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About DVPi Talkgroup status line

About DVPi Talk group status line

Since DVPi 0.7, a status line has been added inside the Talkg group button.
This post will explain the Talk group status line.

1.Talk group Button
The buttons in the red box below are the buttons to change the Talkgroup.

There are three background colors for the Talkg group button as shown below.
DarkGray : Normal talk gorup
Orange   : Current Talk group
Dark Orange : Talk group selected by moving an analog encoder

2.Status Line in Talkg group Button

The Talk group button contains a status line. Numbers 262 and 91 below are blue and the rest are gray.

Let’s explore if there are other colors. Talk group 914 is Light Blue.

Talk group 216 is White Color

Below is what the color of the Status Line means.

Blue        : Talk group currently in conversation
Light blue: TG communicated within 5 minutes
Yellow     : TG communicated within 10 minutes
White      : It has been more than 10 minutes
Gray       : Where there is no contact record

3. View users accessing the Talkg group
If you connect the rotary encoder to DVPi, you will see a screen like the one below after 1 second of moving.

The time displayed in'Last' is the last time the PTT was pressed in the corresponding Talk group.

4 Update of Talk group status
4.1 Automatic update of Talk group status
Talk groups are automatically updated on the Internet. By default, it is set to be updated every 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Connect to DVPi Manager as shown below and click the'Userful features' button.

The Update Interval value in the red box is the cycle to update the Talk group status.

Set it to '0' if you don't want to automatically update the Talkgroup status automatically. It may be better to set it to '0' if you have a bad internet environment.

The number '1' means 30 seconds. 
Set it to 4 if you want to refresh it every 3 minutes
Set it to 10 if you want to refresh it every 5 minutes

4.2 Manually updating the Talk group status
If it is set not to be automatically updated or you want to know the Talkgroup status immediately, click the'TG Info Get' button below.


5.Updating user information
If there are many users who are not displayed as a call sign as shown below, please update the'User DB'.
It is recommended to update the'User DB' at least once a month.

Click the Menu Button

Click the 'Update UserDB' Button

Check 'Update Complete' Message

Click the Reboot Button

Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks again for your kind instruction.

    Small question & sugetion,
    When click 'System Info' button DVPi is exit to Debian windows.
    There is no explanation about 'System Info' button's function.
    And I hope there is a DVPi Icon to restart DVPi on windows.

    1. That's a good opinion. I plan to add an icon to the desktop for restart.
      But I will make a restart button inside DVPi.
      I'll also test and fix 'View System Info'
      Ian KD8CEC

  2. All menus are operating normally.

    1. Thanks for testing.
      I am making plans for a Version 0.8x release. If you have ThumbDV, please test version 0.8x as well.
      Ian KD8CEC

    2. I have ThumbDV. What should I look for in ver 0.8x?

      Tom VE3NY

    3. Excellent
      For D-STAR, install H/W Vocoder and test it.
      I made my own H/W Vocoder using transceiver chip (include vocoder feature) in DMR radio. Therefore, I cannot test the Vocoder chip that other people use.
      Ian KD8CEC

    4. Hello Ian,

      I have version DVPi 0.7. Where do I select DStar mode? Should I install DVPi 0.7a

      Earlier I installed ThumbDV and made changes in Analog_Bridge but didn't observe any difference in audio quality. So, reverted back to using emulator.


      Tom VE3NY

    5. Hello Ian,

      What is format for DStar “userx.txt” file?

      REF001CL,REF001,G ?
      “ U”,DISCONNECT,G ?

      How many “userx.txt” files can I use? “user5”?

      Tnx .... Tom VE3NY

    6. Hello Ian,

      Where do I find Version 0.8?

      The entries in one of the "userx.txt" files looks like YSF reflectors. I have switched DVSwitch to YSF but can't make connections with any reflectors. Is it operational?

      Sorry for the number of questions but I find the app intriguing.

      Tom VE3NY

    7. Tom
      I am sorry for the late reply. The semester started and I was too busy preparing for online classes for several days.
      only supports DMR.
      I signed up for DStar a while ago and I am testing it now.
      I plan to support D-STAR from Version 0.8.
      DVSwitch already supports D-STAR and I only activate D-Star mode.
      Most of the work is from the developers of MMDVM and DVSwitch.
      Version 0.8 is planned to be released next week.
      Please test D-Star when Version 0.8 is released.

      Ian KD8CEC

    8. Hello Ian,

      In preparation for Version 0.8, what will be the format for DStar “userx.txt” file?

      ex. ... will it be :

      REF001CL,REF001,G ?
      “ U”,DISCONNECT,G ?

      or something else?

      How many “userx.txt” files can I use? “user5”?

      Tnx .... Tom VE3NY

    9. Tom
      usertg1.txt ~ usertg20.txt are available.

      dstar currently only uses one file. as 'dstarlist.txt'
      The format is the same with dmr tg list (as usertg1.txt)

      Ian KD8CEC

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Is this the proper syntax for dstarlist.txt?

    ## For Test Bank
    " I",INFO,G

    Tnx ... Tom VE3NY

  6. There are 7 spaces before the I and the U. This blog seems to drop the leading spaces.

    1. Tom
      i define same format dstarlist.txt with usertg1.txt
      below lines are example for dstarlist.txt in Version 0.8
      REF001A,,London England
      REF001B,Illinois D-STAR repeaters,London England
      REF001C,D-STAR's MegaRepeater,London England
      REF002A,Southeastern US D-STAR Weather Net,NE United States
      REF002B,Southern Arizona Linked Repeater Network,NE United States
      REF002C,Some Nets,NE United States
      REF003A,Ad-hock & Emergency Use - Australia,Australia
      REF003B,Permalink for Repeaters including all WIA Port B Repeaters ? Australia,Australia
      REF003C,Australian Nets,Australia
      REF004A,Alternate for Southeastern US D-STAR Weather Net,United States
      REF004B,Texas Permalink Repeaters,United States
      REF004C,General Rag Chew (English only please),United States
      REF005A,UK Nets Permalink Repeaters,London England

  7. Thanks Ian ...

    What about Info and Unlink??

    " I",INFO,G 7 spaces before I within quotes
    “ U”,DISCONNECT,G 7 spaces before U within quotes


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