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I am planning a project using Raspberry Pi.

I have several types of Raspberry Pi boards.

The Raspberry Pi board is probably one of the most sold boards in recent years.
Raspberry Pi boards are inexpensive and have great performance. The best thing is that you can use Linux.

The figure below is a collection of RPI V1 to V4.

 It is RPI V1

The board on the right in the photo below is a recent RPI V4.

Already, amateur radios are using a variety of Raspberry Pi boards. I am trying to make something new.

For example, network radios for amateur radio, Devices using Wsjt-x

I experimented with cheap USB sound cards for the new project. All are USB sound cards under $4.

The sound quality was all poor. However, the RPI's fast CPU will enable DSP functionality.

Below is a $2 USB sound card with a cable attached to it. All are compatible with RPI.

Below, I thought it was possible to input a 2CH microphone with a $4 USB sound card. However, it was only 1CH microphone input.

The first project using RPI is a network(DMR) transceiver for DV Switch (or Dv Link).

With an RPI and 3.5 LCD and a USB sound card, it's easy.

You can use DMR more conveniently. (Without DMR radio)

I am testing now and will post a few days later.

Thank you for reading



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Is it from Nextion 3.5"LCD product?
      I'd like to make arrangements in advance.

      Raspberry Pie and LCD

      I wonder what sound card is like.

    2. This is a RPI-only LCD that is cheaper than A. (almost $9)

      All sound cards under $10 were the same. It's just a different shape, all of which have the same performance. You may use anything.

  2. Yes agreed there are a lot of good options for compact yet powerful cpu boards. The Pi is one and there are also lots of others that have so much more compute power than and Arduino board at the same cost. Looking forward to what you come up with.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      RPI's fast CPU is the best advantage. It is also nice to be able to use Linux based experiences and libraries.

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  6. Hello Ian Lee (KD8CEC) this is Luis (DW1NOL) first time I try this DVPI its verry awsome and the new version is so easy to use.thank you verry much for sharing and Im happy also to see that my call is include in your picture example hi hi..hoping to make contact with you on DMR so 73 and mabuhay..Salamat.


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