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Release DVPi Version 0.88 - Dual Mode, D-Star, Function Key 2

 Release DVPi Version 0.88 - Dual Mode, D-Star, Function Key 2

DVPi uses the USRP Client protocol.

When you install and use DVSwitch, you must read and comply with the license that appears.

Version 0.88 is a test version. If you want a stable version, please wait for Version 1.0.

1.How to install

Download :

Please check the previous installation documentation for detailed installation instructions. This post only describes what was added in Version 0.88.

2. What was added in Version 0.88

2.1  D-Star protocol 

    You can use D-Star only by checking whether to 'Enable D-Star' in DVPi Manager.


Touch the 'More' button -> Touch the 'Mode (displayed DMR or DStar)' Button

The video below shows the activation of D-Star during the initial installation of DVPi.

If you are already using D-Star, you will not be able to use it on two at the same time. If you want to use D-Star in DVPi, you need to log off in another device. If anyone has solved this problem, please tell me.

2.2 Dual Mode

You can use two VFOs in the same way as a conventional VHF/UHF transceiver.

You can use two DVSwitch servers or DVLink. Or, if you operate DVPi as Standalone, you can create session 2 by copying the existing installed DVSwitch in DVPi.

If you are using DVPi stand alone, just run the command to copy the DVSwitch installed in DVPi and add a new session.

Unique ID values must be entered differently from existing values. 


 Session 1 Unique ID is 51

Sesssion 2 Unique ID is 58

In order to distinguish Hotspot in DMR network, you must use different Unique ID.

Select Dual VFO in DVPi Manager.

It will operate in Dual Mode as shown below.

Important Point: If you use DVPi stand alone, D-Star only works on VFO A.

The video below shows how to create Session 2 by copying the DVSwitch installed in DVPi and operate DVPi as Dual Mode.

2.3 Function Switch 2

  Function Switch2 can be used as Mode change or VFO change according to your selection.

Example of using Function Switch2 as a mode change switch


The server is not serviced, and the entire Talkgroup status can no longer be retrieved. So, the underline of DVPi's Talkgroup Button is disabled.

I'm trying to restore that functionality in Version 0.9. If we connect to directly, it will generate quite a lot of traffic. This is a problem for us as well, but it could also cause problems on the server.

So I am thinking of building a separate server to minimize traffic. 

Until version 1.0, we plan to stabilize without adding features.

Thank you for using and testing.

We are always grateful to the DVSwitch team for implementing most of the features.



  1. DVPi 개발과 배포에 수고가 많으십니다

    DVPi V0.88 설치해보고 발견된 문제점 두가지와
    DSTAR VFO A / B 동시 설정에 대해 테스트 결과 F/Back 드립니다

    1. dvpi.ini 에서 DEFAULT_TGLIST=2 ; 1을 2로 변경해도
    DVPi 부팅 후 usertg1.txt가 초기화면 TG로 변경되지 않음

    2. ThumbDV 를 연결 시 설정부분 없어 수작업으로 Analog_Bridge.ini 수정해야 함
    address =
    rxPort = 2460
    ; address = /dev/ttyUSB0
    ; baud = 460800
    ; serial = true

    ; address =
    ; rxPort = 2460
    address = /dev/ttyUSB0
    baud = 460800
    serial = true

    로 수정

    3. DSTAR VFO A/B 동시 설정

    - 야간이라 실제 교신은 해보지 못하고 무전기로 확인해 보았습니다
    - 동시 설정 방법은 ircddbgateway 에서
    reflector1=XRF071 C

    reflector2=REF082 C

    - MMDVM_Bridge.ini #1은

    [D-Star Network]

    - MMDVM_Bridge.ini #2는

    [D-Star Network]

    로 수정하면 동시 접속은 됩니다
    그런데 VFO A / B 를 각각 다른 채널에 접속하여도
    한군데 에서만 송수신이 되고 처음 송수신 되는 VFO 아닌 다른 VFO 에서 PTT 잡아도
    처음 송수신 되는 VFO에서 송수신이 됩니다

