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Release CEC Firmware v1.121 for uBITX V5

Release CEC Firmware v1.121 for uBITX V5

I did some experiments with the help of a beta tester with V5. he experiment was mainly to pass the modified filter. You can see videos related to the experiment below.
(The firmware download link is at the bottom of this post)

1.Testing CEC Firwmare v1.120 for uBITX v5
It is the video that some experimental firmware is changed and operated in order.

Below is the spectrum of MP3 extracted from the above image.
You can also boost the reception of your Spectrum app on your cell phone. (Using IF Shift function)

I have found that the above spectrum can improve performance a little more.

2.Change filter for V5
I changed one of the boards used for the experiment to V5.

11.052 X-tal and 68p Capacitor

Remove existing parts

Replace with new IF filter

2.Testing CEC Firwmare v1.121 (New Firmware)  for uBITX v5
(The firmware download link is at the bottom of this post)
After changing the filter for V5, verify the performance with the instrument.

Generated a signal of 7.2Mhz at -45dB. The signal passes through the uBITX filter and is converted to speech and then back into the instrument.

Upload the experiment video below. You can check it conveniently in the video.

Stock firmware

CEC V1.121

Stock firmware

CEC V1.121

Test Video

3.Firmware Download Link
Firmware CEC v1.121 for uBITX V5

I will release it as a major version if the problem does not occur with this firmware.

V3, V4 users do not need to upload this firmware. This firmware has been modified so that the existing V3 and V4 can be applied to V5.

After the beta version is finished, V3, V4, and V5 will be managed from one source as before.

This has been improved through limited experimentation. Maybe you can not feel it big. So I recommend the IF-Shift function.
When you look at the spectrum with your cell phone, you can feel where your uBITX passes through the filter.
Below is the first post I added to uBITX with the IF-Shift function with the advice of my great friend a year ago.

Thanks for reading



  1. Dr. Ian, This is fantastic thank you so much. I am having issues getting my 7" Enhanced Nextion to communicate with the radio. Does a new firmware need to be developed for the nextion hardware or should that remain unchanged? My display was flashed with the latest 1.092+ download TFT file. I recompiled it for my enhanced display and it flashed OK. Thank you for your hard work.

    1. I do not know exactly because I do not have 7 ", but I think if you change the ID, you can use uBITX without changing the firmware.

      Let me write some Check List.
      1.Which version of uBITX firmware did you upload? For Nextion LCD, you must upload firmware that ends in _NX.hex or _NXS.hex.

      2.Did you buy a new Nextion LCD? Or was it used for other purposes? The default communication speed of Nextion LCD is 9600. Sometimes the LCD used for other purposes may change speed.
      Put a line of baud = 9600 at the top of the preinitialize Event on the px page, and the speed will change to 9600.

      Ian KD8CEC

    2. Ian,

      This was a brand new sealed in the box Nextion LCD. I will recompile it with that line in the code and try first thing in the morning.

      I am using your latest build from the URL on this post with the NX extension on my ubitx v5 which arrived today.

      Thank you for the reply.

    3. Dr. Ian,

      I am writing to follow up that adding the line 'bauds=9600' (no quotes) to the preinitialization section did resolve my issue. The 7" Enhanced Nextion Resistive display is confirmed working with your v1.121 fimware on the uBitx v5.

      Thank you!!!

  2. Dear Ian,
    I have just finished installing a Nextion Display on my V5 Bitx, with your latest firmware. Oddly enough, I can't access the Setup using the push button. Wen I press to access it, the software goes back to homepage, without displaying the options This is a shame as I need to adjust the BFO. Do you have any idea of what's going on?
    Thanks for all the great work!
    Pierre F4ARM

    1. Pierre
      What is the firmware name (***. Hex) and Nextion GUI file name (***. tft) uploaded?
      Did you need to adjust the BFO after loading the CEC firmware? If uBITX Memory Manager is available, please backup the uBITX configuration file and send it to me (.btx)

      Ian KD8CEC

  3. A follow up on my uBitx. Firmware version is UBITXV5_CEC_V1.122_NX.hex and the GUI is ubtix_35.tft V3. The BFO was already off before I uploaded your firmware, as far as I can tell. I have tried to connect with uBitx manager, but I can't seem to read anything from the transceievr and I keep getting an error message. I must admit I am a bit lost...

    1. I recommend that you first check whether the firmware was uploaded properly. Was the firmware uploaded normally? The firmware upload and uBITX Manager use the same serial port.

      CEC firmware supports most LCDs as well as Nextion LCDs. You can upload the firmware for the 16x02 LCD that was included when you purchased uBITX for testing.

      It does not modify any hardware of uBITX but uploads firmware only, so you can check if firmware upload is good.
      Ian KD8CEC

    2. Hi Ian,
      I finally managed to get everything working after reloading the firmware a couple of times. That is weird, but now, I have a fully functional uBitx.

      All the best!

  4. Hi Ian, I'm new to using Nextion displays. Do i need to load firmware into both the arduino board and the Nextion display to use your firmware with the Ubitx kit? What link will show me the complete procedure please? Thanks W3BUW

    1. W3BUW

      The uBITX CEC firmware supports most LCDs. Before using Nextion LCD, please try CEC firmware for 16x02 LCD first without H/W Modify.

      Please refer to the link below for how to install Nextion LCD in uBITX.

      Ian KD8CEC

  5. Ian,

    Is it a problem if I am not getting any results from an i2c scan in the BitxManager?

    1. Does uBITX's other functions work?
      Then it will not be a problem.
      i2c Scan is for users who have I2C LCD or DIY custom uBITX.

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  7. I got the rig all loaded with firmware CEC V1.122 with a 2.8 display and it works well. Except it is hard to figure out how to calibrate. Display is off 1800 as it was with the factory firmware. Have done lots of reading but everyone of the versions have a different calibration scheme it seems. Any advice greatly appreciated as it is a wonderful rig. I have made 7 contacts with it so far with lots of amazing reports.

  8. Dear Ian

    Many thanks for your hard work and fantastic software, I have assembled two uBitx
    (V3 & V4) and installed your software on both. Recently I have built a Bitx 40 for portable use is it possible to adapt your software for the Bitx. The reason I ask is that the latest version of the Bitx uses the same Raduino with 16 pin angled header as the uBitx so your software possible with an encoder would transform this radio.

    Regards Mike


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