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Setting CW options in uBITX with Nextion LCD (Version 1.097)

Setting CW options in uBITX with Nextion LCD (Version 1.097)

This document is intended to explain before you deploy 'CEC Firmware Version 1.097'
CEC Firmware Version 1.097 will be released within one week.

1.CW Options settings in Nextion LCD
Added the ability to set CW Options at GUI by user's request.
Of course, CW options can be set in the same way as Character LCD. We call it Text mode.  However, we added the CW option setting function in Version 1.097 so that it is more convenient in the GUI and can be quickly changed during CW operation.

Below are the menus for changing CW options in the same way as the Character LCD. If you are more familiar with this method, you can use this method as is.

Push the Function Switch

CW Speed Menu

CW Side tone Menu

CW Delay time Menu

CW Start Delay (for external device such as Linear or Band selector) Menu

CW Key type Menu

Example of Select Key Type

2. How to Set CW Options in the GUI #1
This method replaces the method used in the existing Character LCD.
(CEC Firmware Version 1.097 or later, GUI Version 3 or later)

Touch CW Information Panel to switch to Main Control screen

Version 1.097 added 'CW SETUP' menu.
Touch the 'CW SETUP' Button

This is the 'CW SETUP' screen.

Below is the change of CW Key to Straight.
After completing the settings, touch the 'Save & Reboot' button.

You can see the change in the CW information panel on the bottom left.

CW Speed, Side Tone, Delay can be set. This setting is stored in EEProm, so the settings you changed will be retained even if uBITX is rebooted.

3. How to Set CW Options in the GUI #2
This is a quick way to change during CW operations

A new button has been added to the lower right corner of the main screen.
Touch the button to display the CW configuration change menu.
If you touch the button again, return to the ATT, IFS menu.

You will see a button that allows you to change CW Speed and Key type immediately.

Touch Morse Key ICON to change to 'Straight', 'IAMBICA', 'IAMBICB' order. Changes made here are not stored in memory.
During CW operation, you can easily increase or decrease the speed according to the speed of the other person.

Below is a reboot screen. The Key Type setting has been restored.

There is an example in the video below.



  1. You are doing a great job !!!!! ........... I see DSP.1 ??? :)

    73 de SV9CVJ

  2. This is what I have been waiting for!! Great job Ian!! Looking forward to the new firmware and tft file for the Nextion 2.8 display!!

    Juddie WD8WV

  3. Many thanks for your great work!! Uwe, DF4WM

  4. When will v1.097 be available?
    I want to use it soon.

    1. Thanks for using cec firmware.
      Version 1.097 was just released.

  5. Hello Ian,

    Looking forward to v1.097 and many many thanks for all your amazing efforts so far! One thing I did notice in v1.095 is that if "Lock" is selected then, once the screen saver starts, it's not possible to touch the screen or turn the rotary encoder to bring the display back again. It's not a real issue but I thought you might like to know.

    All the very best,

    Martin - G4FKK

    1. Martin

      Thanks for Important information.
      Oh, that's a problem I did not think of.

      Ian KD8CEC

  6. Thank you so much Ian for your instruction.
    Do you know how to rotate screen 180 degrees?
    I cut square hole on my metal case to opposite direction because of I misunderstood the orientation of nextion 3.2 screen.

    1. I am sorry for that I did not introduce myself.
      I am a Korean ham operator, DS4HDW.

  7. Hello Ian , many thanks for your great work ! Me and my friend Paul PA3ATT-DL6KBC are using an uBITX transceiver version 4, together with either a 3.5” Nextion or a 7” Nextion display .
    With the 3.5” Nextion we did not see any problem so far. After 2 weeks testing we both encountered the same problem with each 7” Nextion display,.
    We cannot select any other tuning step than 100 Hz, whereas the 3.5” display allows us to select 1000, 500, 100 , 50 or 10 Hz steps.
    We re-loaded the software uBitx Firmware CEC version again and cannot see any change, still only 100 Hz-tuning steps.
    Has anybody encountered the same or a similar problem ? 73, Wolfgang, PA3AEH

  8. Tune-Step select on 7" display works with setup using Function Switch but not on Touch Screen, 73, Wolfgang


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