    두군데 모두 각각 접속이 되었으므로 모두 각각 송수신이 되어야 하는데
    왜 안되는지는 프로그램에서 확인 필요합니다

    내용이 많아 한국어로 F/B 드립니다

    타국에서 추석 잘 보내십시오


    DS5QDR Lee, Heonmin

    1. I will respond in English to share issues.

      Thanks for the quick test. DVPi is more stable with your test.
      1. A bug where the option does not apply has been confirmed
      This bug will be fixed in Version 0.89 or Version 0.9

      2.'ll add Thumb DV settings so that they can be easily selected in DVPi Manager.
      This feature will also be added prior to Version 0.9

      3.I have done similar experiments with you in the last few days.
      But my result is that the second DStar session is not logged in. So DStar could only be used on VFO A

      Thanks again

  2. Hello, dvswitch mobile sends scripts to the server to change modes (d-star, ysf, dmr, p25, nxdn) wouldn't it be easier to implement keys on the dvpi display to run the same scripts ??
    This is a great job, great app.

    1. Yes, that's right. It uses the same protocol.
      However, I will need to understand the protocol because DVPi needs to implement the protocol conversion.
      And in order to use DVPi Standalone, additional services for YSF, P25, and NXDN are required.

      Ian KD8CEC

  3. Good morning Lan

    I'm checking your latest Version 0.88, a great job congratulations, in Italy we no longer use the REFxxxx Reflectors but we use the XLX068X, you can add them to the list, I give me the instructions to do this, my email and .com if you want to answer me privately ...
    Thanks again !!
    73, I3YBD Maurizio

    1. Thank you for good information.
      I am still a D-Star beginner. lol
      Reflector list can be managed in DVPi Manager.

      Later, if there is a chance, I will post in a separate post about Talk group Editing.
      Ian KD8CEC

  4. Hello Lan, I confirm that if I send script /opt/Analog_Bridge/ mode YSF with Putty, the Dvswitch server switches to Ysf Room Italy and with dvpi I listen to the Room Italy traffic, so in my opinion if you can implement some keys that send of the scripts everything will work.

    1. Tuning what IP address did you use for Fusion in MMDVM_Bridge.ini? I entered and all looks well but I see/hear nothing. Any other changes needed?

      Tom VE3NY

    2. thank you for the information. I don't know about YSF yet.
      Let's study YSF Service structure.

  5. Good Morning PHD Ian Lee,

    I'm enjoying the Chuseok holiday in Korea.
    How do you enjoy Chuseok in America?

    Today, I did some tests for DSTAR Dual VFO success.
    I give you feedback for the tests results.

    When I change Mode DMR -> DSTAR -> DMR at VFO A,
    , command is below and work normally.
    "/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode DSTAR"
    "/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode DMR"

    But VFO B Mode, when I change Mode to DMR -> DSTAR -> DMR
    I found these command in Analog_Bridge.log
    "/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode DSTAR"
    "/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode DMR"
    Avobe Command are for VFO A not VFO B.

    VFO B Commands are
    "/opt/MMDVM_Bridge2/ mode DSTAR"
    "/opt/MMDVM_Bridge2/ mode DMR"

    For more details, link to my Tistory and check the log files.

    Thank you,

    DS5QDR Lee, Heonmin

  6. Good Morning PHD Ian Lee

    pls check /lib/systemd/system/analog_bridge2.service

    I found


    it's wrong directory
    so I change it to


    and then it's all ok


    DS5QDR Lee, Heonmin

    1. Thank you for important feedback.
      I will fix it.

      One bug you found earlier (Default TGList) and one improvement (ThumbDV setting by DVPi Manager) were all fixed.
      It will apply in Version 0.89 or Version 0.9.

      Ian KD8CEC

  7. Hi Ian.

    I have 5 of the version 4 boards would you have information IE instructions for this V4-08/2020 board. very much appreciate all your fine work thank you. de VK6NJP James.

    1. Thank you for your information.
      I only have the version of RPI V4 when it was first released (it was received by reservation). I was worried because it was probably a little different from the current version 4
      Ian KD8CEC

  8. This is awesome work from Ian and all other involved. I have a "newbie" question for those who ordered V4 PCBs online; as I never ordered PCBs online or played with Gerber files before.

