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Release DVPI Version 1.0


Release DVPI Version 1.0

Version 1.0 and Version 0.95 are the same. If you are using Version 0.95 you do not need to update to Version 1.0. 

DVPiManager has some features added. If you want to use features added in Versio 1.0, you only need to download dvpimanager.

DVPi uses the USRP Client protocol. When you install and use DVSwitch, you must read and comply with the license that appears. The user is responsible for the license for the use of DVPi.

1.Download Link

2.What was added in Version 1.0 (from Version 0.95)

2.1 DVPi Manager 1.0 has added the ability to change the DMR password.

  Of course, you can change the DMR password using the DVSwitch Setup function in DVPiManager. But it will be a pretty long process.

If you have changed the DMR password in, you can easily change the DMR password in DVPiManager.

Enter the password you changed at brandmeister in the password field.

If you are using DVPi in DualMode, select both MMDVM_Bridge#1 and MMDVM_Bridge#2. If not, just choose MMDVM_Bridge#1.

Then click the'Change Password' button. Restart DVPi and your new password will take effect.

2.2 DVPi update function

If you are using DVPi 0.95 you do not need to update to Version 1.0. Just download DVPiManager 1.0.

But if you want your DVPi to appear as Version 1.0, click the Update button.

It automatically downloads and updates DVPi executable files from the web.

When all updates have been completed, the following message is displayed.

If you restart DVPi, Version 1.0 will be displayed. 

If the update fails, you can download the DVPi executable file below.

3. Getting started with DVPi

Posts on DVPi :

DVPi works without additional circuitry. You can configure additional circuits when you want to be more convenient.

Thank you for using DVPi.

Next time, I'll post a new kind of article.



  1. Hi Lan, I would like to know if the dvpi sources are available to implement other functions (ysf, m17 etc.) in this way also other OMs can participate in the project.

    73 de IZ7EXI

  2. Happy New Year 2021, Prof. Lee!

    Thanks for DVPi V1.0 Release and your effort!

    See you~~

    73 de DS5QDR Heonmin Lee

  3. Hi IAN, just some suggestions and questions about last release and future develop:

    1) It will be nice to add on setup menu a tabtext where to change or modify the Talker Alias. BM admin do not like Talker alias with callsign plus dvpi or dvswicth or ....

    2) I did a test on record QSO but I was not abale to download it. May be I did something wrong.

    3) Changing from DMR and D-star the vlume adjust is not the same. It is on the road map do fix it ?

    For the rest this system it working in a very good manner. people do not see difference from a DMR rig and this system

    73 de IU2KUL - Franco

  4. This is a beautiful project, there are many potentialities in this software but they are not exploited, the dvswitch server communicates with the clients with scripts, this project lacks the possibility of having empty buttons to customize so that each OM can insert the functions to be sent to the dvswitch server via script, an example could be the possibility of sending "./ mode" followed by the way you want to activate dmr, ysf, p25 etc. to switch the server, I tried to do it from the terminal and it works.

    I hope Lan releases the sources so we can work on them.


  5. I would like to add the DMR TG for East Coast Reflector 3127793 to the DVPI. I see there is a Sample1 set of TGs that I will not use. Where is the data file for the Sample1 (70403. 70404 etc) file to I can edit it to include 3127793? Thanks for the nice project.

    1. you can do it from DVPI Manager, "Talk group list editor"

  6. Well, really good work!
    I suggest a couple of additions to the project: first of all, the Bluetooth activation for audio i/o as an alternative to the USB stick! And then, the addition also in D-Star mode, of a status bar with the list of the last REF selected (and why not also another status bar that lists the XREF?).


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