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How to use Multi Nextion LCD (TJC LCD) with uBITX

How to use Multi Nextion LCD (TJC LCD) with uBITX

This document is intended to illustrate some of the features added in CEC Firmware Version 1.095,  Version 1.095 has been released. (
Several features have been added in Version 1.095, Most of the improvements will be covered in the deployment article.

1.Multi Nextion LCD (include TJC LCD)
The Nextion LCD protocol for HF transceivers (uBItX) is screen-independent, so multiple LCDs can be used together.

LCDs can be designed differently. 
One can be used for mains and one for frequency input.
You can download and install the desired LCD firmware to customize your own rig.
Related videos are attached at the end of this document.

2. How to Install Multi LCD
Simply connect in parallel. Install the heat sink etc. considering the amount of current consumed on the LCD.

In the following article, I show the current consumption and saving method for each LCD. 

I used soldering two parallel pins in parallel for the experiment.

You must make the length of the wire short. 

If you use one LCD a little farther, you can connect it as shown below. The cables must be shielded communication cables.

I have not been able to experiment yet, but the application is possible as follows.
# M1 and # M2 may be various communication modules. If a UART is a supported communication module, it is probably most likely to be usable.

You can use RS485, RS232, Bluetooth, Wifi, Zigbee, CAN for car. This is something we should try together.

3.How to use
It is the same as when it is one. 
The following shows TJC LCD 2.8 "and Nextion LCD 2.4".

I think there will probably be a variety of GUIs. You can install your favorite GUI for each LCD. It will work even if you upload different GUI firmware for each LCD.

The operation of the LCD is immediately transferred to the other LCD.
Below is the movement of the IFS.

Related videos are attached at the end of this document.

The behavior of all LCDs affects other LCDs. Do not connect the TX line when there is a problem such as noise, the length of the wire, or if you want to use only one LCD for display.

In the following, one screen is switched to Main VFO and one is switched to Frequency input mode.

If you change the frequency in the frequency input window on the left, you can see that the Main VFO on the right side is also changed at the same time.

4.Control other devices
I implemented one protocol to communicate between the devices connected in parallel to the UART.
I used this protocol to control other LCDs. 

Touch the 'CW Infomation' Panel

Touch the 'LCD Setting'

Touch the 'Other LCD Off' -> The other LCD screen will turn off.

Touch the 'Other On'

The other LCD screen will turn on.

It operates in the same way even if commands are given from other LCDs.

In addition to the Multi Nextion LCD, the following video shows some of the features added in Version 1.095.

Thanks for reading


  1. Great Ian absolutly fantastic work I have orded my second nextion for the second micro a 4,3 , have you considerate a memory menu
    I use stand by screen saver I have tested and work fine but if a press function button wen display in blank the display don't turn on and I nedd power off and on
    Is fantastic tour work for this little radio tnx very much
    Ciao de in3fci Dani

    1. Daniele

      I've covered everything you talked about in this version. Please try Version 1.095.

      Ian KD8CEC

  2. Sorry Ian ... Fantastic work for this little radio


    1. Daniele
      Thank you for feedback and suggestion
      You can exit the screen save mode by touching the screen or turning the dial.
      However, when you touch the screen, you will move to another menu. in Version 1.095, fixed this problem, when touched screed in screen saver mode, just it will be awake the screen without change other screen.
      And I am trying to put a memory channel in Version 1.095.
      (of course, we can using feather of memory channel in text mode now)

      Thank you

      Ian KD8CEC

  3. Dear Ian, I still would like to find the Nextion files, well hidden somewhere. Please provide a link, thank you.

    Kai oh3we

    1. Kai
      Thank you for your interresting

      You can download Version 1.094 (below link click)

      However, I am preparing to deploy Version 1.095 now. Version 1.095 will be released in a day or two.
      Ian KD8CEC


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