    When you guys ordered your PCBs online, did you have to do or set something specific to make sure that the square where the LCD screen goes is cutted off ? I'm asking because I was once told that SeeedStudio does not do cuts when using the "Fusion" PCB service.

    Since ordering a batch of 5 front and rear PCBs will cost me a bit including shipping, I want to make sure that that square cut is indeed made before ordering. Or would you have any other suggestions on other things to make sure when ordering these online ?

    Also, any news if V5 PCBs that will include the latest hardware changes from Ian (ref.: Function 2 switch) are planned or in the works from either EA7GIB or someone else ?

    Thanks and 73s from Canada VA2GV Guy

    1. Hello
      I have not used the PCB, all made with wires and components soldered on the buttons or switches, on a simple plastic container, it works well apart from a hum when you go to touch the selector of the OFF / ON out BF. then if you want you can order the new pcb when it is available ....

    2. To Guy VE2VAG

      I ordered and received the boards from JCPCB and they arrived perfect with all the cutouts done very nicely indeed.

      de James VK6NJP

    3. Thank you James, just ordered 5x of both PCBs from JCPCB.

    4. Good morning Lan

      I'm testing V.0.88 it worked for 12 hours all right !! I would say you did a great job !!
      I tried to add another list for Xreflectors but I saw that it is not possible to select it when using the D-Star is this normal or is there a problem in the software? Is it possible to add this function in the next relay?

      73, Maurizio I3YBD

    5. I also ordered the compressed file (without any mod) and received the perfect PCB. Just, you have to choose the PCB color you like. lol
      Ian KD8CEC

  9. Thanks,

    I found another one bug and unnormal stop of DVPi.

    DSTAR unlink command is ' U' (7 space + U not 6 space + UL)

    DVPi system is stop at standby time and exit to Debian windows.
    I couldn't find out the reason through Log files,
    so I don't know why it stop.


    DS5QDR Lee, Heonmin

  10. Installed latest and configured per instructions. No sound now - any help please on where to look
    art N2AJO

    1. You have configured:
      Password if required:
      select which BM you want to connect to:
      which TG do you want to connect:

  11. Yes have done all - I had the older version installed and it worked fine.

    1. what do you use to connect to the Internet RJ45 or WiFi
      Do you connect with the Dvpimaneger?

  12. I am wired to the internet and I connected with Dvpimanager. Entered the information as needed, saved and rebooted.

    1. Good morning Art

      It's hard to understand what you did wrong, make a movie and send it to me through Driver Gmail .. maybe I can understand what your problem is.
      Hello Maurizio I3YBD

    2. hi, does anyone know if it is possible to add keys to the touch display for changing modes ??

    3. hello Tuning

      See that this function is present .... press (+ More) and then press on (DMR) and switch to Dstar, to return to DMR press on (+ More) and then press on Dstar and return to DMR ...

    4. Hello Maurizio

      i know this works exists, i wanted to know if you could add a button for ysf, my dvswitch server does not reside in dvpi but in cloud.


  13. Hello Maurizio
    I am packing it in. The software is working from what I can tell. Although I dont think I am actually transmitting into the internet. I dont see my call sign on last heard. I have a DV3000 dongle and have that connected to a PC and everything works correctly. I shut that off and try DVPI and nothing heard.


  14. Maurizio
    is port fowarding required at the FW:


  15. Hi,

    Very new to DVPi and RoIP world and a licensed HAM.
    Just need to know can I use this DVPi without the LCD screen ?
    I want to control it via HTML 5 based web interface of DVPi Manager v0.8
    or using DVSwitch Mobile apps from my android phone.

    Sorry if this is a silly question to some. But as a new comer, these are the question in my mind.

    1. Hello Robin,

      you can use VNC to access DVPi. I have used VNC on Windows and iOS.

