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Standalone Signal Analyzer (I2C Type Signal-Meter) for uBITX #2 - Nextion LCD

Standalone Signal Analyzer (I2C Type Signal-Meter) for uBITX #2 - Nextion LCD
Used in the same way as Character LCD, Additional features are provided when used with Nextion LCD

2.For Nextion LCD
3.Nextion LCD Advanced
1.Upload Firmware to I2C Signal Meter

2.Connect Signal Sensor to uBItX

The basic connection method is the same as the Character LCD

3.uBITX's firmware update

use 'UBITX_CEC_Vxxxx_NX_S.hex'

You only need to check S.Meter in uBITX Manager.
If the ADC Level entry is 0, enter 1 because an error occurs. For I2C S-Meter, do not use Level value.

The operation is the same as the existing LM386, LM358 type Signal Meter Sensor.


Band Scan

4.Connecting by Standalone measurement
This is the way uBITX does not measure the signal, If you use this method, you will be able to make various measurements without affecting uBITX.

4.1 Setting uBITX Manager
Set the S-Meter to not use in uBITX, We will no longer measure the S-Meter in uBITX.

4.2 Reboot uBITX.
Obviously the S-Meter will not appear, Do not worry. It is perfect.
The S-Meter will not operate but the Spectrum and Band Scan will operate normally.

4.3 Connecting Signal Analyzer as a Standalone

Cut the yellow line of the Nextion LCD.
You cut wires from uBITX to Nextion LCD. (It is yellow).

Connect the yellow wire connected to uBITX to 'RX' of Signal Sensor

Connect the yellow wire connected to Nextion LCD to D9 of Sinal Sensor

Now the signal is relayed by the I2C signal sensor
The protocol is monitored by the signal sensor and can be operated according to 'TX' and 'RX'


Does it work? There will be no big difference.
The S-Meter will not be displayed yet.

Text mode also works normally. Everything is fully installed

5. Sensor settings

Touch the 'CW Information Pannel'

In CEC Firmware Version 1.097, 'DSP.1' menu has been added.
Touch the 'DSP.1' Button

The following screen is the 'DSP.1' screen.
Select 'Using DSP Signal-Meter' at the top of the screen.

Touch the 'Apply' Button

Signal Meter will now be displayed. Probably the measurement time will be faster than uBITX measures. Of course, if you modify the source, it will be possible in real time.


  1. Ordered a new Arduino last week, should be here today or sometime this week. I will be ready to do the modification once you have released the files. Great work Ian!!! I have the resistors and I do have the capacitor for this modification. Thanks a million for your work on these firmware upgrades and these modification.

    73 Juddie WD8WV

    1. Juddie
      I will be ready to deploy firmware soon.
      I have to finish the deployment before your firmware arrives. lol

      Ian KD8CEC

  2. OM ian,
    Could you please be more exact?
    Me and a couple of friends would like to use the second Arduino Nano as S-meter sensor, but
    unfortunately it is quite messy to understand if we SHOULD put an X into the box "use s-meter" or not?????
    If I press "encode" the Ubitx Manager says "you have to enter a value" Where?

    More text, less photos, THANK YOU.


  3. Hi, Ian
    Just wanted to pass on my congrats for an extremely well done evolution of the uBitx. I Have use the last few beta versions and just completed the 1.097 version with the Nexion 3.2. Love the display and the functions work just as your video displays.

    Just finished a qso to northern NJ on 40m and to a nearby town - about 30 miles on 75m. I am amazed that these 3 processors communicate. Now I want to look at the code with view to understanding it.
    73 VA3WL, Burlington, ON

  4. works perfect!
    maybe you also can use it as an DSP filter?
    Kees PA5CW

  5. Dear KD8CEC,
    This is DS4HDW in South Korea.
    Thank you for your great works. However, I got a problem with this mode.
    My frequency setting locked up at 7.15000 when I connected a new arduino nano.
    Also, when I push PTT button or Morse Key, I could hear click and the morse tones but
    "RX" on my nextion screen didn't change to "TX".
    I rewired the I2C arduino nano with the new resistors and condenser and tried
    again. However, I had same result.
    Could you please inform me which parts I must check?
    DS4HDW from South Korea.

  6. I'm confused do I have to load an I2C firmware and then the 'UBITX_CEC_Vxxxx_NX_S.hex' file for the Nextion? If so where do we find the I2C firmware? I couldn't find it. So I just loaded the second file.

  7. Hi Ian!

    I'm adding a 6 meter ukranian transverter to the ubitx.
    Is it possible to create a button to switch
    the transverter relay? I don't have the Nextion display yet but it's coming soon.
    Watching your Nextion videos I noticed a 50 mhz button in the band selection menu.
    what is that for? Is it possible to change the 28 mhz IF frequency to the actual frequency on the transverter?

    Thank you


  8. Hi Ian can you help. Everything is plugged in but I get no menu when I push dial and frequency does not change on dial when I tune. When I unplug from rx and d9 with power to arduino, it works as far as dial. I also cannot make changes in ubitx manager.


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