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Be trapped on the roof

A month ago, I was granted permission to enter 2 engineering colleges.
One day I went to work early in the morning, It lasted about an hour until the lecture time.
I decided to investigate the rooftop to set up the antenna during the spare time.
At the moment I put my card on the RF-ID card reader in front of the roof door, the roof top door opened. I went to the rooftop and saw my antenna space.

I went to the rooftop to go back to the lab. but The roof door was locked and could not be opened by any switch.
Now I have come to know the use of that string.
The primitive string in the building, which is managed by the best security system, was to keep the door from automatically locking.

Fortunately, I had a cell phone in my pocket and called the Totally control room in University. They already knew my entry record and opened the door remotely without any questions.

When you go back to the rooftops a few days later,

I used a line connected to the door to keep the door from closing.

Primitive hack

Best 73


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