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A few months too busy

A few months too busy

I started the project urgently in the second half of 2018, With God's care, the project was well done and successfully demonstrated. Sorry for not responding to emails and messages in the meantime.

There is a demonstration for the public and reporters to show, but it's almost over.

The relay I ordered for the Spur-related upgrade of uBITX arrived a few months ago, but I was too busy to unpack it.

I have now unpacked the relay packaging while writing this article. I need to upgrade soon.

I also ordered extra uBITX and BITX40 for some tests and it arrived a few months ago. But I have not even opened them yet.

Now that the semester lecture is over, I have free time until March.

I have found interesting items that have occurred in the last few months and want to work on them.
Perhaps the first of these will be the Antenna Analyzer made by EU1KY.


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