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DVSwitch Builtin on DVPi (DVPi standalone setup) using DVPi Manager

DVSwitch Builtin on DVPi (DVPi standalone setup) using DVPi Manager

DVPi is a client program that communicates with DVSwitch.Please be aware of the licenses that arise when installing and using DVSwitch. Follow the instructions that appear when installing DVSwitch or the instructions on the DVSwitch site. I am not responsible for DVSwitch and the programs contained in DVSwitch, and I am not responsible for the use of DVPi. Please use it only if you agree to this.

If you are using an existing DVSwitch server or DVLink server, you do not need to read this post. Follow the DVSwitch group's instructions on how to install DVSwitch on DVPi. I just make the setup of the installed DVSwitch a little easier. 

I will explain how to set up DVSwitch to DVPi in two ways. The first is to use DVPi Manager and the second is to not use DVPi Manager.

This post will use DVPi Manager to setup DVSwitch. If you are having trouble using DVPi Manager, please refer to the following post.

As of DVPi Version 0.7, a script to easily set up DVSwitch has been included.

1.Required program

  1.1 dvpimanager.exe

  Included in the dvpi release distribution. In previous posts, there is a way to download and unzip it.

  1.2 ssh terminal program as putty.exe

If you are using Windows I recommend using putty.exe. You can download it from the link below.


 If you are using Linux, there is no need to install a separate program 

 You can connect to pi@dvpi ipaddress from a Linux terminal.

2. Install DVSwitch

  2.1 Execute dvpimanager.exe and connect to DVPi

  Double click the 'dvpimanager.exe'

 or mono dvpimanager.exe on (linux or mac)

Enter the DVPi's IP address, then click the 'Connect' button
(There are many ways to find DVPi's IP. Some examples can be found in previous posts)

2.2 Instrall DVSwitch 

If the connection is successful, the following screen appears.
Click the 'Easy setup of installed DVSwitch' Button

DVPi works based on DVSwitch. With the dedication of many DVSwitch developers, DVPi can be used. Install using the installation method provided by the DVSwitch group.

Below is the current installation method.

Before proceeding, launch an SSH terminal. You can use any SSH terminal. I used putty.

When the following message appears, click the'Yes' button.

id : pi, Password : dvpi

You need to run 4 commands in the SSH terminal. I recommend copying and pasting rather than typing directly.

Copy the first command.

Paste it into putty. (Press the right mouse button to paste automatically)

Press the 'enter Key' to execute the first command.

Copy the second command.

Paste it into the SSH terminal (as putty.exe) and press Enter.

Copy the third command.

Paste it into the SSH terminal (as putty.exe) and press Enter.

It is completed in about 1 minute.

Copy the fourth command.

Paste it into the SSH terminal (as putty.exe) and press Enter.

It is completed in about 1 minute.

DVSwitch installation is complete on your Raspberry Pi.
Installation is very simple. This is the dedication of the DVSwitch developers.
If you get an error while installing DVSwitch, try it elsewhere. I've found a few cases where it doesn't work depending on your internet provider.

2.3 Setting up DVSwitch
There are only two that you must enter.  However, it is recommended to enter additional information.

Enter your Call sign and DMR ID.  You can create a DMR ID at the site below.

Do not edit the Unique ID. However, if you use two or more Standalone DVPi, please enter different values.
Ex ) DVPi #1 : 57, DVPi #2 : 58, DVPi #3 : 59
This is the value by which the DMR network identifies your device.

There is no need to modify this part either. However, if you change to the BM server closest to you, you can use a much more stable DMR.
Click the 'Find BM in my Country' button

Select a server in your country or region close to you and click OK.

This is the information displayed to other users. If you enter your latitude and longitude, and your city and country, you will be a good DMR communication.

If you don't know the latitude and longitude of where you live, open Google Maps and click the mouse. The latitude and longitude of the clicked place will appear at the bottom.

When you have entered all the values, click the'Apply All Setting' button.

You will see a message similar to the one below.

When everything is done, the Raspberry pi reboots and all connections are disconnected. Don't worry, it's not an error.

The SSH terminal will also display a message stating that the connection has been lost. This is also not an error, so don't worry.

3. Standalone DVPi (Builtin DVSwitch)

When rebooting, REGOK will be displayed as below.

I changed the Talk group to 91. The communication tone was immediately received.

If it is set for the first time, there are cases in which you have to press PTT once to operate normally (your information is registered in the BM server)

Congratulations. Now, with only one DVPi (DVSwitch Builtin) , DMR communication is possible anywhere with the Internet.



  1. Hello Ian,

    I have been using DVSwitch with Android devices for 18 months now and really like it. The audio is improved by using an AMBEServer of some sort. I plug in a ThumbDV and make appropriate changes to Analog_Bridge.ini. Do you suggest using an AMBEServer of some sort? FWIW, I find the DSP makes a huge improvement to received audio.

    tnx ... Tom VE3NY

    1. In fact, I have only recently learned about DVSwitch.
      I am experimenting with DMR and DSTAR protocols with several H/W.
      If there is a chance later, I will upload the results of the experiment.

      Ian KD8CEC

  2. Hello Ian,

    I will give it a try … will plug in ThumbDV and make changes to AB.ini and see what happens. Also interested to see if any of the macros in dvsm.macro work.

    Great app … Tom VE3NY

    1. Excellent!
      Most of the work is processing by DVSwitch, and DVPi only has user interface, so it is expected that it will be similar to using DVSwitch and other client programs.
      Please share what you experimented with

      Ian KD8CEC

    2. Hello Ian,
      I used the AMBE device as indicated ... it worked but I didn't see any difference in quality of audio. So, I reverted back to the emulator option and audio sounds fine.

      FWIW, I also have implemented a number of macros that I use with the DVSwitch/DVSwitchMobile applications and, as expected, they work the same way. This allows me to switch between various DMR networks (BM, TGIF old/new, QRM and DMR+) with a simple *nn command on the keypad. *9876 also works as the multimode parrot command. Next step will be to implement macros to alter audio tx/rx levels using macros.

      Encoders have arrived so will begin experimenting with them. Touch screen works so well, not sure I will need the encoders .... but they are there and that's why we love this hobby .. because we can!!

      tnx again for a great user interface. Keep the features coming!!

      Tom VE3NY

    3. Thanks for experimenting.
      I know that the Analog Bridge included with DVSwitch controls the emulator.
      So when using the emulator, we should follow the instructions of the DVSwitch group.
      Macros using * are also supported by, so I use them usefully. But unfortunately, the audio tx/rx level will not be able to adjust. because I haven't implemented that part. (This is because I discovered that it may malfunction depending on the USB sound card)

      TNX 73
      Ian KD8CEC

    4. Hello Ian,
      Does your comment "But unfortunately, the audio tx/rx level will not be able to adjust." mean that when I enter putty command line

      ./ tlvAudio AUDIO_USE_GAIN .10

      there is no change to tlv audio? When I check MB log, it seems to indicate that command has been executed.

      just curious … Tom VE3NY

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hello

    I have a question whether DVPi works only with BM or is it possible to work with HB servers?


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