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Introducing UV-K5 Version 0.1M (SSTV, Text Configuration)

 Introducing UV-K5 Version 0.1M (SSTV, Text Configuration)

In version 0.1M, items related to text settings and SSTV transmission function were added. As previously announced, only compiled binaries will be released from 0.1M until 1.0 is released.When the version is upgraded to 1.0, we will organize the source code and release it together. It probably won't take long.

1.Improved text input

   Most of the contents are the same as the existing firmware. I only did something very small.  Since you will be using text input frequently in the firmware (UV-K5 CEC version), changed it to make input more convenient. I only changed the function of the * button and the F button very slightly.

Once you select a letter, press the 'M' button to move to the next step. If you enter something incorrectly, you can press * to go back.
Press 'F' to change the input to uppercase, lowercase, _ (do not enter), or Space
For example, when you want to input the capital letter 'C', press the 'F' key to make it 'A', then press the UP KEY twice to make 'C' appear, then press the 'M' button to move to the right

2.Text settings
The available channels have been reduced from 200 to 170, I needed some text related settings and decided to use the channel name fields from channel 171 to channel 200

It will remain compatible with other firmware. If you delete my firmware and install another firmware, only the channel name will be changed

U.Info - > My Call : your call sign

U.Info - > My Name : your name

U.Info - > My Grid : your grid (using

           You only need to enter 4 digits (Example : EM37)

U.Info - > DX Call : Call sign of the other party (This is used on SSTV and CW Eleckeyer)

U.Info - > DX Name : Name of the other party (This is used on SSTV and CW Eleckeyer)

And there are a few additional text items (CW message, GPS Location and etc). Enter whatever you want to enter.

3.SSTV transmission function

SSTV supports Martin v1. Due to limitations in flash memory space for writing firmware, various functions could not be included. However, I am also considering adding the ability for SSTV users to create their own templates if they wish.

(The implementation included scottie and PD90 protocols, but they were excluded when compiling due to lack of firmware space)

The text to be included in the picture must be entered in SSTV M1 (SSTV message 1) in the text input menu (U.Info).

Please enter your message on M2 as well. Usually, it is good to input the signal status of the other station. 

Enter the T.SSTV menu.

Press the 'M' button to select CQ.
And if you press it again, SSTV will be transmitted

When transmitting a QSO, the call sign of the other station is displayed. In the text input menu, enter the call sign of the other station in advance in the DX CALL item.

The LCD menu is just for a bit of fun. When you press this button, it is transmitted as a radio wave to the screen of your UV-K5 10 seconds later. Of course, your call sign will be overlaid on the screen

I have ported a few games to UV-K5 and will release them later when I have the chance. It might be fun to transmit your Tetris screen and scores to SSTV. LOL

Additional: I thought a lot about resolution when transmitting SSTV. If this is not a toy but a function that is actually used, I thought it should have a resolution that can be read when transmitted with a 5W radio rather than being flashy.

4.Download Link

5. Video (How to)



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