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How to use Si5351 #2 - Si5351 Library for WSPR on QRP Transceiver

How to use Si5351 #2 - Si5351 Library for WSPR on QRP Transceiver

I introduced two ways to use the Si5351 in the previous post.  and  experimented with two different methods of generating clocks on the Si5351. I want to use both methods together.

My plan is as follows.

PLL-A is generated by fixing 850Mhz clock. All output clocks use PLL-A to generate the frequency. This is the method used in QRP radios such as uBITX.

When switching to WSPR transmission mode, PLL-B operates for the base frequency to transmit WSPR. The output clock channel that controls the frequency is connected to the PLL-B. The WSPR protocol is generated by changing the clock of the PLL-B.

Generally, you only use the si5351bx_setfreq function and use Set_WSPR_Frequency when you start WSPR transmission.
When WSPR is being transmitted, the following function is called to control the PLL-B frequency.

When WSPR transmission is completed and return to normal radio mode, use si5351bx_setfreq again.

The library test was verified with the following source codes
Clock2 uses PLL-A and PLL-B alternately in 100ms increments.

Source code

Test WSPR Protocol with New Library


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