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DVSwitch Builtin on DVPi (DVPi standalone setup) without DVPi Manager

DVSwitch Builtin on DVPi (DVPi standalone setup) without DVPi manager

DVPi is a client program that communicates with DVSwitch.Please be aware of the licenses that arise when installing and using DVSwitch. Follow the instructions that appear when installing DVSwitch or the instructions on the DVSwitch site. I am not responsible for DVSwitch and the programs contained in DVSwitch, and I am not responsible for the use of DVPi. Please use it only if you agree to this.

If you are using an existing DVSwitch server or DVLink server, you do not need to read this post. Follow the DVSwitch group's instructions on how to install DVSwitch on DVPi. I just make the setup of the installed DVSwitch a little easier. 

I will explain how to set up DVSwitch to DVPi in two ways. The first is to use DVPi Manager and the second is to not use DVPi Manager.

This post explains how to edit ini file directly without DVPi manager. If you want to easily configure the DVPi manager, please refer to the previous post.

As of DVPi Version 0.7, a script to easily set up DVSwitch has been included.

The video is linked at the bottom of this article.


1.1 Installed DVPi and You need to know the DVPi's IP address.

Please refer to the previous post.

1.2 ssh terminal program as putty.exe 

 If you are using Windows I recommend using putty.exe. You can download it from the link below.


 If you are using Linux, there is no need to install a separate program 

 You can connect to pi@dvpi ipaddress from a Linux terminal.

2. Install DVSwitch

2.1 launch an SSH terminal. You can use any SSH terminal. I used putty.

When the following message appears, click the'Yes' button.

id : pi, Password : dvpi

2.2 Install DVSwitch
You need to run 4 commands in the SSH terminal. I recommend copying and pasting rather than typing directly.

Copy and run the 4 commands below in order.

chmod +x install-dvswitch-repo
sudo ./install-dvswitch-repo
sudo apt-get install -y dvswitch

  Command #1

  Command #1 - complete

 Command #2 - complete

Command #3

Command #3 - It is completed in about 1 minute

  Command #4  (Last)

  Command #4 - It is completed in about 1 minute.

DVSwitch installation is complete on your Raspberry Pi.
Installation is very simple. This is the dedication of the DVSwitch developers.
If you get an error while installing DVSwitch, try it elsewhere. I've found a few cases where it doesn't work depending on your internet provider.

2.3 When all settings are done, turn off DVPi. 

  (using sudo halt)

3.Edit setdvs.ini
  If you need to change the DVSwitch settings while running DVPi in the future, you can do this anytime.
Remove the SD card from the Raspberry Pi and plug it into your computer.
You will see a drive labeled 'boot' as shown below.

Click the SD card drive. Among the files you will see setdvs.ini file.

Open the setdvs.ini file in edit mode.

Call sign and DMR ID must be entered. You can create a DMR ID at the site below.

Do not edit the Unique ID. However, if you use two or more Standalone DVPi, please enter different values.
Ex ) DVPi #1 : 57, DVPi #2 : 58, DVPi #3 : 59
This is the value by which the DMR network identifies your device.

If you have entered the call sign and DMR ID, you can perform DMR communication. 

However, if you change to the BM server closest to you, you can use a much more stable DMR. Please replace it with the one closest to your area from the BM List below.

BM Server List

BM_Europe_2001 2001 passw0rd 62031
BM_Greece_2021 2021 p2ssw1rd 62031
BM_Netherlands_2042 2042 passw0rd 62031
BM_Belgium_2061 2061 passw0rd 62031
BM_France_2082 2082 passw0rd 62031
BM_Spain_2141 2141 passw0rd 62031
BM_Hungary_2162 2162 passw0rd 62031
BM_Italy_2222 2222 passw0rd 62031
BM_Switzerland_2281 2281 passw0rd 62031
BM_Czech_Republic_2302 2302 passw0rd 62031
BM_Austria_2321 2321 passw0rd 62031
BM_United_Kingdom_2341 2341 passw0rd 62031
BM_Denmark_2381 2381 passw0rd 62031
BM_Sweden_2401 2401 passw0rd 62031
BM_Norway_2421 2421 passw0rd 62031
BM_Finland_2441 2441 F1nDMR! 62031
BM_Russia_2502 2502 passw0rd 62031
BM_Russia_2503 2503 passw0rd 62031
BM_Poland_2602 2602 passw0rd 62031
BM_Germany_2621 2621 passw0rd 62031
BM_Germany_2622 2622 passw0rd 62031
BM_Portugal_2682 2682 passw0rd 62031
BM_Ireland_2721 2721 passw0rd 62031
BM_Bulgaria_2841 2841 passw0rd 62031
BM_Slovenia_2931 2931 passw0rd 62031
BM_Canada_3021 3021 passw0rd 62031
BM_United_States_3101 3101 passw0rd 62031
BM_United_States_3102 3102 passw0rd 62031
BM_United_States_3103 3103 passw0rd 62031
BM_Mexico_3341 3341 passw0rd 62031
BM_Israel_4251 4251 passw0rd 62031
BM_South_Korea_4501 4501 passw0rd 62031
BM_China_4601 4601 passw0rd 62031
BM_Malaysia_5021 5021 passw0rd 62031
BM_Australia_5051 5051 passw0rd 62031
BM_Philippines_5151 5151 passw0rd 62031
BM_South_Africa_6551 6551 passw0rd 62031
BM_Panama_7141 7141 passw0rd 62031
BM_Brazil_7242 7242 passw0rd 62031
BM_Chile_7301 7301 passw0rd 62031
BM_Europe_2001_HAMNET 2001 passw0rd 62031
BM_Romania_2261 2261 passw0rd 62031
BM_Ukraine_2551 2551 passw0rd 62031

