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uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.094Beta Release(Include Nextion, TJC GUI Firmware)

uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.094Beta  Release
(Include  Nextion LCD and TJC LCD GUI Firmware)

uBITX firmware CEC Version is based on uBITX which has not modified anything. Prior to deployment, the 16x02 LCD with built-in is tested first. Nextion LCD, TJC LCD, 20x04 LCD and I2C LCD are not essential for using uBITX Firmware CEC version.
This version is not significantly different from version 1.08. Nextion LCD and TJC LCD is added to 1.09x version

1.Installation and Introduction
Version 1.095 has been released.

The link below contains installation instructions and basic usage, so this post will briefly explain the changes.

In addition, the video below shows the features added in this version.
This video was once again linked to the bottom of this document. You do not have to watching twice.

2.uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.094 and Nextion, TJC LCD GUI File Download

Precompiled .HEX files

Nextion LCD GUI Files (include gui sourcefile (.hmi), precompiled (.tft))
Officaial Support 2.4", 2.8", but include 3.2, 3.5 for test (just converted from 2.8")
I have added 2.4".TFT files and uploaded again. If you are using 2.4", download again.

TJC LCD GUI Files (include gui sourcefile (.hmi), precompiled (.tft))
Officaial Support 2.4", 2.8", but include 3.2, 3.5 for test (just converted from 2.8")

Nextion LCD GUI Template file for Developer, The Template file is a blank screen that only communicates with uBITX.

Since uBITX firmware source files will continue to change, we will push to github when the beta period ends.

3.What is different from Link below

Please refer to the above link for installation method and introduction. Please read it first.

3.1 Support TJC LCD
I bought it because it was Nextion LCD, but another box was shipped as below.

(Left : TJC, Right : Nextion)

Since the protocols are the same, you only need to use GUI for TJC.

You will download the following files.
If you have Nextion LCD, use
If you have TJC LCD, use

I was pretty tough to convert to TJC. This is because the TJC development tool is in Chinese. If you are not proficient in Chinese, I strongly recommend Nextion LCD.

This document uses TJC LCD. The functions implemented in TJC LCD GUI and Nextion LCD GUI are the same. I always recommend the cheapest ones. I purchased TJC LCD 2.8 ", including shipping, for about $ 1, But as I said above, TJC LCD is not good for development. (Because the development tool is Chinese), It is recommended for applications that are not used for development.
Nextion LCD is highly recommended for use in development.

3.2 Instant reaction of ATT and IF-Shift
In previous versions, it was reflected when ATT's Slide was moved and released, It was hard to find the exact ATT value.
Version 1.094 applies ATT immediately when you move your finger.

IF-Shift is similar to ATT above.
When you move your finger, the IF-Shift value is applied immediately.

3.3 IF-Shift Related
Fixed a bug that changed Visible property of IFS when moving page.
The range of values has been reduced. 
I know that most users who use IF Shift have a range of values from -1500 to +1500, so I've narrowed the range of values.
changed the value change to 10 units. This will reduce touch malfunctions

3.4 Add Control Menu Page
Touch the CW information panel(In the figure below, the red circle) to display the Control Menu.

Tou the CW information panel

3.5 ADC Monitoring
To improve the CW Key or to mount an External Switch, we measure the value, Of course, it can be measured conveniently in uBITX Manager.

If you are using Nextion LCD and TJC LCD, you can check it directly.
Touch the 'ADC Monitoring' in Control Menu

Touch the 'Start'

When ADC monitoring starts, the status indicator changes to red.
The graph is displayed as the 4-channel ADC is being measured.

I pressed the PTT for testing, The value of A3 to which PTT is connected is changed and displayed on the graph.

Release the PTT switch.

Touch the 'End' (Is the word 'Stop' more appropriate?)
The 'Home' button does not work in the ADC measurement state anyway. Be sure to complete the ADC measurement and touch the Home button.

3.6 Read & Backup uBITX
Touch the 'Read uBITX Config' in Control Menu

Touch the 'Read'
The LCD will read the uBITX EEProm data and display it on the screen.

Touch the 'QR' Backup
The following screen will appear.
Please read the QR code on your cell phone.
When you search for QR codes in the App Store, you have a variety of apps.
(QR code function is not made by me. Nextion LCD or TJC LCD built-in function)

If you read QR code, it will be displayed as below.
I'll talk about what happened next, in the next post.
(Your uBITX configuration information has been backed up to the server, but uBITX Manager has not yet been modified)

3.7 LCD Setting
You can set the brightness of the LCD and turn off the backlight automatically (Screen saver)
Touch the 'LCD Setting in Control Menu

Try moving the Slide Bar above.
The screen brightness will change.

Turn the power of the uBITX off and on again after making a dark change.
The Current Backlight setting is reset when the power is turned on and off.

Try changing the Stored Backlight.

Turn the power of the uBITX off and on again after making a dark change.
'Stored backlight' the set value even when the power is turned off and on again.

If you watched the video above, did you feel the noise?
There is no noise at 100% and 0% of backlight, but other noise occurs. Maybe this can be solved through Shield.