      Tom VE3NY

    2. Robin
      As Tom said above, using VNC can be used.
      If you have a smartphone that you are not using, you can install VNC there and use it.
      Thanks tom

  16. Goodmorning everyone
    Do I make a request to Lan KD8CEC that it is not the case to create a Forum or chat for the various problems encountered?
    I see that we are clogging up this page a lot ...
    Maurizio I3YBD

  17. Maurizio

    yes perhaps a community forum may be good. Could be hosted on According to IAN this is a blog but with some of us having questions a community forum would be a better place

    1. Good evening Mister Art

      Maybe I understand why you don't read anything .... in the video I noticed that you are on TG9 the TG9 does not receive anything because it is a local, you have to set up the TG that there is traffic, for example the TG91 which is the TG of the World, there there is traffic for sure .. then I saw that on the Dstar you used the REF001C I don't think it is used ... try another one, where there is the writing of the nation that is connected !!
      Let me know .... Hello Maurizio

    2. Maurizio
      thanks for your feedback. I have the same issue when on TG91 - no sound. I monitor TG91 on a separate system with a different ID# so I know that there is traffic. But doesnt show up on the dvpi

    3. Good morning Art

      At this point you should try to do a new programming of the Raspberry SD micro, do a new download of the DVPi file, check if the micro SD works (I found some micro SD with errors on the first sectors where there are the Rasberry pointers) and do the steps that indicate on the DVPimanager even if you do not have the external hardware and you will use the Tauch Screen.
      and see now it works.
      Hello Maurizio

    4. Art I watched the video again ... as Internet connection do you use the network with RJ45 cable or Wifi ..?

    5. I agree with Art.
      If there is a forum on, I will also participate.

  18. I am sorry I cannot fully express my opinions as English, so I write in Korean.

    음성 입력 신호의 레벨을 설정하는 곳은
    1. Analog_Bridge.ini 의 [USRP]의 tlvGain과
    2. alsamixer의 input 레벨(또는 dvpimanager의 Audio)의 입니다.
    ThumbDV를 붙히면, 대개의 경우 mic의 음성입력이 크게 전달되는데,
    DVPi에서는 오히려 음성이 작게 입력되고 있습니다.
    즉, VFO A에 ThumbDV을 붙히고 DStar를 하게 되면, tlvGain을 5.0(최대치)을 하여도, VFO B에서 DMR의 경우, tlvGain=0.01로 하는 것보다 음성량이 적게 되고 있습니다. 이때, alsamixer의 오디오 입력은 90%하였습니다.
    단순히, DVSwitch 서버로 운영할 때보다 tlvGain을 DStar의 경우 너무 높게, DMR의 경우 너무 낮게 설정되고 있습니다.
    DVSwitch의 mic 오디오 입력과 alsamixer의 mic 오디오 입력의 서로 간의 레벨 조절의 문제와 ThumDV와 md380-emulator의 레벨조절에 미스매칭이 일어나기 때문으로 추정합니다.
    이 부분을 한 번 살펴봐 주시면 고합겠습니다.
    그리고, DVSwitch의 gitHub사이트에서는 최신 버전으로 업데이트되고 있음알려주고 있는데, 이것을 시시각각의 반영할 수 없으나, 업데이트 되는 내용을 DVpi에서도 반영을 해 주셨으면 합니다.
    대부분의 사용자는 업데이트를 별로 하지 않고 있지만.....

    1. 제 소개가 표시되지 않았습니다.
      DS5HVM, Seong-hwan, Jeong 입니다.

    2. DS5HVM
      Thank you for good information.

      First of all, I think we need to figure out what's changed with the new version of DVSwitch and whether there is any problem. I'm going to install and use the new version of DVSWitch on my DVPi today.
      I've been trying to get ThumbDV for weeks. However, it is difficult to test because it has not been obtained yet.
      If I get ThumbDV, I will test it.

  19. Ian
    I am unable to get any sound from the dvpi. It seems to be working as I see bytes of RX however nothing in the log. I did a lsusb and the sound card is there and I increased the level. Previous version worked but not this one

    1. art
      Check whether to use Emulator or ThumbDV.
      This may be due to DVSwitch version.
      And also check the sound card index in Configuration Windows in DVPi

  20. Hello Ian,

    How do I "unlink" a DStar reflector?

