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DVPi plans and current status

DVPi plans and current status

I am posting this article because I think some of you may be curious about the development status of DVPi.  All work for Version 1.0 is over and stabilization has been underway since a few days ago. Today, I'm going to give you a simple news.

It will be released after stabilization work is over.

1. DVPi development status

Most of the features of DVPi were finished in Version 0.88

I am testing to be able to QSO more than 10 hours. and develop a test-only program, installed it on several DVPi, and kept it running.

There may be problems depending on the DVPi operating environment or the installed H/W. I'm also doing simulations on them, so maybe I can provide some guidelines.

2. Changes in DVPi Version 0.95
Again, most of the features have been implemented in Versoin 0.88.  No features have changed significantly.

2.1 DMR Talkgroup status display is now possible again.
You don't have to do anything for this. It is automatically selected randomly.
Thank you to those who operate the TG Status server.

You can see the status of all DMR Talkgroups and who they are communicating with.

2.2 It is also possible to buildin a new version of DVSwitch (1.6.0)

2.3 It is also possible to Different settings can be made for each VFO.

If you use DVPi in Dual Mode, ThumbDV can be set individually.

ThumbDV can be selected and default values are provided.

3. Plan

I am going to finish the development with Version 1.0
I plan to release Version 0.95 before releasing Version 1.0. Without major problems, Version 0.95 will only be renamed Versoin 1.0.

My goal, 10+ hours of non-disruptive operation, takes quite a while to test. It takes 10 hours to test once. 
I plan to test it for a few more days and release Version 0.95. please wait a moment.

My next project is to build a QRP radio again. (Or a radio that can be made fun and simple) 


  1. Hi Lan, is there a button to change mode ???

    1. Change mode is in the sub ment (click the 'More...')

  2. Great Job Mate , we all appreciate your grand effort , keep up the good work..
    vk2cgg, Carlos.

    1. vk2cgg
      Thank you
      I am now doing final testing for deployment.


  3. Congratulations and thanks for your excellent project. Keep up the good work. 73 CT2GFP.

  4. Absolutley amazing effort, the most exciting thing on a Raspberry Pi for me. excellent work, also looking forward to your next project de VK6NJP

    1. Thank you for being together.
      I learned a lot about digital voice communication with this project.
      Ian KD8CEC

  5. Hello and first of all thank you for the great software, I have one questions: Will the software support YSF / FCS, there are 12 new servers worldwide that are connected to each other, , I would then like to run a QSO via FCS252 DG-ID 62, for example. Thank you very much and I am already looking forward to the new version, this weekend I will add hardware components to my DVPi. 73 de DL7PJ Peter

    1. Seems ysf is not supported, I'm waiting for this feature hopefully

    2. I will study YSF later when I have time.
      Digital Voice communication is great because there are so many interesting things.
      Ian KD8CEC

    3. I think you should integrate a customizable key so that each one associates the function with the key

  6. Hi Ian - great work as usual - question - will the DVPi and TG server be compiled so you can run both on the same Pi - seems a bit of a waste of hardware to run them separately?

    1. Yes it is possible. Both are installed in one RPI and used as Standalone.
      Included a script in DVPi to make DVSwitch installation and setup easy.
      DVSwitch can be installed with a choice of old and new versions (1.6.0)

      Ian KD8CEC

  7. Great project, Great Job, I like it a lot. Also few of my friends had it installed on pi.
    One think, I have vfo A on BM and vfo B on dmr+, it works but crashing after a time (usually after few hours) and I have to restart the PI. On single vfo works 24/7 no problem at all.

  8. Hello, the recording no longer works in the 0.95 version. 73 de Peter
    P.S. I'm really looking forward to the YSF :)

  9. OM님의 노고에 감사드립니다.
    저사양 노트북에 "레디안"이나 "우분투"를 설치하고
    DVPi를 설치 할 수 없나요 ???

    감사 합니다.

  10. Did someone find a sollution about the bad moudulation problem on TX this sound very his ( s tones are extremly bad), playing with levesls, diferent soundcards and differen mic does not solf the problem this his sound is still there... any idea on DMR

    1. Good morning Dl1esz

      I solved the audio problem with different microphone capsules and playing with some capacity, for the BF output I found an old technology speaker ...
      Happy Ending and New Year to all
      Maurizio I3YBD

    2. Hello Stefan,
      I also noticed the same problem at home: whatever the microphone used, the sound is very unpleasant, hard and like "ripped" on the sounds "S ...." or "SH ....".
      I no longer use DVPI because of that. It's a shame because it's a very nice project.

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