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What's new with uBITX V5. #2 - LPF and other (Download Firmware CEC Beta for V5 )

What's new with uBITX V5 #2 -  LPF and other

UBITX Version 5 with improved  filter for spur has recently been released. I always appreciate Ashhar Farhan, who always makes great work.

Information on uBITX Version 5 can be found on the link below. and you can download to sourcecode with schematic

uBitx v5 Changes

What's new with uBITX V5 #1

At the end of this article is a link to download a CEC firmware test version.

1.Added 45 MHZ LPF

It is one of the major changes in V5.
It seems to pass the filter again after passing the 45Mhz filter and before mixing with CLK2. This will further enhance the 45Mhz filter.
Even if the harmonics are partially transmitted through 45Mhz, they will be reduced by LPF.

(Left : V3, V4,   Right : V5)

Below is a simulation of the upper filter.

2.2n3094s -> bfr93w


V5 has been changed so that it can be controlled more simply than V3.

below is source code of lpf control

Case 1 : (freq > 21000000) All Low
In any case, it is supposed to pass the last LPF.

In case V3, V4 (The three right LEDs are LPF Relay C, B, and A, respectively)

In case V3, V5

Case 2 : Frequency > 14 and Frequency < 21, FLA ON

In case V3, V4

In Case V5

Case 3 : Frequency > 7 and Frequency < 14, FLB ON

In case V3, V4

In Case V5

Case 4 : Frequency < 7, FLC ON

In case V3, V4

In Case V5

Video about LPF Section Test

4. TDA2822 (V3) -> TR (V4) -> LM386 (V5)

In the source code, changed the clock output from 2mA to 6mA and changed the initial value to the changed IF frequency at the time of calibration.

The link below is a firmware test version for uBITX V5, I did not test it myself, but it was tested by Olivier(SWL) who was the first beta tester.
This version used the LPF and frequency control method used in uBITX V5, So the transmit and receive capabilities are expected to be the same as the stock firmware of uBITX V5.
If you use the IF-Shift function, the receive performance will be slightly improved.

I have been experimenting a few times and maybe we could have uBITX V5 with slightly improved performance.

This experiment was first completed by Olivier (SWL), I will post the results of the first experiment within two days. CEC Firmware for V5 will be modified according to the results of the experiment.

I need more users to do beta testing

Wait for V5 users feedback.
Thanks for reading



  1. Hi Ian.
    Thanks for all the info on the V5 uBitx I have one on order, so looking forward to test it with you firmware update.
    Any chance of updating WSJT-X portable to version 2.00. As I was having fun using it but now no good.
    Many thanks for all your hard work.
    Philip G7JUR.

  2. Philip
    If V5 arrives, please test the firmware.
    Let's modify Wsjt-x portable to version 2.0 soon.
    Thank you for always beta testing
    Ian KD8CEC

    1. Ian.
      I will test it as soon as it arrives.
      A updated Wsjt-x version Image to load into a Pi would be nice. Looking for ward to that.

  3. Hi ian,
    first thank yu fr all this work;
    i got a v5 board,it , works fine;if shift is very effective,but is it right to set corrction beyond 1000 to get a pleasant modulation?
    Then i could not compile ubitx_v5.1, i got a error in 397 "si5351bx_setfreq' was not declared in this scope", so i used a .hex file .
    Finally,is it necessary to install a mod to work the s meter ?

    Sorry, i have difficulties with english..

    Bests regards

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