    Tom VE3NY

    1. hi Tom VE3NY
      you have to create the same Reflector but with a final U
      ex: XLX370B = connected
      : XLX370BU = disconnected

      Hello 73, Maurizio

    2. Maurizio,

      Tnx. I assume for reflector use REF001EU?

      How about INFO?

      Tom VE3NY

    3. It is a Dstar protocol that the 8th position with the letter "U" disables the Refeflector you have enabled ..
      you can also hear the DVPi voice telling you that you have logged out of the system ..
      I am attaching this example that I use:
      , XLX,
      XLX039B, Italy, Italy 22292
      XLX039R, Tuscany,
      XLX370B, XLX370 Tgulio,
      XLX370BU, close,
      , XRF,
      XRF370B, xrf370 Italy,
      XRF370BU, close,
      XRF395A, TEST_0,
      XRF395B, TEST_1,
      , REF,
      REF068B, Italy, Italy
      REF068BU, close, Italy
      REF001E, Echo,

      Hello, Maurizio I3YBD

    4. Maurizio,

      FWIW, I entered a single line entry

      and use it to unlink from all reflectors. Have not tried unlink from XRF yet.

      Tom VE3NY

  21. Information for Lan KD8CEC

    I noticed that since I enabled the second VFO the program crashes returning to the Raspberry screen, today the problem did 4 blocks !!
    where did you put the error log file that I can't locate?

    1. Maurizio
      DVPi does not store logs.
      I am doing various tests. If the CPU temperature is high, the DVPi program is terminated. Try lowering the CPU temperature.
      You can also check the memory usage by using the htop command in ssh.

      Please tell me the RPI version you are using and we will test it the same way.

    2. Good morning Lan

      The version of the RaspberryPi 4 1Gb

      I already proceeded to put a fan to cool now and stable at 43 °

      pi@dvpi:~ $ df -h
      Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
      /dev/root 7.0G 3.6G 3.2G 54% /
      devtmpfs 459M 0 459M 0% /dev
      tmpfs 464M 8.0K 464M 1% /dev/shm
      tmpfs 464M 6.4M 457M 2% /run
      tmpfs 5.0M 4.0K 5.0M 1% /run/lock
      tmpfs 464M 0 464M 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
      /dev/mmcblk0p1 253M 61M 192M 25% /boot
      tmpfs 93M 0 93M 0% /run/user/1000

      total used free shared buff/cache available
      Mem: 948276 311908 360096 6800 276272 572292
      Swap: 102396 0 102396

    3. mauritzio.

      Are these commands needed to turn on the fan at a particular temperature? Or just connect to GPIO pins?

      Tom VE3NY

  22. After apt-get upgrade, 3.5in LCD does not display. Is there any solutions?
    I heard the new DVSwitch image will be released soon. So the installation method of DVSwitch from the repository will be changed.

    새버전의 DVSwitch가 img 파일로 곧 발표된다고 합니다. 이와 함께 repository에서 바로 설치하는 경로도 바뀌게 될 것 같습니다. 현재 새 경로로 DVSWitch를 설치해 보면, 추측건데 새버전의 DVSwitch 이미지인 것으로 보입니다. 근데 새 버전의 DVSwitch에서 제공하는 DVSwitch 업그레이드 하는 방식으로 DVSwitch를 업데이트 하면, DVSwitch는 deb 방식으로 업데이트 하면서 라즈베리파이 OS까지 upgrade하게 되고, 그래서 LCD 동작이 더 이상 않되게 된다는 것입니다.
    이렇게 되었을 때 LCD를 재동작하게 하는 방법이 있습니까?

    1. Same Problem TNX 73 de DL7PJ Peter

    2. Hi,
      Just run:
      sudo rm -rf LCD-show
      git clone
      chmod -R 755 LCD-show
      cd LCD-show/
      sudo ./LCD35-show
      And You have the display back

      73 de LZ1GSP

  23. sorry Lan

    Correction of the RaspberryPi model, I wrote RaspberryPi 4, but I was wrong and the RaspberryPi 3 I used, .. I apologize for my mistake ... it was not wanted !!!


