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low-cost camera pan tilt for Amateur radio (First Test and First Modification)

I bought a pan tilt controller for the camera a few days ago.

perhap it's use for Amateur radio antenna, Especially, it seemed good to use it for the satellite antenna which requires not only the horizontal rotation but also the vertical rotation.

It will cost $ 150 and will be very successful if you can raise the satellite antenna.

It uses AC24Volt and is controlled by 485 communication. connected using the usb to 485 sold on the Internet.
The default protocol for this is pelco-D, and programs for pelco-d are easily found on the Internet.

I am developing a program dedicated to this and will release it soon.

1.First Test - Elevator test

The maximum angle seems to be insufficient.

2.Rotator test

The angle of rotation is very perfect. There is a limit setting part at the lower part, and if one is removed, it can rotate up to 360 degrees.

3.Simple Modification for Elevator

open pantitle

found Limiter for elevator - It acts to push a switch that prevents it from turning anymore.

Looking at the picture below, there is nothing to prevent rotation in other parts of the structure.

I cut (Sharpen) the limiter by the desired angle.

4.Elevator Test

The angle of rotation is very perfect. 
Lightweight yagi antenna for satellite communication seems to be able to control enough.

 Now I only need to pick the right antenna.


  1. SInce it is meant for a camera, wouldn't the antenna need to be very light and balanced at the mounting point?


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