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DMR Talk group Status Server

 DMR Talk group Status Server

DVPi users do not need to install this server. You only need to enter the TG Status server address in DVPi 0.9. has stopped running hose servers anymore. so, I developed a service program to replace the hose server. It works on Raspberry Pi. 

I want to have several servers running to reduce the system and network load.

I have been building and testing this server for the past few weeks. The server is pretty stable, so you will rarely need to manage it.

You just need to copy and put the image on the Raspberry Pi.

id : pi, pwd : dvpi

If necessary, you can set a fixed ip on the Raspberry pi.

If you have extra RPI and can use public IP or domain (ex dynip), You will be able to run the server.

If you run a server, it will be convenient for many DVPi users.

Again, but you don't need to install this service to use DVPi.

This is for use only by anyone who wants to serve other DVPi users.


Click the link below to download the image file.

TGS Status Server IMG


After unzipping, you will find the following two files.

Write tgs_server_091.img to the sd card (using Windisk Image32 or rpi utils)

IP is automatically set by DHCP. You can find the IP using DVPi Manager.

3. Service Test
Tgstest.exe included in the compressed file is a program that can check whether the service works well.

After running tgstest.exe, enter the IP address of RPI (or domain address of RPI). 

Click the 'Get TG Status', then the DMR Last heard information received from your RPI is displayed.

If'Auto Get TG Status' is selected, DMR TG status information is continuously retrieved every 3 seconds.

This new service is available as of DVPi 0.9
Below is the screen running for 15 hours to test the DVPi stability.


Again, you do not need to install this service for using DVPi.
I'm looking for someone who wants to run a service for other users. Please test this and send me an email if the service is available.

I chose this method to serve DVPi users without overloading the server.  If the Last Heard service on stops or changes, we may need to re rechange the service program.

Thanks for waiting for DVPi 0.9, 




    1. Thanks for your support
      My email address is

  2. Thanks,

    I installed DMR TG Status Server and setup Port Forward.
    It looks like working perfectly
    but DVPi didn't test it yet.

    Small suggestion,
    If you could provide us tgs_server.vdi file for Oracle Virtual MC,
    I think we can use and share it without a separate RaspberryPi.

    Thanks again,

    DS5QDR Lee, Heonmin!

    1. DS5QDR
      That's easy.
      If you want, we can also tell you how to install it.
      I will make it based on ubuntu soon. But I mainly use VMWare. Perhaps there is a change from VMWare to an oracle virtual machine.
      Can I make it a VMWare file?
      Ian KD8CEC

  3. I want to run the service for other users, and I want to test this.
    Please send me the data via email.

    1. You can download and use the file linked in this article.
      There is no separate data.
      If you want to service, just run the service and tell me your IP or domain.

    2. I sent you the public IP via email. Thank you.

    3. can i your email address or callsign?
      i received just 4 email about TG Status Server
      my email address :
      thanks for your support

  4. Hello?
    I am HL1RR/LIM.
    I am not sure what role DMR TALK GROUP STATUS SERVER plays.
    What are the roles and advantages of SERVER?
    Thank you for your connection configuration and detailed explanation.
    HL1RR/LIM 73!

    1. There is a 'DMR Talkg group Button' at the bottom of the DVPi program.

      Until a month ago, the button displayed the status of the Talk group,
      And by turning the encoder, we could check the people in the talk group.
      The service used a hose server (real name is hose) on the dmr network.

      By the way, the dmr network operation team stopped the hose server.
      So, DVPi could no longer check the status of other Talk groups.

      I made it possible for the'DMR Talk group status server' to do some of the services previously provided by the Hose server whose service was stopped.

      DVPi will be able to display the Talk group status using the'DMR Talk group status server' instead of the Hose server.
      Thanks for you interest

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thank you for your kind explanation.

      HL1RR/LIM 73!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Good morning Lan

    I saw the new update 0.91 and I didn't understand if we have to replace it with the previous version 0.88 ???

    We need to make a new Raspberry that acts as a server ???

    It is not possible to create a procedure that updates the program without having to create a new micro SD each time, I ask because in this way we do not have to disassemble everything by re-entering all the parameters, the Talk Group lists and the Reflector cables!


    1. Maurizio.
      no. You only need to update the DVPi version as before. Another RPI is not required. Also, if you are using Version 0.88 and there is no problem, you do not need to update. Talk group list can be backed up using the'Save as' button.
      In Version 1.0, only the program will be updated.

      Ian KD8CEC


  6. Hi Lan

    Updating the DVPi means reprogramming a new SD with the new img file as I have always done !!!
    I have a procedure to update only the part of the DVPì that I do not know?
    Ok for saving the data ... surely I save some time.


  7. Where is DVPI 0.9 ??? we are still on 0.88 ... I have not seen any update yet !!

    1. It will be distributed within a few days including the Talk group status server address.
      Ian KD8CEC

  8. Hi Lan, are there any developments for bluethoot microphones?
    I would like to send you some pictures of my homemade dvpi.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. thanks IAN thats what i understood but there were some confusing comments there jajaja. other thing is i notice that DSTAR i am from Australia and no matter what DSTAR REF channel i am in i dont hear anyone it looks as if is sitting IDLE not listening at all ???
    Is it my imagination or Ignorance??
    thanks Ian ,great job mate!!

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  16. I am a DVPi user that's why I cannot install it, now and I know. Thank you for this information.

  17. This site has become my go-to resource. It's filled with valuable information.


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