  24. Good morning Tom

    I used a fan cast directly at 5 volts because I noticed that the temperatures go towards 63 °, there is also a dedicated board controlled by the RaspberryPi 3 where it is activated automatically at 47 °, but for reasons of space I do not. used.


    1. Mauritzio,
      Tnx for info. Have you used DVPi with YSF?

      Tom VE3NY

    2. Hi Tom

      I am not aware that there is a version with the software for the YSF !!!
      it is possible to use with the TG22298 0 TG22299 in DMR that connect with Il Nord-Italy in C4FM or Room Italy ..

      Maybe you could also have the YSF that connect with the various Rooms of the World! "!!

  25. Hello and first of all thank you for the great software, I have two questions: how can you make a private call, I tried # but it didn't work? Second question: Will the software support YSF / FCS, there are 12 new servers worldwide that are connected to each other, , I would then like to run a QSO via FCS252 DG-ID 62, for example. Thank you very much and I am already looking forward to the new version, this weekend I will add hardware components to my DVPi. 73 de DL7PJ Peter

    1. hi, private call works, after id with #, brandmeister server.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Hi there,

    I' m following this project from last week, I had test ver 0.89 and it was working pretty good for some days without problems, or minor details.
    Let' s say some suggestion for runing better:

    1) during configuration I did change on file DVSwitch.ini change the followinf parameter:
    ; Configure the DMR Partner
    ; Audio format is AMBE 72 bit
    Address = ; Address to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)
    TXPort = 31100 ; Port to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)
    RXPort = 31103 ; Port to listen on (import)
    Slot = 2 ; Export slot
    ExportTG = 0 ; Which TG to export
    TalkerAlias = IU2KUL DVPi

    I change TalkerAlias with:
    TalkerAlias = IU2KUL Franco

    This change because BrandMeister managmen like to have callsign and name on TalkerAlias and not other advise.

    File DVSwitch.ini is write protect so to do change manually do it like this:
    cd /opt
    chmod 777 /opt/MMDVM_Bridge
    cd /opt/MMDVM_Bridge
    Nano DVSwitch.ini
    make the change on row TalkerAlias = yourcallsing DVPi
    press F2 for saving the file and reboot the system ( you can do it using sudo reboot )

    2) record function I' m not sure is working. I switch on the function, REC advise appear but I was not able to see or down load records using DVPimanager.
    what was wrong ?

    73 de IU2KUL - Franco

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  33. Exciting news with the release of DVPi Version 0.88! The addition of Dual Mode and D-Star functionality elevates user experience to new heights. Function Key 2 enhances versatility. Ready to explore further? Learn more


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Introduction to UV-K5 HF Fullband receive version 0.3

Introduction to UV-K5 HF Fullband receive Version 0.3 This is an introduction to UV-K5 HF full-band reception firmware 0.3HF using SI4732-A10. This version is released separately from the existing UV-K5 CEC firmware version. because space is needed to store a large PATCH file to use SI4732-A10's SSB. 0.3HF added several functions to use SSB for shortwave radio and amateur radio.

Introduction to UV-K5 HF Fullband receive version 0.41 (Changed from 0.40)

  Introduction to UV-K5 HF Fullband receive Version 0.41 (Changed from 0.40) This is an introduction to UV-K5 HF full-band reception firmware 0.4HF using SI4732-A10. This version is released separately from the existing UV-K5 CEC firmware version. because space is needed to store a large PATCH file to use SI4732-A10's SSB. 0.4HF added several functions to use SSB for shortwave radio and amateur radio.

Release CEC Firmware v1.200 for uBITX All version(include V2, V3, V4, V5)

Release CEC Firmware v1.200 for uBITX All Version (include v2, v3, v4, v5) I did the firmware work for v5 when uBITX V5 was released, but I release it now. I received the feedback from a thankful beta tester and tested it myself by converting my uBITX v3 to v5 but I was not sure. I ordered the uBITX V5 and delivered the correct uBITX V5, so I made a little more fine-tuning. If you use V2, V3, V4, you do not need to update this firmware.