Wolfgang, DH1AKF

    1. Thanks you very much for your comment.
      I started working on seeing your wonderful work.
      Your opinion is correct. There is no way to measure the phase for Out2. Additional circuitry will be required to measure the phase.

      The primary goal now is to implement the Tracking scope function.
      (Features in the Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking RF Signal)

      I am not considering the phase in Tracking mode at this time, but I plan to make a circuit if I have a user who needs it.

      I will reflect your opinion in the second version.
      I always ask for a good opinion.

      Once again thank you for your excellent work.

      Ian KD8CEC

  5. Is it possible to replace the STM32F746 with the Raspberry Pi 0 board. Easily available , although not sure of its difference with the original board.

    1. It seems possible. But it seems that it will take time to convert LCD control to GTK. We also need to consider the time required to boot Linux.
      If it does, it may be the Ham toolkit, not the Antenna Analyzer Because we can put all the tools of Linux.

    2. I recommend this board for newer designs: STM32MP157C-DK2

  6. Good work, Ian, and thank you Wolfgang

  7. Hi Ian,
    I have the AliExpress version of the Antenna Analyzer, the
    Mini-600. Can this be upgraded to your firmware? If yes, can you point me to the
    link as to how to do the upgrade please. Thanks

  8. Hi to all,
    I want to supply the DISCO board with a battery, I don't understand where to connect it and if the DISCO have onboard charging circuit . thank you

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