Auto Backlight off is supported from Version 1.094

Backlight turns off when the frequency does not change for a specified period of time.

The default is that the LCD is always on. If the backlight is off, do not panic, move the frequency dial. It will turn itself on.

3.8 Spectrum - This is for just experimentation and testing (it's fun)
UBITX does not require modification when using CEC firmware. Just select the .Hex file according to the LCD you are using.
but, This function requires a Sensor for Signal Metor. Signal-Meter Sensors can be produced for less than about $ 1.
Most signal-meter sensors will only work if you lower the Capactor value.
I want to make the simplest S-Meter with the least expensive OP-AMP for this function. I will post relevant posts soon.

Maybe it will be a fun experiment. 

3.9 uBITX Reset
If you touch 'Reboot uBITX', uBITX reboots.
We have to think about when to use this function.
I used it when I needed to initialize uBITX and Nextion LCD communication at the firmware development point, but I do not know if it is necessary in actual operation.

3.10 Factory Reset
Factory reset is supported from CEC Firmware Version 1.08.
In 20x04 LCD including uBITX basic LCD, when uBITX is turned on while pressing function switch, it enters Factory Reset mode.
On Nextion LCD, you can perform Factory Reset directly by touch.

For details on Factory Reset, refer to the link below

Touch the 'Factory Reset', 
If you continue to touch it, it will be Factory Reset.

It will continue to ask you to prevent accidental initialization of the settings.
(Really? -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 -> Last)

You do not have to experiment with this.

The video below shows a Factory Reset test with a demonstration of the changed functionality.
It is the same as the linked video at the top of this document.

Thanks for reading


  1. Hello Ian, Great effort with the Nextion display. I have it worked now. But i get noise on the speaker when i use the Nextion display. What can i do about that?

    1. Have you adjusted the LCD brightness?
      There is no noise in my case, but if I adjust the brightness, noise will occur.
      If you are my case, please use the maximum brightness. I have found some solutions. I'll post the soon.

      Other case
      If you do not connect the power and use it only with USB power, noise may occur, In this case, the noise disappears when the power is connected. (This applies not only to LCD but also to noise caused by peripheral electronics)

      and other case
      Please shorten the length of the wire used.

  2. Yes i have adjust brightness, no different, still noise.
    I use a 3.2 Inch display, because the tft file for the 2.4 inch was not include?
    Mabye this display uses more current then the 2.4?
    When a extren power supply is connected, the noise is gone, but then the display is not working only the normal start screen is there. Change frqeuncy does nothing then.

    1. It is my mistake that the file is missing (ubitx_24.tft)
      I have added 2.4".TFT files and uploaded again. If you are using 2.4", download again.
      Did you upload the .HEX file of uBITX? 1.094
      uBITX also needs to upload firmware for Nextion LCD.
      If it still does not work, send me a picture of the connection (email :

  3. Yes i have it, the massa cable was not good connecting, now with extren power it works without noise!!

  4. Hello Ian Lee,
    Well it is a problem only for the 3.2 display, that needs extern powersupply!
    Now tested with the 2.4 inch display (Nextion) no problem at all!
    Mabye you use this info?
    Thanks again for all the effort you made on this rxtx uBitx !!!

  5. When i lower the brightness on the 2.4 inch Display then noise comes out of the speaker, on 100% no noise at all, so yeah not ok, butt i can live with that.

    1. That's right.
      Noise is heard when the brightness is adjusted. I wrote it in the posting text.
      Please use the maximum brightness.
      I have found some solutions. I'll post an article about it soon.

  6. A fantastic job Ian. Absolutely amazing.

  7. I know this is a lot to ask, but will this firmware and nextion display work with a bitx40?

    1. i don't know bitx40 well, but, i know who uses the CEC firmware with modified it to BITX40, In that case, perhaps possible?
      Actually i do not know exactly :)


  8. Hello Ian. I would love to use KD8CEC software very much. But my si5351 is on andress 0x62. because there is no source code of uBitx firmware 1.094. I can not change it myself. uBitx manager does not allow the si5351 address change. Could this add, this option to ubitx manager?. Just like for i2c, lcd screens.

    Thanx and best regards, Anton, S55TA.

    1. Anton, Thank you for good suggestion.
      I did know can change the address of the Si5351.
      Let's consider putting that function in uBITX Manager.

      if you send me your email address anytime, I will send you the code.
      Since the current source code is in working, please delete the code that was sent by email when the beta version is finished and I upload the source code to github.

      Ian KD8CEC

  9. Thanks Ian, very nice of you. I finish my ubitx and I want to look nice with the new nextion screen. My email address:

    Thank you, Anton S55TA.

  10. Hello to all!
    I bought a TJC 035 screen.. in the TJC folder there should be a MHI file for the screen, but i can only find a 32 HMI.
    This results in a screen wich is not filled all the way.
    Could you or anyone else provide a HMI for the TJC4832T035_11?
    My chineese is very rusty... so i cannot change too much in the editor.
    Best wishes, Joep pd1aef


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