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Test and explain for IF-Shift function of uBITX CEC Firmware

Test and explain for IF-Shift function (or called BFO Shift) of uBITX CEC Firmware
The following tests are due to be released soon uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.06. 

Since uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.0, IF-Shift function is supported.

There were various opinions.
 - it works normally in LSB, but it does not work well in USB.
 - IF-Shift is always used. Please keep configuration when uBITX power Reset.

All of the above issues have been resolved in the upcoming 1.06 release.
It was my wrong idea that USB did not work properly.
Fixed a bug where shifted carriers are sent at SSB TX.

If you choose to keep the IF-Shift setting in the uBITX Manger, IF-Shift will still be maintained even if uBITX is turned on and off.

In addition, there was good opinion of good senior OM from BITX20 Group.
I thought of some fun ideas in the comments. CEC Firmware In the next version, we will add functions applying them.

1. About IF-Shift function
It is a feature on most HF Transceiver. It is called by several names. uBITX Firmware CEC Version it is named IF-Shift. I used the 12Mhz filter section to remove ambient noise. Therefore, there is some opinion that the name IF-Shift is not appropriate. The 12Mhz filter is used to divide the LSB and USB of the SSB.

 If you want to change the name, please mail me. I am ready to change the name at any time.
 I am still learning. Most amateurs are older than me and have professional knowledge.
This is a feature that has been used for a long time by senior OM people. If you find a local senior and ask him, he will tell you better than me.
I have also received suggestions from OM that always give me advice.

First, let's look at the picture below.

The above figures are all the same frequency.
The above picture is taken with increasing value of IF-Shift.

If there is interfering noise next to the signal I want to hear, it is a function that smoothes reception by moving the passage area a little.

2.Test for BFO Shift function of uBITX CEC Firmware (on LSB)
I made a device that intentionally strong QRM, started it up, and tested it.
Describes how to avoid strong noise by using the IF-Shift function.

I used the Android app for the test video below. This is an excellent idea from the BITX group. You can also experiment with something similar to yours by installing the app on your phone. It's great because you can see what is good and bad by removing the noise by moving the passband.

3.Test for BFO Shift function of uBITX CEC Firmware (on USB)
IF-Shift is operating normally in USB.

This is the function to move the area passing through the filter like the above image.
I was glad to know this good mobile APP. It was so good to be able to see the filter performance of uBITX, and uBITX also seemed to prove to be a great device.


  1. Watts news in the new firmware version?
    Fantastic work Ian
    De in3fci

    1. Daniele

      I just released version 1.06.
      With the addition of WSPR, the clock control modules have been added together, resulting in longer test periods.

      Ian KD8CEC

  2. Thank you Ian, your IF shift helps me a lot, I get QRM/TONE on 14.150 and could not copy any QSO on it, with IF shift I can now comfortably copy.

    Thanks once again.
    Max VU2IIA

    1. Thank you for your feedback.
      If you are using Version 1.04, please upgrade to Version 1.06. IF Shift has been improved.
      If you are using Version 1.05, you do not need to upgrade to 1.06.
      I am very pleased with your feedback. I am so happy that the 12Mhz sharp filter is helpful.

      Ian KD8CEC

  3. Ian,
    Thank you for publishing these needed additions, changes and fixes. I have noticed a difference in power output in SSB when I shift between LSB and CWL on 40 meters. it seems like CWL gives greater power output. I haven't tried on other bands.
    Dan, W2DLC


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