This is the information displayed to other users. If you enter your latitude and longitude, and your city and country, you will be a good DMR communication.

If you don't know the latitude and longitude of where you live, open Google Maps and click the mouse. The latitude and longitude of the clicked place will appear at the bottom.

important : If you don't use Ambe Server, Change 'USE_EMUL=True'
Depending on the DVSwitch version, you may not need to select it, but there are cases where you have to.

Save the setdvs.ini file when everything has been modified.

4. Execute
Remove the micro SD card from the computer, plug it into the DVPi, and turn on the DVPi.

Run putty again.

id : pi
password : dvpi

type ./  press Enter key

The script will be executed as shown below.
The information you entered in setdvs.ini is displayed. After checking, press the y key.

When everything is done, it will be displayed as below. Press y.

When everything is done, the Raspberry pi reboots and all connections are disconnected. Don't worry, it's not an error.

5. Standalone DVPi (Builtin DVSwitch)

When rebooting, REGOK will be displayed as below.

If it is set for the first time, there are cases in which you have to press PTT once to operate normally (your information is registered in the BM server)

When I changed to Talk group 91, I was able to hear the voices being communicated.

If you make any modifications related to DVSwitch, it will be set automatically by executing ./ after editing setdvs.ini file anytime.

You can easily change the DVSwitch settings at any time by running steps 3 (Edit setdvs.ini) and 4 (execute above.

Thanks for reading

KD8CEC ian


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. 1. 위 본문 수정 건 chmod + x install-dvswitch-repo 줄에서 + x 붙혀야하될듯 합니다?
      2. LCD 켈리브리케이션 하였지만 같은 증상이 발생 포인트가 맞지 않아 터치 사용이 불가합니다. 확인 부탁드립니다.

      본 프로젝트 연구 개발에 찬사를 보내고 너무나 감사드립니다.
      다시 한번 고맙습니다.
      항상 행복 하시길 빕니다.

    2. 아마 폰트차이일듯 합니다. chmod +x 가 붙어 있습니다.
      LCD는 제조사마다 조금씩 동작이 다른것 같습니다.
      나중에 기회가 될때 LCD 드라이버를 다시한번 확인해보겠습니다.

  2. Thank you Ian, Great explanation & tutorial. Amazing


  3. Hello!
    You must use lcd_rotate = 2 (and not display_rotate = 2) in config.txt.
    lcd_rotate = 2 allows the display to be rotated AND the touch scren while display_rotate = 2 only acts on the display.
    73 from F6CYK / Tony

    1. Thank you for useful information
      I only used the script in the LCD driver.
      I will test the information you gave and inform the people who asked the above calibration questions.
      Ian KD8CEC

  4. Hello Ian!
    Big thank you for this wonderful job!
    One question: what is the difference between "" and ""? Could it be the automatic reboot for the latter?
    Thank you in advance for your answer
    73 by F6CYK / Tony

    1. The two scripts are the same.
      It is just an additional to run externally.
      In, I just removed all of the things that ask the user.

      Ian KD8CEC

  5. In order to use the touch, I had to delete the line:
    Option "SwapAxes" "1".
    In the file, 99-calibration.conf

    1. Thank you. The problem has been resolved.

    2. excellent ea7gwc.

      The DS5WIS calibration problem was a problem where the touch was upside down. I'm glad the problem has been resolved.
      Ian KD8CEC

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. DS5WIS You must use lcd_rotate = 2 (and not display_rotate = 2) in config.txt.
    lcd_rotate = 2 allows the display to be rotated AND the touch scren while display_rotate = 2 only acts on the display.

    1. 99-calibration.conf / "SwapAxes" "1" It was resolved after deletion. Thank you for your interest.

