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Introducing UV-K5 Version 0.1C

Two features were added in V0.1c

From the next version, versions with experimental elements will be published. The source code for this version has been released together. Versions 0.3 to 0.9 are in the development stage, and I will release the source code together with version 1.0

1. Version 0.1C added a function that can detect signals even while the frequency is moving.

This feature is supported by most radios except toy radios. It's like turning the radio dial to tune the frequency. It is the same as turning the knob on an HF radio to find a signal.

  Select Live.S from the menu.

If you select "LIVE", you can detect the signal even when moving quickly by pressing the UP/DOWN button on the keypad.

If you select "LIVE+", it detects signals even when you move quickly by pressing the UP/DOWN buttons on the keypad and displays the detected signals in a graph at the bottom of the screen.

Please click below to watch the introduction video (Please turn on the subtitles)

2.Add Mhz button function

This function is not necessary for general VHF/UHF radios. However, it is a function that most radios that can receive shortwave bands have.

When you want to enter 28.050, just enter in the following order: 2 -> 8 -> * -> 0 -> 5 -> 0. 

3. Firmware download


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