  8. Hi Ian!
    I have been using DVPi / DVSwitch for several days now and I can only be delighted with the great job you have done. I have also used dvpimanager.exe without any problem on windows 10 and Linux. However, I couldn't get it to work on Mac OS Mojave.
    In addition, I have a few questions and suggestions for improvement to offer you.
    1 ° / What is the meaning of the colored bands appearing under the TG numbers (blue, yellow, white)?
    2 ° / I have not succeeded in making the HDMI screen work with the corresponding command (screen connected to the Raspberry's HDMI socket)
    3 ° / How useful are the "TG Info Get" and "Show RMS" commands?
    4 ° / Is it possible to increase the audio LF gain at output (other than by ALSAMIXER or dvpimanager.exe)?
    5 ° / Is it possible to modify the sampling speed of the audio input?
    6 ° / Would it be possible to modify the graduation of the "s-meter" by indicating percentages rather than "S points" which are not significant here?
    7 ° / Would it be possible to have a similar indicator for the audio input?
    8 ° / Would it be possible to imagine a TG scanning for a given selection (World TG / Recently TG / Sample1 etc.)
    Thank you and well done again for this great job!
    Best 73 from F6CYK/Tony

    1. The reply was a little late because I had to prepare for the new semester.
      1. Color line of TGButtons indicates whether the Talk Group is communicating.
      If you have an encoder, move the encoder to the TG button,
      you can see the call signs of the people you talk to in the talk group.
      Blue: Talk group currently in conversation
      Light blue: TG communicated within 5 minutes
      Yellow: TG communicated within 10 minutes
      White: It has been more than 10 minutes
      Gray: Where there is no contact record
      2.If your LCD is connected to LVDS, try removing the LCD.
      DVPi's HDMI command is a script included in the 3.5-inch LCD driver, so it is not compatible with other LCDs.
      3. TG Info Get : Get the status of Talkg groups around the world periodically.
      Click this button to update immediately.
      Show RMS : To use the Vox function, you need to set the strength of the signal
      input from your microphone. This is to see the magnitude of the signal.
      This will be explained later.

      4.You can set it by clicking the Useful features button of DVPi.
      5.Changing the sampling rate doesn't make much sense. This is because the format used in digital communication is fixed.
      6.The signal meter is calculated and displayed per decibel.
      7 and 8.That's a very good opinion. I will consider adding this feature in the next version.

  9. Hello Ian,

    What is the difference between "PTT extension" and "PTT extension (Safty)"??

    Tom VE3NY

    1. Tom
      There is no big difference.
      (Safty) : Just because the encoder is not connected, a pull-up resistor is attached to prevent possible malfunction.

      Ian KD8CEC

  10. hello Ian, congratulations for your wonderful job !
    I have one question : what is the graphic environment do you use on the screen ?
    73"s F5SWB

    1. Most of them are written in Mono based. At first, I thought about GTK, but I decided to Mono considering various LCD sizes.

      Ian KD8CEC

    2. many thanks for the info Ian :)

  11. It is possible to have the updated diagram of the latest version with the wiring of the BF low frequency add-on board

    1. Please explain the'BF low frequency add-on board'.

  12. Thanks for your great job for HAM.

    I have a question.
    Today I try to install DVPi on RPi Zero W model, and Debian windows is booted but DVPi is not activated.
    How can I activate DVPi on RPi Zero W?
    regards, DS5QDR

    1. I haven't installed it on RPi Zero yet.
      Currently only available on Raspberry Pi 2 or higher.
      I tried on RPI + (not 2, just +) but the libraries used by DVPi diIf I have time later, I'll try again at RPI Zero.dn't work.
      Ian KD8CEC

  13. Ian, Is the front plate for this project at this site available for purchase


    1. Wow Excellent.
      EA7GIB designed a lot of great PCBs not only for DVPi but also for Antenna Analyzer.
      The PCB designed by EA7GIB is open hardware, so if you send only the Gerber file to the PCB manufacturing site, it will make it cheaper.
      I should also order the PCB.
      Ian KD8CEC

  14. Hello Ian,

    Have you also seen this "SD-DMR" ;-)


    1. Excellent
      Thanks for the good information. This is like a great program.
      In particular, this is written in Native C code, so it will be used in a small Linux environment.
      Thank you for introducing a wonderful project.
      Ian KD8CEC

  15. Beautiful work, excellent functioning, in the future it would be useful the dmr button to change the emission mode (ysf, d-star etc.) and an icon on the desktop to restart the dvpi.
    73 de iz7exi

    1. That's a good opinion.
      I made an icon on the desktop in DVPi 0.7, but I forgot to distribute it.
      I am still studying DV communication. So, other protocols are not yet available. D-STAR registered a call sign last week. (lol)

      TThanks for the good comment.
      Ian KD8CEC

  16. Hello, tried the DVPi software on a RPi 3b I already had. Working nice ! However, I already have on hand a 4" lcd screen with 800x480 px resolution. I was able to use the script to drive it, and to calibrate it correctly. As it would be expected however, the DVPi program is not full screen, and fills only part of it, since it was compiled I guess only for a 480 x 320 px screen. Would there be a way somehow or is there a setting I could change somewhere in a ini file to make DVPi run in full screen on my setup ? Please keep up the outstanding job. 73s from VE2VAG in Canada

  17. where can i chance the cc always in the display i see cc0 i want it to put it to cc1

    please help me

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